A little blast from the past

Had a short opportunity to catch a glimpse of my former primary school. From the front, it still looks the same as did before, maybe a new coat of paint. At the back, where the “field” is… now that is a lot different. There use to be a basketball court and a pretty spacious field for a mini running track and a mini football field with lots of “chilling out” space next to the hall.

Now… the basketball court has a shade *good job!* but the field has been minimised to a meagre mini football field probably not even half of a real football field. Sad. A new 5 storey *I presume, didn’t have much time to count* block has been erected next to the hall. There goes the field! And they say why kids don’t exercise. Tsk… tsk… tsk….

Something else I noticed too, the row of houses next to the school which we always eye during PE time now has a house which looks more like a museum. =) Maybe I can catch another glimpse of it soon. Maybe stop and get outta the car and walk round the perimeter. People might think I’m nuts though. hahahaha…

Now I’m wondering what happened to my primary school friends. Lost touch. Another sad situation.

Time to look back at the class pictures and figure out who’s who. Remember someone and facebook them. LOL

Time to get back to studies. I’m too lazy for my own good.




Halloween’s round the corner

So Halloween’s round the corner, any Halloween-ish plans anyone? Any costume parties to attend to?

Well I don’t. Sadly. But….. annual dinners are coming round soon in December. This year’s theme is *thunder cracking* HORROR!

My guess is I’ll go and be terrified by everyone and sit in one corner and pretend to be Toshio of “Ju On”. Erm…. hmmm.. I don’t have that small boy look. Or I could lug a tv there and pretend to be watching it. Hmmm… odd…

My idea was to bring a “decapitated head”, but where the heck am I gonna find one of those? Plus it’ll be extremely gruesome and I’ll probably have cold feet and not bring the head in the end. The head scares me.

Hmmm… or maybe “Carrie”. Just wear red all round and “WAH-LA!” Carrie!

Maybe the killer from “I know what you did last summer”, with raincoat and hook.

Or maybe I could just bring those “death money” and start throwing it into the air. :p

Pretend to be the Grim Reaper?

I was actually thinking about Hannibal Lecter in his “suit” with that mask covering his mouth then I thought how am I gonna eat?

Maybe I could just rent a fake axe and put fake blood on it. Ah! Or a zombie!!!! That would be interesting… hmmm… now how would my face look like… hmmm… tough one to pull.

Or Chucky! Oh my goodness that would be freaking scary.

Or like in “Shutter”, walk around bent all day. Yipes. Tiring.

I was also thinking of Freddie Kruger, but then I would need to get that hideous sweater. Eeyer….

I still like that “decapitated head” idea though. Anyone knows where to get a “decapitated head”? Not a real one please.

Or anyone else has any nice ideas?