1.5 days in rainy Seoul

Annyeong wonderful non-existent readers!

I have returned with a sudden burst of interest in writing a post on beautiful Seoul. 🙂

So I had the privilege to stop by Seoul for an extremely brief weekend (1.5 days) and my only wish was to cycle along the Han river. Odd, I know.

Took the red-eye into Seoul and by the time I got to my friend’s hotel it was 10am. I think I only had about 5 hours of sleep. Then off we go following my friendly colleague’s itinerary.

First stop Insadong. We stop by a sticky rice shop for breakfast.


Pumpkin porridge. Not really what I expected. Tasty but a little too sticky.


They have some pretty streets here and also a nice shopping area.


Ssamziegil. A place for instagram worthy Mary Poppins impersonators?

Walked a bit and headed to Bukchon for more accessories shopping. Not for me but my fellow wanderers.

Along the way I see many beautiful modern hanboks and wandered could I wear this to attend weddings? Kinda expensive and a bit warm for the Malaysian weather though… hmmm…


Beautiful but expensive hanbok. I’ll probably need to be pretty slim too. 

Bukchon is a much nicer area to walk around than Insadong. Maybe cause it’s a bigger area and there are much more shops. Quite a number of shops were converted from the traditional hanoks too.

Time for a break and we had one of the best bingsu (shaved ice) at Bukchon Bingsu. I always felt that ice kacang was better than bingsu but the bingsu here changed my perception. hahah


The entrance to Bukchon Bingsu. Yum! 

This is starting to feel like an eating trip because our next trip was to Tosokchon for Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken).


We all ordered the black chicken with wild ginseng. Boy, that was one delicious ginseng chicken! I would definitely go back for this one.

And the night was still not ending yet. We headed to Hongdae to experience the “nightlife”. Wandered around a bit, did some shopping, stopped by a cafe and it started raining heavily. Not the most ideal and we only had 1 umbrella for 4 of us. It was difficult to get a cab but we made it in the end.

The next day we woke up to meet a nice Korean lady I met in Vietnam. There was light rain in the morning and were wondering where she would bring us. I had told her I felt like eating Bossam. But it seemed a little heavy in the morning. Irregardless, we took the train and headed to the Jongno 3 station.

She brought us to a back alley nearby where there were about 3 or 4 Bossam shops. There were also pig’s feet soaked in water. I’m sure this place has really delicious food.


The oyster Bossam was really good! You take a piece of lettuce leaf, place a piece of boiled pork, oyster, some sauce, a kimchi, wrap it and savour the flavour. 

The shop throws in a free gamja tang (pork bone soup) and pan fried fish. We were absolutely stuffed.

Of course, when we left the restaurant it was raining heavier. We took a short walk to a beautiful place called Inseokdong. It’s kinda like Bukchon where the shops are refurbished from old hanoks. Very beautiful place.


Inseokdong: My favourite place between Insadong, Bukchon and Inseokdong 

It’s not as popular with tourists yet, but I foresee it will be in the near future.

We headed to Myeongdong after that to buy some masks before I had to head off to the airport for my flight to Shanghai. I vowed to return as I obviously did not complete what I had set out to do. To cycle along the Han river. I did take a taxi ride along the Han river. LOL

1.5 day itinerary

Day 1 – Insadong, Bukchon, Tosokchon (Ginseng chicken), Hongdae

Day 2 – Jongno 3, Inseokdong, Myeongdong

It was a packed schedule but it was kinda nice and relaxing nonetheless. We made a lot of rest stops in between which was good. There are also lotsa cafes in Seoul which is not unexpected actually. If only the weather was better.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this short recap of my trip. I don’t know when I’ll write again but hopefully it’ll be soon 🙂


To more solo trips?

Around last year, I created a tiny “Things to do before 30” (didn’t express it in this blog, poor neglected blog) list. The list only had 2 simple things.
1. To embark on a solo trip
2. To volunteer

For #2. I actually volunteered at a soup kitchen and distributed food to the needy/homeless. However, that was just one off and the soup kitchen seems to have enough helpers now. Just need to find another avenue to volunteer my help then. So, I suppose #2 can never be struck out and will forever be something that I’ve to do.

#1 however is easily achieved but will I be brave enough to travel alone? All my trips before this (even when I studied in Australia for a year) were accompanied by friends. Travel with friends if of course safer, you get to rely on each other, more fun, builds relationship, so on and so forth….

Traveling solo however is a whole different thing. I made the wise decision to embark on my first ever solo trip to Taiwan and had this ambitious task of circling the entire Taiwan in 12 days. My itinerary was as such

  • Day 1 & 2 – Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
  • Day 3 – Alishan 阿里山
  • Day 4 – Alishan 阿里山 (Stayover at Kaohshiung 高雄)
  • Day 5 & 6 – Hualien 花莲
  • Day 7 – Jiu Fen
  • Day 8 to 12 – Taipei

“What? So packed?” That’s what most of my friends said when they found out about my itinerary. There were also a lot of questions on “Why Taiwan?” Why not? It’s safe, it’s easy to travel, it’s relatively cheaper than my other choices of Japan and Korea, communication should be alright (I speak pretty basic mandarin), this should be a breeze!

All in Mandarin. I'll take forever to figure out which bus I need to take.

Stops have English names but the other information are all in Mandarin. I’ll take forever to figure out when the next busis coming.

Research was easier than expected. They have a lot of information in English available. However, I noticed that the Chinese version of some sites are more informative. I even saw a hotel having different prices in the Chinese and English version of their website (not very ethical there). Since reading the sites in mandarin will take forever for me, I just read the English ones. Should be substantive enough. Traveling around was also smooth sailing and in Taipei particularly, even the buses announce the stop location in Mandarin, Taiwanese (similar to Hokkien), Japanese and English. I could go on forever about how I planned my days but I shall skip you’ll the boring decisions.

So to get to my main point, here are my thoughts on solo traveling, which also sort of relates to life…

  • Choices are all yours to make = Freedom!

Basically, the World is your oyster! (Ok… maybe not the world but just Taiwan) Every decision you make is well, your choice. What you eat, where you want to go, what you want to do, where should you visit. Too much freedom can be a bad thing because if there are too many choices and you’re torn between 2, there is no one to add weigh to a particular choice.

Some of these decisions were a bit difficult to make but most were a breeze. I chose to make Sun Moon Lake 日月潭, Alishan 阿里山 and Taroko Gorge 太鲁阁 must visits. Which was kinda difficult because the first 2 are on the west side of Taiwan while Taroko Gorge is on the east side. There is no public transportation across the island. Hence, my need to circle the entire Taiwan and make a scheduled overnight stop at Kaohshiung 高雄. I don’t regret it though. I ended up having more time in Kaohshiung 高雄 than expected and it was good fun (also links to being open point). The experience was good and I’m very amazed by Taiwan’s railway connectivity.

One of the many

One of the many “male & female” art installations at Kaohshiung’s Pier 2 Art Centre, which was surprisingly nice.

  • You set your own pace in life

Kinda linked to the above point. At times I realised I was rushing (walking too fast, anxious if I could make it on time) and then I thought “Why am I in a rush? What am I rushing for? I paid to be here, I should enjoy every moment of it and take my time.”. Same goes with our usual lives, why are we always rushing? Time is of course valuable but we should take the opportunity to enjoy every bit of activity that we are doing. I.e, reading, watching the television, conversing with people…

The street market in Tamsui 淡水, which I didn't browse through cause I was rushing to catch a sunset and a train to Shihlin Market. Big mistake. I just tired myself out.

The street market in Tamsui 淡水, which I didn’t browse through cause I was rushing to catch a sunset and a train to Shihlin Market. Big mistake. I just tired myself out.

  •  Be open

I suppose being on this trip. I wanted to try out what it would be like. I guess I was open to a lot of things, suggestions from other people, and multiple changes to what I was going to do, other than things that I thought would be dangerous, i.e., walking around alone after 10pm.

– I rented a bicycle from a breakfast place’s owners friend

– I drank beer at a kiosk and chit chatted with the barkeep

– Walked a path suggested by a guard (there were other people, so it was pretty safe)

–  Randomly took a bus to another part of Yang Ming Shan 阳明山, turns out there was a Calla Lily Festival there. 😀

– Sat a Taiwanese lady’s rented motorbike around Taroko Gorge 太鲁阁

– Met and spoke to quite a lot of random people. From the temple worker to other travelers. Quite a lot of them were surprised that Malaysians can speak mandarin. And the younger China travelers are actually quite adventurous (traveling alone, lots of them) and are much nicer than their tour bus counterparts.

One of the farms at Yang Ming Shan's Calla Lily Festival

One of the farms at Yang Ming Shan’s Calla Lily Festival

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

I’m not saying that You need to be the exact opposite of who you are, but just change how you usually act a bit. I’m personally an introvert. Making the first move to talk to strangers can be a bit difficult for me. In previous travels, I wouldn’t be the one making friends with other travelers. I enjoy my own free time, but I know that if I travel without talking to anyone or engage in conversation with anyone for 12 days would be a waste of an opportunity to meet all sorts of people.

So at hostels, I tried to greet my fellow roommates (if I had any) and most of them were quite eager to meet other people too! We shared stories and where we have been in Taiwan. Very surface level sort of conversation but it was good. Changed my general perception of China tourists definitely. Funny thing though, the first thing that most of us ask first is not “what’s your name?” but “where are you from?”.

  • It’s nice to have some familiarity

Stepping out of comfort zones aside. Having a bit of familiarity is also good (yes, it’s quite contradicting to the above point). In the first 8 days of my travels, all I spoke was mandarin. Back in Malaysia, I barely speak any mandarin. Even if I do, it’s mixed a lot with Manglish and Canto. Once I checked in at the Taipei hostel, I finally gotta speak English with 3 Germans and a Singaporean. On my last night at the Taipei hostel, I finally got to use my lahs with fellow Malaysians too! How exciting!

The above are are of course my main thoughts on traveling solo. I’m sure there are a lot of other things that cropped up in my mind. The 12 days will forever be etched in my mind and although I just left Taiwan 2 weeks ago, I have been entertaining the thought of returning. There’s just too many things to see.

12 days was definitely a bit long for my first solo trip. A fellow Malaysian, whom I met at a dorm in Taipei, was surprised that I took 12 days to travel alone for the first time. I initially wanted 14 days, so I was only 2 days short. There were definitely downer days. I.e., when it rained the entire day when I reached Hualien 花莲, the occasional thoughts of “wouldn’t it be nice if I could share this (trip) with someone?” and the tiredness. Once I reached Taipei or rather Jiu Fen, I felt tired. Must have been all the moving about. In that 12 days, I stayed in 6 different accommodations. The longest was for 4 nights in Taipei. But once I started walking around the attractions, I felt rejuvenated. Especially at Yehliu 野柳, where you get to enjoy the cooling winds of the Pacific ocean.

Reaching the top of the filial piety hill in Yehliu Geopark. Such a nice breath of fresh air, although the wind was slightly dying down then. Bummer.

Reaching the top of the filial piety hill in Yehliu Geopark. Such a nice breath of fresh air, although the wind was slightly dying down then. Bummer.

To sum it all, I had a blast in Taiwan! Met quite a number of random strangers along the way. I kinda enjoyed the solitary moments, although there were definitely times of loneliness. Sharing food was difficult as was taking pictures. Moving around was a breeze because transportation was great and I didn’t bother with a huge luggage! Furthermore, the Taiwanese people are so helpful and friendly! (Everyone I met in Taiwan also said the same thing) 9 of 10 people there will be helpful and friendly. 9 of 10 people in Malaysia will be the exact opposite. I would most definitely return. “When?” would be the most appropriate question.

Adieu 2014. Welcome 2015!

Hope everyone had a Jolly good Christmas! I know I did, or at least I think I did. Although I must admit the turkey we had was well… quite a disappointment. But of course, the company was exceptional!

After Christmas, everyone’s gonna look forward to the fireworks on New Year’s eve and around this time every year, I’ll end up doing a yearly recap. It’s like a ritual or maybe I chore. I can’t figure it out yet (ala my life).

For me, 2014 flew by with the speed of light. I still remember my first day at my current job, where someone said I looked like a teacher (ish), and in a blink of an eye New Year’s eve is around the corner!

Alas, lets cut the monologue and get straight to the point shall we? Based on what I blogged this year, doesn’t look like I have much to recap on. Hahaha but I’ll try nonetheless (warning: the post will be filled with rather mundane events, which sort of equates my life. Somewhat.).


A new job! Boy was I excited back then, I always dreamt of doing this and then I got thrown into the deep end albeit with a life preserver. Thankfully I didn’t drown and am still alive and kicking. Although I’m thinking “is this the career path for me?”


I scratched my poor car in a shopping mall’s parking lot! Part of the metal came off too! My worst “accident” to date. A few days before this happened, I hit my neighbours tiny tree too. Sigh…. This was the beginning of a string of bad luck that would befall my poor car and it’s nearly penniless owner 😮


  • My car was innocently involved in a hit and run at the car park near my office. 😦
  • Bright side of March was I got my Chartered Accountancy certificate! But I’ll lose it soon in the next “event” cause my house caught fire 😮 Smog engulfed the interior of my home! Waking up to thick black smoke in the middle of the night has got to be the most traumatic experience of all 27+ years of my life thus far. 😮


I obtained a basic wall course certificate from camp5! Now I can belay people! If I still can remember how.


Met someone but nothing happened. Doubt anything would have happened either. Hmmm…


  • Had a wonderful short “makan” trip to Ipoh and actually had a photo with Ernest Zacharevic! I like his murals.
  • Visited the “Great Singapore Garden” (Gardens by the Bay) over the weekend. I must say it’s rather impressive.
Marina Bay Sands from the Marina Barrage

Marina Bay Sands from the Marina Barrage

  • My car got hit in the rear at an almost stand still while I was happily heading to work. Sigh… The weirdest thing was the other driver had the same birthday as me (but a different year)! How odd is that?
  • June was also the only time I tossed a frisbee in 2014, which is plain sad.
I miss this. I wonder if I still can throw though. Hmm...

I miss this. I wonder if I still can throw though. Hmm…


  • The coffeeholic got married! Oh gosh! Now I feel so old!
  • Had my first beginner korean class. How exciting! Say “aye!” to lifelong learning!
  • Finally climbed Broga Hill. It was a relatively easily climb and had lots of people. U probably can’t get a nice spot to view the sun rise if you reached late. However, we didn’t get a good view of the sunrise anyway.
This was one of the later shots as we were heading down

This was one of the later shots of the sunrise as we were heading down. Looks like a sunset though.

  • Went to Langkawi to enjoy sunsets everyday. How romantic…. but I went with a female friend. 😮
Sunset view at Pantai Tengah

Sunset view at Pantai Tengah


C.N. Blue “Can’t Stop” tour! Had to sit on cement which was a pain in the butt. The band looked good 🙂 But they would have looked better if they combed their hair a bit more. :p But who cares? It’s Yonghwa and Jonghyun. 😀 Jungshin was the star of the night though.

All 4 of them with a weird zoomed up angle of Yonghwa.

All 4 of them, with a weird zoomed up angle of Yonghwa.

and of course… Color Run (the most syok sendiri run ever)!

Can just see the color of our hands to imagine what we looked like after the run.

Can just see the color of our hands to imagine what we looked like after the run. Mine is the one with the “tattoo”.

Lets just say removing the color was kind of difficult.


De Quarvain is officially back. 😦


Ran 10km in my first night run in Putrajaya. For me, running in Putrajaya is rather dull; highways all the way. I shall swap back to Standard Chartered in 2015. My time became worst but it’s a miracle I even finished considering I kept thinking “this is gonna be my last 10km ever”. Lots of willpower involved here. Funny thing in this run, there was actually a lion (from lion dances) decked out in neon lights encouraging the runners. Rather peculiar sight.

10km Finishers Medal for BSN Putrajaya Night Run 2014

10km Finisher’s Medal for BSN Putrajaya Night Run 2014

Another thing in October, I actually went for coffee with someone from tinder 😮 Upon hindsight it was kinda dangerous. Yipes.


  • Re-visited Penang and Cameron Highlands with my family. Camerons was surprisingly cold. Must have been all that rain.
  • Re-visited Bangkok purely for shopping this time but we did take half a day to visit Chocolate Ville, which surprisingly does not sell chocolates. Spent 3 days mostly on shopping. Shopping day 1, Terminal 21. Shopping day 2, Platinum Mall. Shopping day 3, Chatuchak Market. Still, there wasn’t enough time in Platinum and Chatuchak. Didn’t quite fit some of my purchases either. May return to BKK sooner than I think.


Got a new laptop which I’m using to type this up now. So far, I need to get used to Windows 8.1. It definitely would work better with a touch screen device, alas I’m too poor to afford that.

And… that’s the end of my recap! Looks like the year didn’t start very well and it became better and more hectic towards the middle and ended with a nice wind down. Ahhh…. Toast to a fairly good year. *cling**cling*

Differences in 2014 vs 2013

  • Read more books this year (think I read 10 books this year compared to 2/3 in the year before that)
  • I actually accomplished one of my targets to learn a new language (I guess being able to read is considered learning a new language)
  • Had more free time on my hands but it doesn’t look like I know what to do with it
  • Almost went to the gym every week which I suppose is pretty good but it doesn’t look like I’m improving. ooops
  • Volunteered at a soup kitchen! But I forgot which month that was.

Time to create some resolutions for 2015. I realised I didn’t make any in 2014, it’s alright I normally don’t keep track anyway.

2015 resolutions

  • Continue going to the gym. Maybe do more cardio?
  • Volunteer more
  • Less procrastination and lazing around
  • Live in the moment
  • Let what happened in 2014 stay in 2014, 2015 is a brand new year!

My resolutions don’t quite work though cause it’s so vague. How am I supposed to measure “live in the moment”? I’ve a slightly more long term target of things that I want to do before I turn 30 though, which actually makes more sense. It’s a short list.

1. Travel alone

2. Volunteer (frequently)

3. Figure out what I want to do in life

#1 & #2 seem rather straight forward but #3 mmm….

Hopefully I get to meet my targets and hope all of you would be able to meet your resolutions too! 🙂

Thank you very much 2014, you have been good but I’m going to look forward to 2015 now and hopefully it’ll be a much better year. 🙂

Thank you 2013. Happy 2014!

Thank you 2013 for all the memories, good and bad, and may 2014 be a happy and peaceful year for all. Personally, a new beginning for me.

I normally recap on what happened during the year. Wasn’t much great things that happened in 2013 but I shall try to highlight the good times!

February – Chinese New Year and had an awesome buffet at Renoma Cafe. Really tasty stuff. May consider going again.

Foie Gras. Never tasted it before this. Pretty tasty stuff.

Foie Gras. Never tasted it before this. Pretty tasty stuff.

– White Water Rafting & Canyoning at Sungai Kampar

Finally crossing things off my “To Do List” while I save money to head on over to Greece.

July – US Tour (Vegas, San Fran, NYC)

T’was an awesome trip. Such a beautiful country. Will very likely re-visit.

Vegas Baby! Where I really absolutely behaved.

Vegas Baby! Where I really absolutely behaved.

"The Crookedest Street" at Lombard Street.

“The Crookedest Street” at Lombard Street.

Times Square!

Times Square! Forever bustling with people.

– Dining in the Dark KL

No pics cause well, it’s dark. Eating in the dark was surprisingly easier than expected cause the restaurant actually compartmentalised the food for the diners to eat it easily. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience. Helps in eating in cinemas in the future.

September – The Killers Battleborn tour

Finally was able to see one of my favourite bands perform. Dream come true. Brandon Flowers is still good looking in my books ❤

If only Mr ipad at the front would take his ipad down for a moment throughout the concert.

If only Mr ipad at the front would take his ipad down for a moment throughout the concert.

– Standard Chartered KL Marathon

2nd time running the 10km and I recorded a slower time. Bummer. Must practice harder for 2014’s!

Prefer last year's medal to this one. But, it's still a nice medal to keep. :D

Prefer last year’s medal to this one. But, it’s still a nice medal to keep. 😀

– OneRepublic Native tour

No pics of this one cause I was standing a little far too take a good clear shot.

I must say that Ryan Tedder’s voice is Amazing! If only the sound system was better I would say the concert would have been awesome! Couldn’t hear his voice in quite a fair bit of the songs. Sound was good during quieter moments though.

31 December – Official last day at my workplace. Bittersweet feeling but leaving was inevitable, it was just a matter of when? Time to move on to a new beginning.

That was a pretty quick recap. Now time to get to more serious things. Well, wordpress has this annual report on wordpress blogs and well I only blogged 4 times in 2013! And entries before 2013 had the most hits during the year. Those aren’t very good stats. Seeing as I don’t have much to blog about these days, I’m considering pulling the plug on the blog. If I continue writing/blogging, 2014 would be my 10th year blogging. I don’t blog much but 10 years is a long time! Until when I really wanna take this offline, I shall just blog like usual. 😀

That’s a little sad news to start the year. Well, to have a new beginning, something somehow somewhere has to end. To New Beginnings in 2014!

Welcome the Lion!

Gong Xi Fa Chai dear blog readers! *simple translation: Happy Chinese New Year*

May the year of the Snake bring about abundance of wealth, happiness and peace!

This year’s celebration was a little different from the previous years. It was the first year our family welcomed the “Lion” to our humble home…

Some preparations beforehand…

Lettuce to attract the lions?

Lettuce to attract the lions?

The lion's trainer had to rest so here laid the lion head.

The lion’s trainer had to rest so here laid the lion head.


And the show begins! ROAR!

Lion: "Hmm... what's this? Is it for me?"

Lion: “Hmm… what’s this? Is it for me?”

Even lions stop to smell the flowers

Even lions stop to smell the flowers

The lions taking a break from all that action

The lions taking a break from all that action

The lions talking to each other.

The lions talking to each other.

The Lion retrieving the lettuce and eventually spreading it for good luck. :)

The Lion retrieving the lettuce and eventually spreading it for good luck. 🙂

And that was it! Pretty good show considering they were only school children.

Some of them were really small sized, was wondering if they could carry the lion head… but it was pretty good. Job well done!

Hope everyone continues to enjoy their 7 days of CNY!

Thank you 2012. Welcome 2013!

It’s almost the end of the year! The year that was supposed to bring the end for all of mankind, but alas it didn’t happen.

Boy, time sure flies by and I barely even blogged this year; times are a changing.

To compensate for my lack of blog entries, I shall attempt a recap of my 2012.


  • Chris Carrabba @ KL Live
    My fav concert for the year without a doubt. He sounds amazing, looks amazing and never in my life would I have thought he would appear on Malaysian shores! *Swoon*



  • Music Man II @ Stadium Merdeka
    Another of my all time fav musicians. Very entertaining concert! Even had a fake tank on stage.
    Field was also amazingly wet and the ponchos were of great use. 😀
Ok, can't see him from here but it's him at his beautifully designed white piano!

Ok, can’t see Lee Hom from here but it’s him at his beautifully designed white piano!

Trend for the night. Ponchos!

Trend for the night. Ponchos!

  • My cuz got married! Wow!


  • Ran 10km (ok.. to boast it was 10.8km) at the Standard Chartered KL Run
    Felt like collapsing after that. But I think I’ll run again next year. 😀
  • Went to see Mr. A – Z working @ Stadium Merdeka

July: Became another year older. GASP!






Dolphin "chasing" @ Lovina Beach

Dolphin “chasing” @ Lovina Beach

The Sun hiding behind the clouds. Bummer.

The Sun hiding behind the clouds from the peak of Mt. Batur. Bummer.

Climbed to the peak on the right.

Hiked all the way up the peak at the right in the pitch black darkness.


  • Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour @ Stadium Merdeka
Wow! It's really them.

Wow! It’s really them.


  • Incredible India!
    – Horse riding in Pahalgam
Seeing & touching Taj Mahal with my very own eyes and hands. Wow!

Seeing & touching Taj Mahal with my very own eyes and hands. Wow!

The Amber Fort in Jaipur

The Amber Fort in Jaipur


  • Nokia Lumia 920
    Yeap… I finally changed my phone after years of talking about it… Zzzz.
    It’s so damn pretty! However, upon hindsight, don’t think I need such a high end phone. Ah well.. it’s mine now and still am awed by it’s beauty!  Muahahahahha

Alright that was my uneventful 2012! Thank you for the wonderful memories 2012, but we must now say goodbye and move on to 2013!

Hope 2013 will be more eventful than 2012
Hope I’ll exercise more.
Hope I’ll earn more money.
Hope I’ll travel more.
Hope I’ll meet more people!
and lastly hope I’ll eventually take up a course for something!

That was not a New Year’s resolution. 😀

Happy 2013 and Happy Holidays everyone!
Hope 2013 will bring about great happiness, health and prosperity to all!

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 and Mraz

Wow! It appears I haven’t blogged much in 2012. Almost forgot my password logging in. 🙂

Well lets see what has been up, EURO 2012 is going on right now. Not really rooting for anyone, my fav team Holland is already out anyway.

Olympics is coming around, that should be exciting. 🙂

Well, what have I been up to?

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012!

Never in my life would I have thought I would actually run a marathon. Ok it’s not a full marathon. That’s just crazy for me. I signed up for the “10km Leisure” (finish in 2 hours). Aim was to go an experience it. Boy am I tired. hahaha

The first 4km up till the first drink station was alright. Once I stopped to get that first cup of 100 plus, my legs felt funny. I also regret taking that 100 Plus, too much gas. Kinda disrupted the momentum. From then on, it was partial jog, partial power walk.

1 hour 38 mins later, I got this

All that sweat for a finisher’s medal for remembrance. 🙂

Woohoo! I did it! Ok, the time is “hmmmm….” but I completed it within 2 hours. 😀 Still can’t quite believe I actually signed up and actually ran 10km. Fascinating.

It was an interesting experience, the KL roads were practically empty and only filled with a sea of blue. There were also supporters with interesting signages like “Tired legs are SEXY!” and “Naked cheerleader in 1km”. I personally liked “That is not sweat, that’s your fat cells crying!”

My friends fared better than me though. Will probably sign up for the same category next year. 😀

The other interesting during the week was Jason Mraz’s “LOVE is a four letter word” concert!

Personally, I still prefer his old songs. hahaha wasn’t very prepared for this concert, meaning, didn’t really listen to his new album, which kinda took a  bit of fun outta it. He is a natural performer though, his guitar skills were cool. I particularly liked his brass band. 😀 The violinist was alright. My favourite song for the night was probably “Mr Curiosity” where he started solo on the keyboard.

Here’s a pic of him with his fedora!

Mraz wearing the “LOVE” shirt that were also sold outside. heehee

But, to be honest, if I were to pick which concert to go to again this year, it would still be Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba’s. (Then again, I’m fairly biased towards DC :D)

On a different note, Big Bang is coming to our shores on 27th October 2012! Can’t wait!