Goodness Gracious!

Didn’t feel like blogging today but well my last entry was last wednesday. SO here am I tapping away for my blog when I’m supposed to write an essay. Today is monday. odd things happen on Mondays. I today for one was pretty embarassed…….. talk bout that later. Today woke up intime to see my brother leave with some advertisement about AIDS or something like that. It was actually bout some women’s day thing or something.

Started breakfast with a little “Mango MAdness” well I didn’t get high with mango cause there wasn’t really much mango in there. Read the papers and continued with the book I bought yesterday. ate egg sandwiches….. not bad actually reached college and forgot to bring me water. Plus decided not to bring the book stand for the locker today. Too eye catching lar.

anyway Mdm Goh appeared first, she is those type of lectureres which demand a lot of things. To ease her job or something but that totally makes my work look like CRAP. Then we had Ms Lorna. wat a patient lady she is if she can stand my friend who I complained about a couple of entries ago. Basically finished half her work at home already so I did those for the next week and added friends at friendster and Ms. May Yoong wanted to show me her “mong zhong xing ren”. She so “sham tong” cannot go eat lunch with him. Haihhh. But when get to eat lunch with him….. Too shy to even look at him….. * so cham leh*

Then after computing it was time for maths. Ms Chia came in and I didn’t even noticed. WE talked pretty loud for the first few seconds she was around. Then she had to rush off to some unknown area which we will never know. She told us to do question 1 to 9. Wat in 15 mins??????
Well I kinda played whispering with me friend on the left. *it’s those type of whispers which U could actually pretty much make out wat the other person was saying* ANways when she came back she asked whether we were done with the 9 questions. Then we were like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………… Then Ms. Pamela which was on my right said :”how does she expect us to finish in such a short time?” *in the whispery tone* I said (in the same tone): “she’s psycho, psycho.”

ANd the irony was. Ms. Chia replied that she wasn’t PSYCHO!!!. My goodness. I was like oh my god she could hear that. Man, that was bad…………. she asked the person who said that she was psycho to do the question and so Pamela pointed to me . Then she asked whether I had an accomplice I conveniently said Pamela. HEHHEHEHEHE. ANyways…. we finished class at 5 and I walked outside to be greeted by strong winds which remind me of “Fung Wan”. Hopped onto the bus reached home, took a shower, watch TV, dinner then arrived hear at the monitor screen listening to me beloved mp3…….


Pissed OFF!!

I have technically pissed off someone who inturn has totally piss me off. Sorry for the language. that’s all I’m blogging bout today. Nah, just kiddin. Maybe I shouldn’t spam anymore so people won’t get pissed off? hmm…. Shall think about it.

Well lets see today was one not so good day. Mornin started with me dragging my blanket pillow and everything else out of the bed. My hands couldn’t leave the ground. Reached college at 8 when my class was only 9!! Can’t help it . same thing 2morrow 2. First it was critical thinking skills lecture. Man that lecturer is the most enthusiastic one yet. SO much drive…… Oh yeah and we meanin my classmates and me have to talk for about 3 mins in front of class about something we feel strongly about… NO idea what to talk about….. Feel like talkin bout music…. kinda hard……… SNOW PATROL!!!!! *hard too*. Then towards the end of the lesson we had a group activity. We were supposed to discuss them comics in the book. In the end we ended up arguing among our own team members. Wat a ruckass.

After that had lunch at rice bowl. Lets’ just say it was ok though the chicken was a tad to salty and it wasn’t really worth it. Plus the chinese tea was cold even though I asked them to put less ice. ANyway. Finite maths was nxt. Seriously speaking he is one of those people which U can hire at a radio station. *Yeah if U want the station to lose all it’s listeners to SLEEP!* I kinda closed my eyes everytime he wasn’t lookin. But well there were several times which I think he saw me. Plus I was sittin rite in front. But still I got to grasp wat he was tryin to teach us so everythins still good. Yeah met Michelle Tan at the bus stop. Talk a little while then well it’s just boring stuff… ANyway U guys have ideas for me brief 3 minutes of fame?

Virgin Suicides!

I shall start the blog with yesterdays. well yeasterday was of course sunday and F1 was one . Yeah Hiedfield got 3rd. But well Michael Schumacher was just far behind. How can that be.

Anyway before F1 even started I was busy watchin The “Virgin Suicides” Pretty dark film filled with depth. Well is was about this family particularly the the Lisbon family. They had 5 beautiful daughters. 13 year old Cecilia, 14 yaer old Lux, 15 year old Bonnie (or was it Mary), 16 year old Mary (or was it Bonnie?) and 17 year old Terese. Basically the whole show was narrated. WEll it’s sbout them killin themselves. I’m not surprise why they killed themselves. But why did they want to??? *Emmm am I contradicting myself here?* Anway its a Wong Kar Wai type of movie. U know “IN The MOod For Love”. Those artsy fartsy stuff which no one really understands except that it seems enjoyable somehow. Totally odd.
The soundtrack was pretty cool though. It kinda reflected the mellowness in the movie.

Ok so that was yesterday. OH yeah if U get a chance to watch it go watch it. I wanna watch Hitch, Sepet……. Anyone interested??? or should I just get pirated ones???? ANyways today I was pretty irritated the whole time I was college. U see this gurl who was from a private school sat nxt to me. *seriously I wonder how those pupils in private schools behave* first I had computer lab? When it was time to start work she kept askin me wat to do. wat chapter, wat font should I use. What are we supposed to do, wat size should I use…..and blah blah blah several times. I even had the patience to answer her. Then came math tutorials. She chose the seat nxt to me again. *MAn….. I seriously have to seat between some other people. *

Anyways the teacher came and passed around the questions and she went out again to photostat somemore. She just asked me all the way.. wat is the question? wat are we suppose to do? is that right? wat’s the pattern? wat’s cartisean plane? wat is the question saying? where are we now? How to do? Plus she smokes so the air isn’t at all fresh!!!! Man I thought I was gonna have A seizure. Thank god she asked the teacher some questions or I would have a mild heart attack by now. *touch wood*. Man how irritatin can that be. ARghhh… pissin me off. Seriously , plus she talks when the teacher is talkin and she refuses to listen and inturn causes me my understandin of the question and then she’ll ask me “How to do the question?” * Just shut the……… and pay attention man. I gotta release the anger somehow. Enough for a day.

MAybe I should go late 2morrow and seat rite in front.

Fairy Tale…….

this blog will be for the past 2 days. well lets see yesterday was a BIG day for lots of us. It brought out emotions, stirred them and erupted some……… woke up 2 sms’s and realised that I missed 2 sms’s and a missed call from the oh so nice Chien Hui. Called her back to make sure the results were out in a really sleepy sound. *I could have collapsed*

Anyways after wakin up. brush my teeeth hair put on clothes and rush down to call ming lynn. grab my *Tom & Jerry Cheese and Berry TM* and gobbled away. lets just say it wasn’t as nice as I expected.

reached school and came across some students selling the 3 dollar diary which *the oh so nice* Chien Hui bought. went to the hall and looked through the list of top scorers. slowly slowly. **Wah my name there** *holy sh*** quickly find Pn. Heah. saw shu wei plus the 5 musketeers. Pn heah was slowly skimmin through the papers. saw Pn Lee siew Lee. Asked me whether my mum was here………. then gave a quiet odd response by sayin “she went to minum”. Fine got the results hanged around called some people. Ee Va looked sad like Michelle Lee.

Then called some people. some people smsed me. oooh…… went to sook yeen’s huse to console her with KFC and ice dream plus some ca-caw evolution. *hey come 2 think of it U guys haven’t returned me the money*

anyway……. went to red box after that. Just me Yi Lin and porkster. yes it sounds pretty sad but it was fun. happily singin away then darn Yi Lin wanted to sing some stupid guys stupid famous song. **TWICE SOMEMORE**. then we started singin “tong hua” by michael wong. then halfway singin towards the ending, porkster said “don’t cry ar …” guess wat tears ran down my face… man that is one touchin MTV man. seriously cannot tahan already. had to stop singin the song. the more I sing it the more I felt like cryin. then went home had sushi and went to sleep.

DAY 2 – woke up at 8 and slumbered my way through brekfast and hopped into my mum’s car though my dad was drivin. drop me at HELP’s car park. slowly eased my way into the main campus. sat around erad “The Sun”. then went into the darn freakin cold theatrette or something that rhymed with theatre. listened attentively to almost all the speakers. Then the campus tour. Not much of a tour though but still….. it’s free. then as I walked back to the lower foyer. I saw YEN LENG. she’s takin the same course as me…… how nice. different group though.

anyways walked to mcd’s for lunch and went back to the very cold place. though it became warm in the afternoon. anyway suffice to say the afternoon’s takers were not so fun as those in the mornin.then registerd my stuff and all. then checked out the grouping. introduced myself to a couple of people. oh yeah I saw Elaine and Hui Wen on the campus as well. anyway that’s about it. unless U want to hear the part where I start typin at my computer.

Just lame stuff

Well looks like I wouldn’t have to renew my ‘L’ license anymore. *silent yippee* . Wow can’t believe SPM results are comin out. Actually I can’t really wait. I heard Hazwani is one of THE top 25. CONGRATS to her! We knew it was comin. Well at least I predicted……..

Well today I stumbled upon some pre SPM material I wrote instead of STUDYING!!!!

this is the first.

10 things I wanna do but haven’t done YET

  1. visit Switzerland
  2. Bartending ( well although I see how tough it is, it still seems fun)
  3. White water rafting (why wouldn’t anyone want to got to Lipis with me????)
  4. Bungee Jumpin (but I’m a little vertigo)
  5. Para Gliding
  6. Visit Holland ( from wat my friend said , it seems like a nice place)
  7. Try backpackin (Asia first then maybe when I’m older, EUROPE here I come)
  8. Try spanish food
  9. Touch real snow ( well not like I touched fake snow b4?)
  10. Play drums (it looks pretty cool don’t U think so? )

Ji Mo Bien Jie

* Wo lai dao ji mo bien jie ai hyi shi jie jin zai tang jie xie nan ren the gu…………..hei ye*

man I am so in karaoke mode. can’t wait. *hint* *hint* ANyway. gettin kinda bored with 1u.

*I walked across an empty line,
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand,
I felt the earth beneath my feet…..*

SPM results comin out soon. Not totally freked out yet, but lots of people I know have started freakin out eons b4 they even announced it. they are the ones freakin out. Hey anyone knows where to have nice dim sum which we don’t have to wake up 2 early to get em???? *hint**hint**zyenn**hint**hint*

Goodness gracious Jaclyn’s leavin on the 23rd of march so hey everyone that knows her. bid her farewell. and quickly go jalan with her b4 she cabut for Japan. *more hint*

More karaoke.
* Ni ai wo hai shi ta,
wo wei ni zao le yi bai ge li you,
wo jiu shi na me sa,
ni ai wo hi shi ta……….*

Man betta stop that karaoke thing.
goodness Drivin test again on monday and I haven’t touched the car since the last drivin test which is well b4 chinese new year. Man I’m so dead. Orientation day on 11th and SPM results on 10th. Not much time. Quickly go lepak.