Not talking bout those bookies that collect money for bets but REAL books.

Just went to the “Reading for life”? book fair or something like that….. Saw Dato Sri ??? Ong Ka ting and Chew Mei Fun givin some speech about books I think? bought a book called “Devil wears wear Prada” kinda old already. Plus there was this book called “The Catcher In The Rye” . A literature I suppose but it has this bold and distinct look which seems out of place in those assorment of colours. PLus there was no synopsis or something. I shall get it next time.

Besides I haven’t even finish the book I’m reading currently. Actually to be honest, *whisper* I just started it…. It’s called “Angela’s Ashes”. Got interested in reading it after a certain english class where we discussed about people who had difficulties. Appareantly, Angela’s Ashes is about the life of a boy who is also the writer. This Frank McCourt guy won a pulitzer for this. He is able to mask the darkness of his life with humour. His writing is actually quite funny.

Back to what happened to day, well went to the book fair in the CURVE then had lunch at a place called “Padington’s House of Pancakes”. Ordered “Full Monty” and “Treasure Box“. the “full monty” was a savoury type of pancake but it’s kinda filling though it was quite normal. Then it was time to eat “Treasure Box” a sweet sensational pancake. It was the BOMB. the pancakes were the size of 1 dollar coins and it was served with a freshly cut strawberries, plums, peaches and slices of bananas. It was topped with nuts, raisins, yellow raisins? PLus a sourish red sauce which complimented the entire plate which was also serve with Vanilla Ice cream and an endless flow of Honey . Mmmmmmmmmmm simply mouth watering.

After the lunch we went over to Ikano for a cuppa. I had soya bean with cincau. heheheh though I was quite full already. plus a piece of toast. Then we headed back home. And here I am typin at me computer with lots of things in Me head like…….. Where the heck is Ms. Mei Shea working? Then there is the fact that Yi Lin is leaving for Nilai 2morrow. Have fun there dear. wonder how ur day went today? and wondering how me “Ah Bah” can post so many entries in one day!!!!!!!!! But it’s all ok since I have Snow Patrol to keep me company. Can’t wait for Star Wars to come out! Wanna see how bad that darn Anakin has became…. Plus what am I supposed to get for dear Vat who seems to love Labour day a lot? Oh Well………….


Light Up

This entry today is inspired from this very verse

Light up, light up

As if you have a choice

Even if you cannot hear my voice

I’ll be right beside you dear.

From Snow Patrol’s Final Straw Album. It’s from the song run which is really AWESOME.

I’ll sing it one last time for you

Then we really have to go

You’ve been the only thing that’s right

In all I’ve done

And I can barely look at you

But every single time I do

I know we’ll make it anywhere

Anyway from here

Light up, light up

As if you have a choice

Even if you cannot hear my voice

I’ll be right beside you dear

Louder louder

And we’ll run for our lives

I can hardly speak I understand

Why you can’t raise your voice to say

To think I might not see those eyes

Makes it so hard not to cry

And as we say our long goodbyes

I nearly do

Light up..

Slower slower

We don’t have time for that

I just want to find an easier way

To get out of our little heads

Have heart my dear

We’re bound to be afraid

Even if it’s just for a few days

Making up for all this mess

Wat A cool song. I would insert it in hear for U guys to hear if I knew how to insert

People now a days can’t really light up can they? I mean why are U so serious about things. Sometimes even if U tell them the Funniest Jokes in the whole wide world, they will stare at U as if U were some kind of alien and then start scrutinizing the joke. *SPoiling the fun*

Sometimes U can’t really change fate. I mean people kinda take things so seriously. There is “Always Look on The Brightside of Life” by Monty Python which can cheer up anyone. Beautiful song. People shouldn’t take things forgranted I mean things won’t always be there when U want it to. U should embrace things, appreaciate them.

I mean U may have one thing today but U may lose it 2morrow. Let me just tell a little short story *I hope*

Let’s see, this is purely fictional.

Ok, Thomas came from a middle class family. Loving parents though he lost his grandparents when he was really young. Only child in the family. Has a snobbish and self sbsorbed uncle who’s married to a stuck up, stubborn, bitchy woman. Anyway Thomas is the type of guy that can’t wait to get his driving license. As soon as he got it he asked his parents whether he could take it for a spin. Well the parents said no. and gave him a probation. Thomas obviously wasn’t happy bout it but well one day his parents went out. And this was the perfect chance for Thomas to drive the car. A few minutes after his parents left, Thomas drove the car out. He knew his parents would be back quite late. So he went to a party, got quite drunk and as he was drivin home. He lost control of the car. The car spun and hit several cars then slammed into the back of a chevy which was following a huge lorry. The chevy was slammed into the lorry, the impact of the Thomas’s car pushed the chevy under the lorry. Thomas passed out and the people in the chevy died on the spot.

Now so far the moral of the story is “do not sneak out at nite” or “do not get ur driving license” or “don’t attend a party”. But the story hasn’t ended.

A couple of mornings later, Thomas woke up in a hospital and was told that his parents were involved in an accident a couple days before by his aunt. He demand to see them. The aunt brought him to their grave and told him wat happen. The people in the chevy which was hit that nite was none other than his parents.

So well people don’t take things for granted.

Well there is this other verse from Snow Patrol as well about responsibility.

It’s a simple suggestion can you give me sometime

So just say yes or no

why can’t you shoulder the blame

Coz both my shoulders are heavy

from the weight of us both

It’s from the first song of the album. How to Be dead

Chocolate talks bout wat mistakes can do.

Basically the Album is a bomb. Poeple out there just LIGHT UP before I get Pissed off. People like the person in the pissed off entry should really light up.

ANyway I’m not trying to promote Snow Patrol’s Final Straw CD which is currently in stores nationwide at I don’t know wat price but instead people just light up. Appreaciate what U have. Hey since I already talked bout the Snow Patrol CD, U should really try it out. I mean it is cool. Plus if U don’t like it I don’t mind another copy. Though I’m kinda sad one of the members parted ways with em. Still they even have a quote inside the album that said “Mums and Dads of the World be Patient with your Children“. Imean what sort of band puts that in their album anyway.

So Guys LIGHT UP ok?

Surprised? Not?

Let’s see how should I start….. The day started with some cereal comin out of a tupperware topped with fresh cold milk. Ooh delicious. Then after that stumbled out of the car and walked rapidly to SR12. Boohooo… by the time I reached there the nice tables were gone…. Sheesh.

Todays lecture wasn’t as good as the others kinda boring. Anyway after lectures went to Midvalley. 10 of us all together. 5 went with “Ah Mui” 5 with Angie. May Yoong was so excited to sit in Angie’s car. Must rush to the car somemore. *don’t worry, no one fighting with U* Anyway I choose the safer car. My “Ah Mui’s” one lar of course. “Ah Mah” sit i front to jaga her. Then “sai ma” sit next to me and manpreet. “Ah Pah” sat in Angies with YH,MY,FY and….oh that’s all.

Had and easy ride there cause we were in safe hands. Muahahaha. As usual “Ah Mui” went round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and…….. till she reached the 5th floor and parked at her favourite spot. Then got of and went in. Met Meng Fai *teddy bear qute* there. He say the other guys playin game. Then Angie and gang arrived. Right after that we quickly bought tickets which eventually brought to some confusion and misconceptions not to mention anger and frustration.

After that I supposed the air was still filled with these emotions. our group split. SOme went sushi king some just ate at food court. Haih…….. ate lasagna. “AH Mui” and “Ah Bah” also ate western meals. “Ah Mah” and “Yi Mah” ate “sendiri masak punya nasi”*kononnya*. Soon after me, manpreet and Ah Mui went to Strudels to check out some cake. Mmmmmm delicious…….
Went back to the food court and discuss our ” findings” with Ah Mah and Sai Mah. We agreed then had to get money from FY and YH. They got to drag my “auntie“, Joe ee along just bcoz YH want to see. SUsahnya dia.

after that decide to head to Strudels to continue the “celebration”. MAnprett and Ah Mui had a head start. by the time I reached there, quickly put up the candles and light it up with Angie’s handy lighter. Then As “ah Bah” walk toward the cake we started singing “happy birthday”. Apparently she was “SURPRISED“. Then we ate the extra sweet cake and gave her her present which she wore soon after. How nice. went around shopping for awhile but I didn’t find anythin though.

Then went to the cinema to watch “The Pacifier”. Heheheh wat a hilarious show. Seriously U should watch it but maybe not worth it if U watch in the cinema. Frankly I didn’t like the way our seating was placed. Our “Family” couldn’t sit together… *sob* After that went home but b4 that had to run an errand for mum *my real mum*. IOn the way saw the shop which selled the snow ball. “wah so Happy” quickly buy 4. *hihihihi so happy*

Then had to go to South Court for the “oh so long like 30 mins” free shuttle bus to Bangsar station. *no wonder so long lar…… FREEE mar*. When the bus arrived. Everyone rushed to it. at the passengers gettin out from the bus was never ending……. when each passenger came of it the bus tilted a bit. Darn Scary. Anyway soon grabbed the lrt and went home. OH yeah “ah mah” Thought me how to use the bus. Theh went home and it “oi sam fan“*cantonese*

While I was listening to the radion I heard a wierd news. Apparently COOKIE MONSTER. yes THE cookie monster from SESAME STREET is realising a single. Muahahahahahaa. how cute could that be. See U around guys when I get back from me 2 weeks of holidays. ehhehe

Sims / Sims 2

the sims or sims 2? that’s the question. Which one should I choose. I will come back to this later.

Firstly let me tell U how my day went. Heehehe.
I woke up it was 9.30,

I waited till 10.30 just to figure out that nothin was in the news,

I think my lunch today was ok,

but somehow I wasn’t impressed,

wat’s another day without time?

does that sound familiar? anyway after all the above went to SMKDJ and handed in the form for the MAC thingy. It was a pretty awkward moment there. totally wierd. ANyways after that hopped into me Mum’s car and went to HELP. Tutorial Room 4 totally stunck plus not enough place to seat. SO we moved to SR12. Had our computer quiz which wouldn’t be counted anyway. Finish in around 15 minutes but lingered on for about 10 more minutes checkin answers. Then went to DSA and waste time. So bored lar.

Plus someone is startin to get on me nerves, she made this comment:”don’t know how to play don’t play lar”. “kem nan teng”*not nice to listen* . Lately she has been complaining a lot, don’t ask me why. after that had english with MDm Goh. She is the type of lecturer where U is always right and U are always wrong. Then had Mr. Bill Quah. Firat big assignment. siome holiday we’re goin to have . Thanx Bill!!!!

Then went straight to the bus stop to catch the bus. waited for bout 5 mins and the bus arrived packed with people. I squeezed in. I felt like a sardine. PLus there was this guy who kept banging he’s head at me or rather I banged me arm at him????

Reached me stop and it started rainin. Slowly walked to the nearby shops and took cover. slowly walked to the photostat shop to collect me book which I wanted binded. then walked halfway home and made a dash for it. That’s wat I told me mum and she said :”U can run one ar?”

Some running incentive huh!!!

Then had a nice bath had dinner watch TV the practice for me presentation for 2morrow. I kinda timed it and realised it was way overtime although she’s bnot gonna time it. My presentatuion is bout the sims. The presentation is 3 mins. Aftyer talkin bout the original sims it’s already 4 mins. Then I decided maybe do the sims 2 then it was even longer than the first one plus It has less visual stuff but I elaborated more on it though.

So now it comes the question The Sims or The Sims 2?

Till Then goodnite maybe I’ll brief U guys boutnthe presentation if it’s 2morrow and if U ask and if I have the mood to answer U or blog it out!!! gnite now

Da Nu Skin!

Dat’s rite a have a new COOKIE skin. apparently it makes people hungry. muahahahahahha.
Actually the cookie is to remind U guys to buy me more of those big COOKIES !!!

SO this skin is different from my 3 previous ones. the other 3 were well…. kinda dark though I liked the Blink-182 one. Maybe I’ll change it back to it ONE day. This skin is white for a change. I seems nice especially the COOKIE. Mmmmmm…….. maybe I’ll go grab one Now.

NOthing much to blog bout. Basically nothing’s change except for the credits part and the archives part. I don’t think I remember havin a archive b4 this…… Do I?

Just saw yesterday’sjap show called “To The One I love”. Kinda sad. Plus got a question to ask U people. Let’s just say ur boyfriend/girlfriend calls U on a plane which is goin to crash soon, Wat are U goin to say to him/her ?

Oh…… wanna eat katsudon *pork chop with rice, japanese style*?

Hey any comments on the skin please drop it at the tag or just leave a short, nice and sweet comment.


It’s been a month and a couple of days since the day I stopped workin at Italiannies. It was a good experience. I had wonderful memories there as well. What triggerd this entry was Yi Lin’s entry yesterday, which reminded me of the good times I had there and all the friends I made.

I still remember the day I first stepped into Italianni’s * the name then*. We *Yi Lin and Me* were askin for jobs. the first few people we saw were Susan, Lionel and Ting Ting, names which we found out once we started workin. We were shocked that day. Italianni’s was the first place we asked and we got hired there and then! wat a nice though eh?

On the first day of work, we got to meet Tobie and Karin. The nicest people I have ever met. Karin is also the most hardworkin one ever. we met Faiz that day as well. After that we met more people. ON that day also met Jerry/Faisal and Leo *Yi Lin’s ex-classmate?*. soon we started meeting more people. Everyone was friendly willing to HELP. The friendliest would still be KRISTLE hands down. here friendliness nvr seems to fade. Hoong was the first person to tell me not to tell anyone when ur quittin or else U’ll get mandied.

Over time I met a few dozen people, from

HOSTESS – Ting Ting, Sarra, Song, Li Wei, Irene, Adelyn * ermmm izit spelled like that?*, Lee Lee, Naz, Michelle *the ass whacker*,Linda, Ain and maybe some others I can’t rememebr now,

BARTENDERS – Chiew Por, Mervyn, Cao Pei, Rachel, Jayson, Chen,

KITCHEN PEOPLE – Steven, Johnny, Boi, Aladdin, Eric, Lang, Ranjan, Syam/Gebu?,Shah, Nawal, Roy, Hafiz, “sei ngan suk”, Inban

SERVERS – Yei Yuen, Paik Shan, Ai Jin, Kristle, Adilah * in a plane somewhere in SIA?*, Meng, Hoong, Keegan *first person to split tips with muah*, Danny, Muhammad, Shyong Wei, Joel, Sharon Cheng, James, Yen, Aaven, Yin Wai, Sha sha, Mussie, Yen, Khaliq, Azrina, Bryan, Yap *Ket Wei*, Mahfuz,……….*cough* Daniel, Oliver, Jason, Emilie, Marianne, Sabrina, *WAH didn’t know got so many*, Aaron, Vinod *aka carpet hair*, Daley, Fook Han, Gary *Sei Mao*, Dexter, Bart……. I think I’ll stop here.

MANAGERS – Pattttttttttttttttt……………………., Mr. Sua, KC, Barrie, Nicol *or Bandit*, Gavin & Richard

I still rememebr when me and Yuen made this pasta weighing competition. We were at the expo and when the food comes out , we’ll call for Paik Shan. We even ask Mr. Sua to belanja us McFLurry if we get to pack the pasta in 20 mins…… heheeheh …….we WON. Everytime Faiz will purposely put our breaks together so we can teman him eat shakeys. Most of me breaks would be spent wih Yuen, Shan, Yi Lin, Rachel, Ting Ting, Chiew Por *few times only*, Faiz, Shyong Wei. then Faiz always belanja us. I feel kinda bad now, everytime he pay majority of the bill then belanja us somemore.

I also remember this incident where me, Yi LIn, Yuen and Shan went shopping. Shan felt like someone was calling her from behind or something. Then me and Yuen started whispering :” Paik Shan, Paik Shan” even when we started work we still continued. *Wah so irritating leh*

Aihh those were the days, kinda miss it. Apparently Shyong Wei has changed. How? I don’t know I havent really talked to him in a while. Only his hair change only mar! Faiz still seems the same. Still quite moody I suppose. KInda miss does free grapes we get from Rachel. those childish kitchen people throwing bits and pieces of food at us, hanging out at the hostess stand till the manager chase us away, make balloons, cut bread, mix does bottomless drinks * Ice lemon tea plus sprite, ILT plus soda water, Coke and sprite, water with a little ILT*

Man this entry is long, still they are good memories, memories which I would like to keep forever. Nice knowing U guys pleasure workin with U’ll. So workin there aint half bad after all, U get experience/exposure, gain some friends and have sweet memories. Seriously speakin, the person I miss most is the Ass whacker, she’s in ozzy now so cant reaaly see her.


Ipods are the best mp3 players around. The newest kid on the block in the ipod series is non other than the ipod shuffle. The ipod shuffle plays songs on the ipod randomly.

So if U do shuffle your songs by yourself, ur shuffle will still shuffle the songs and the songs U get will still be suffled regardless of how U have shuffled it. SO frankly speaking the shuffle shuffles ur music, the shuffle can’t possibly not shuffle the songs cause it’s a shuffle and no matter how shuffled ur songs are they will never be in sequence cause this ipod is called shuffle not sequencer or order or……… Will my point here is that a shuffle will shuffle songs so U cant possibly demand it to not shuffle songs *ey, yi lin* !! Besides it seems all wrong to ask the apple people :” Hey does your shuffle not shuffle cause I don’t want it to shuffle!”

Anyway… since ur getting one Yi Lin, hope U enjoy it!!! Plus I want to play around with it next time I see U again. Oh yeah Chienz, when U free? I only free on friday and weekends susah leh!

Well since I’m already in the topic of ipod, the shuffle of 512mb is 500, while the 1GB is 800. Since the 1GB shuffle is 800, U might as well buy the ipod mini which is RM1000, *the mini doesn’t shuffle ur songs*, but if the 4GB one is 1000, the 6GB one looks more worth it at 1200. So wat U actually wanted at 1GB seems more worth it at 6GB.

Aihhh Apple, why are ur ipods so expensive??? Patience is needed to keep my hands to myself when a ipod appears…….. Wah the mini very cute leh!!!!!