An Affair with The Sun

The affair started at Black Sand Beach, Langkawi.

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The boats awaiting the end of the rendezvous.

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Due to unforseen ciscumstances, the rendezvous was ended abruptly but was promptly continued at Tanjung Rhu Beach, Langkawi.

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does the little island remind U of Pacman?

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The end of a brief affair. Another affair is about to start.

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Alas, it is only a one time thing. Ceiling of Gallery Perdana, Langkawi.


Living under a shell?

Staring at these 4 walls,

I can’t feel anymore.

So much space for movement,

yet I feel such confinement.

No doors, no windows,

just me sitting here with a small halo.

Everything anyone can ask for,

appears in a speed I have never experienced before.

Oh! Such a luxurios room!

Yet… in my mind a question pops out like a shroom.

“Wall oh so tall,

what lays behind thee, oh mighty wall?”


Moments to Remember

I noticed I haven’t blogged about a movie in a while, probably due to the fact that I am not a very good reviewer and that I haven’t had teh mood to catch up on movies or because the due to the fact that reviews are hard to write? My fav is the il mare one.. hahahha… ok cut things short. Just finished watching another sad movie. Yesterday I saw “Happy Birthday” touching but sad too… But I won’t be blogging bout that cause I couldn’t find a decent picture?

Today I shall review “A Moment to Remember”

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Yeap it’s a korean film. I’m crazy enough to obtain em but too lazy to watch them… *click play also lazy…* I initially wanted to watch a different movie but this show won over cause it’s already quite old and I wanted to watch Son Ye Jin… hahaha… *the other one had Moon Geun Young*

Ok I just typed a long paragraph of a synopsis that I just deleted cause that wasn’t what I want cause it’s better to not know the full story of a movie. No? Ok let’s begin. The movie had typical everyday characters, people that one wouldn’t notice on an everyday basis. The relationship was kept simple and nice. The characters were also well developed. Both the actor & the actresses carried thier roles well. One a man of a sad past and another, a person that seems so forgetful. But fate is a strange thing and strange things happen in movies that makes it all so touching & saddening at the same time. The movie deals with the sadness of being stricken with a kind of sickness, one that leaves U feeling so lost and that is so sad to watch.

Eventhough I knew the storyline beforehand *the twist & all, cause a little bird told me… * I still feel sad… maybe cause my tearducts like doing overtime… It was a nice show from the beginning to the end. This I like… though generally I accept a lot of movies except really crappy ones…..

So I know this wasn’t a good review but I like picking favourite scenes… So here goes…

Favourite scenes (Sad or happy, I wouldn’t say which was which):

– Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) & Chul Soo (Jung Woo Seong) at the Batting cage.

– Chul Soo foiling a snatch thief’s escape

– Su Jin in Chul Soo’s car.

– Su Jin remembering the first time she met Chul Soo

– Chul Soo & Su Jin seeing a plot of land Chul Soo was eyeing.

– Chul Soo telling Su Jin the inspiration behind the design of the house.

– Su Jin trying the smoothen a piece of wood.

– Chul Soo reading Su Jin’s note at the table.

– Su Jin irritating Chul Soo to meet her parents…

– Su Jin arriving at the Family Mart and asks Chul Soo if it was heaven.
– Su Jin drinking “her” coke.
– Chul Soo drinking “his” coke.
– The way Su Jin reacts when she sees Chul Soo in the lift
– Su Jin snooping around Chul Soo’s car.
– Chul Soo’s wood carving.
– Chul Soo alone in the batting cage.

A long list it is… i wanted to add more but only those that seen it will know which scene it was so basically this entry is like a “syok sendiri” post. SO if ur up for a little tear duct action go ahead and watch this movie. I give it 2 thumbs up. I would give it 3 if only I had 3 thumbs… hahaha

P.S. This week readers get a “double whammy”. 2 post in a week. Back to back too!
P.P.S Incidentally, “A Moment to Remember” will be shown this Saturday.. hahaha

Still living in the 90’s

Just finished watching “Happy Birthday” What a touching movie…. *sob**sob* Still got tears in my eye… hahhaha

I shall skip details and continue with my main topic. It begins with a question. The question being:

What does Jimmy Ray, O-Town, Backstreet Boys, Martika & Natural have in common?

Answer 1: They no longer have musical careers? *dek……….*

Answer 2: They have hits in the 90’s! *dek……*

Answer 3: Their albums can be found in cash converters? *ding….*

Absoulutely right!!! Contestant #3 gets 100 points! *lol*

I was actually tempted to get one of em.. but it’s erm.. I dunno… the warranty is only for 3 days… scary… 9 bucks each. I wonder if it’s worth it… but it feels so odd to own a used cd, it might be scratched or something.

Oh yeah I guess people would be wondering why I’m at cash converters in the first place. Fact: bored worker on lunch break has nothing else to do. Snoops around Cash Converters for entertainment purposes. hehe… Was looking for 911 but… *i don’t know why too, I had nothing else better to do* i only scouted 2 walls so maybe it’s there. Ah…. I saw some other interesting albums also but I don’t think i’ll end up buying.

So that’s it… Oh I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t get any feedback for the last entry…. I was waiting for… “A Makeover? Hell Yeah! U need one!” *lol* or even “what? that’s ur ideas ah? so boring one….” Oh well I shall think more but I think I misplaced my thinking cap.

Is it here yet?

A blink of an eye and we’re already 6 months into 2007. I still remember typin in my first entry for this year about 20.07.2007 and I should think of ideas to do on that day and a couple of entries ago I stated that I figured out what I planned to do on 20.07.2007 but, in actual fact I haven’t really done so… I have a couple of ideas though.

*the ranking does not show any preference what so ever*

#1: Go Kayaking at Putrajaya Lake

– I’ve always wanted to go but the distance puts me off. Besides who am I supposed to go with?

#2 : Rock Climbing at Camp5

– I think i made agreements with people to do this but I jsut never brought myself to go there and actually climb. hahah how dumb considering it’s so darn near. -.-“

#3: Have a complete makeover

– this was the new one I figured out a couple of entries ago. But where will i get the money to have a total makeover?

#4: Throw a huge party *small one would do too*

– now let’s see. location? cost? food? “invitees”?

#5: Go to work, stay at home, celebrate with family and enjoy the comforts of my home.

– apart from the going to work part that’s what I do every year.. maybe go school or something… so…. why change tradition? hahahha

Ok that’s 5…. i have horrible ideas… cause I’m a boring person.. sigh…. Actually I”m kinda keen on #3… wahhahaha…. I blame Jaclyn. Reasons being.. I can’t tell.. it’s a long story…. but cost is… maybe that’s why I’m working huh? hahaha… I’ll most probably end up at #5 though… but I plan on getting a day off… so I’ll probably just sleep through the whole day… kakkaka

K enough is enough. I had nothing much to blog a bout and I had to blog about this cause I’m pretty bored and it’s like about a month till that fateful day and I still ahve no idea what to do.. sad ain’t it…

Here’s to you, Mother Earth.

Dear Mother Earth,

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As it is the month of your “Birthday”, Mother Earth *World Environment month*, I shall proclaim on this very fine day *sadly not on World Environment Day* that I, ***, loves thy Mother Earth!

Sadly this is only in words as my actions does not speak strongly enough as I

1. Waste water

2. Waste Electricity *the computer just runs and runs and thankfully it hasn’t suffered from burnout*

3. Do not recycle *though i sell away my old newspaper*

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4. uses tonnes of plastic bags

5. Accelerates way too much, but don’t move far

6. Like my air conditioning super cold and shiver in the morning and complain “Why is it so cold?”

7. Do not have my own shopping bag *the thought of bread mixing around with socks just doesn’t appeal to my mind* *maybe not yet*

8. I do not make my own compost

9. I prefer moving around in the luxuries of a car

10. I like buying non local stuff and thus cause you to suffer more tremendous pain.

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So Mother Earth, I know I haven’t been behaving very well and you have the right to dislike me even if I still adore your Natural Beauty that just ages so well at your age, not to say that you are old or anything, it just gets more and more beautiful with time, it’s just that “your children” just don’t appreciate your beauty and certain wounds have been cut and the scars are still there.

You are also getting angrier, day by day you get hotter and one day I fear your “explosion” I hope I won’t see it as I fear it might be a terrible sight to behold. Now as it is your “birthday” I shall list down a few things that I intend to do to please you and maintain your “soon to be not so” eternal beauty.

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1. When I get older I shall choose to carpool or take public transport or enjoy long walks or short cycles should the opportunity arises

2. I shall one day own a environmentally friendly house that is self sustainable

3. I shall reduce the amount of plastic bags given to me by shop workers.

4. I shall reduce the amount of water and electricity I spend *by how much I dunno, I can’t even tell if I spent more or less*

5. Recycle more than my old newspapers *plastic! you are next!*

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I shall see you more often dear foreign looking bins!

I know the “to do” list is shorter but it will help your health tremendously so please accept my peace offering.

your very sorry child,


p. s. pictures taken from various sites that I failed to cite… do forgive me….

p.p.s. wouldn’t it be nice if one day all cars except public transportation are banned from moving? That is if the public transportation network is super efficient. Oh Well….

Beijing Olympics Volunteer Programme?

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Beijing Olympics here I come?

I so want to volunteer but am I capable? what can I get out of it? gee… I dunno? One hell of an experience that can be brought to my grave? An experience like no other? A once in a lifetime opportunity; yet I’m trying to talk myself out of it!

Why you ask?

Why there are quite a number of things to address.

First, there’s the money involved.

Not everything is about money but in this case, IT IS! Volunteering means U don’t get paid no? so one ahs to pay for the return flight, the accomodation and the food too. Considering it would be a Super super peak season come the Beijing Olympics I don’t expect the chinese *myself included though I’m not part of China* to be particularly generous when it comes to earning money. So expensive tickets, doubly expensive accomodation *this might be solved if one can actually stay in University hostels or some sort of homestay* and food. *this money factor can be solved to if one can get some political association to sponsor part of it considering they are urging Malaysians to volunteer. Teehee…*

second, the security.

Should I go alone me parents would be worried sick! Though it’s only 14 days, but still. Actually I’m the one that feels it won’t be very safe. A blur kid wandering around in a strange city with unknown surroundings is pretty darn dangerous don’t U reckon?

thirdly, the loneliness?

I find myself hard to fit it but it’s all teh mind so if I want to I can? But if you are going alone and suddenly all volunteers break out in fantastic “olden day” mandarin I’ll be a goner! So it would be nice if one actually goes with a mate but that would be some what hard no? *can be solved by bringing my super outgoing nature which might still be hidden in me somewhere*

forth, my studies

Yeah as studious as I sound, studies are important too. The olympics would be in August and there would be a conflict of interest considering my studies would be on and all… so another tough call… *this can be fixed by delaying my studies, but again money is important!*

See that’s how one talks one out of something, now to talk myself back in… hahhaa

1. The “great” experience!

2. Meet new people

3. I have no idea….. A super experience…. is attending the olympics considered as a good thing?

Another thing that I may add is even if I want to volunteer, they might not accept my application. Should I just apply anyway or trash this “idea” into the bin?

Urgent need of HELP!

P.S. I found out what I should do on 20.07.2007.