Closet book person?

Hello… people that read what I write / type. today I have the usual meagre stuff that hardly excites my life… hahaha… ok.. cut to the chase now. I went to the Big Book Shop clearance sale *was it a clearance sale?* yesterday, the one Roberta was talking bout in her blog.

Now I know how people can get obsessed with stationaries…. the notepads all looked so nice! I wanted to get them all! but alas, money wasn’t on my side. It was on my mother’s.. hahaha.. irregardless got me self a few files and a “workaholic” writing pad I got a little notebook too… The really nice notebooks were all from Double A which is synonymous with?? Good Quality… -.-“

Right so that’s what I got. But wait, there’s more! I always say that I don’t like reading. But everytime when it comes to buying books at clearance sales, I seem to be getting stuff for myself. So am I a book person or am I not? Anyway, believe it or not a “book person” bought not 1 not 2 but 3 books from this here clearance sale. 3 is a lot for a non-bookie don’t U think.

The books aren’t really famous I think though there is one which is similar to “The Terminal” story staring Tom Hanks. Maybe the movie was based on the book. The other 2 are chic lits. One is obviously chic lit. The other I ain’t so sure. They were only RM12 each. what a steal!

Got Amy Tan’s book for the coffeeholic *which I presume is also a bookaholic* at only RM19.90… wow… but it was kinda dirty… hahaha.. hopefully she won’t mind. Oh I saw Sophie Kinsella’s Undomestic Goddess too… but I already have taht so couldn’t possibly buy it eh?

Any INXS fans? they are selling thier book at 10 bucks a pop… pretty cheap? oh got archie comics also.. but I think I outgrew that… 😦 I think that’s about it… Oh yeah there was another book that I wanted to buy last time but my Mum said “No way, Jose” *she didn’t really say that, she jsut said,”so expensive?” which meant “No way, Jose”* but this time she actually saw it and said it was cheap.. -.-” so she bought it in the end. so I have 4 books actually….

So my question now is “Would a non book person buy so many books *4 books if U haven’t been paying attention*”? If the answer is no then I must be pretty clueless of myself. I shall then proclaim myself as a closet book person… kakaka though since the readers of this here blog already know about my bookishness I might not be so closety after all…

No for some little review about the sale. Generally it was ok. there were really few big name writers. thought if U really looked U might find some interesting reads. there were a lot of John Grisham books. Compared to Times clearance sale last time.. this is pretty far off. Most of thier books are from the UK which explains the “not so big names”. The normal stuff people read here are mostly from the US which makes thier books more popular. But oh well… a change is good. No?


I’m IT!

I got tagged so I’m IT. about why I’m IT. I read a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip and Hobbes & Calvin were playing tag and I think Hobbes got tagged so he’s IT. Then it went on to what does “IT” do… Calvin got frustrated in the end though….. ooo [ v ] got tagged too… and it’s her first tag… how nice… how coem I don’t document my stuff like that? hmmm, let’s cut to the chase. SOmething tells me I did this before though, oh well…

Numero Uno: On The Outside

Name: Robbstar *kakaka, I prefer an air of anonymity*

Birthdate: July 20th during the 80’s

Current Status: Single?

Eye Colour: eh… BROWN!

Hair Colour: Black?

Righty or Lefty: Once a righty always a righty

Zodiac: the crab… Cancer

Numero 2: On the inside

Your Heritage: *Long De Chuan Ren* muahahahhah chinese descendent

Your Fears: Sharks… animals with extra large teeth, ie sharks, crocodiles. The ultimate fear, DEATH!

Your Weaknesses: Lazy, take things for granted, feels that I’m always right.

Your Perfect Pizza: Puzzini’s Capri… hahaha

3 is a company: Yesterday , Today Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: What time izit?

Your Bedtime: Between 12 to 2… *gotta start sleeping at 12*

Your missed memory: Hmmm.. if it’s already missed means I won’t remember it right? odd odd q.

Numero 4: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi. actually I prefer Sprite… oh well

McDonald’s or Burger King: McD, is this even a comparison?

Single or Group Dates: Beats me

Adidas or Nike: Adidas… hands down

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Nestea, sweet stuff for me…keke

Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE is my life

Cappuccino or Coffee: Neither… hmmm if I have to.. probably Cappuccino

5 is a new pop group: Do You

Smoke: Nope sirree

Curse: Try my best not to

6 picking stix *keke*: In the past month

Drank Alcohol: yeap…

Gone to the mall: yeap…

Been on Stage: hmmm yeah… to ask the lecturer questions… hahahha if U count that as a stage…

Eaten Sushi: hmmm yeap yeap.. *can’t really remember”

Dyed your hair: Nope, never did.

se7en: Have U ever

Played a stripping game: Nope

Changed who U were to fit in: Me? Change? hahahha if I did then I obviously did not know…

Lucky Eightball:

Age your hoping to be married: After I get me CPA???

9 mime: In a girl/guy

Best Eye Colour: Depends actually, almond would be nice… or gray… hmmm

Best Hair Colour: Depends again… Probably Brown…

Short or Long Hair: Short.. again this would depends on whether it suits the person… oh well…

Ten o’clock: What were you doing

1 minute ago: listening to “start the commotion”

1 hour ago: Reading the papers *what a major heist*

4.5 hours ago: I was dreaming of a white christmas….. I was sleeping

1 month ago: oo ooo I was at a camp

1 year ago: hmmm wait I gotta check, wonder if it’s checkable… ooo wow… I actually ahd a post on the same day last year… hahahha I was kinda busy preparing for presentations and me finals…

7-11: Finish The Sentence

I Love: the way the air smells after the rain

I feel: like I’m wasting my time…

I Hate: sharks.

I hide: a big part of myself from the world

I miss: having dinner with my entire family

I Need: to get myself some water.

Lastly 12: Tag 5 people
hmmm.. actually I don’t really feel like taggin anyone… But I really want to tag someone… so

1. Coffeeholic

2. Peridot

3. Roberta

yeah that’s about it… so I shall split now… hehe

Soft Launch

Aha… now I shall blog about my other side project. Budak Budak Berborak. hahahhaha so free lar me…. no seriously IT IS a side project. Basically it’s just 3 people talking rubbish *if they don’t mind me saying*

It’s supposed to have a direction but for now it’s kinda hard.. cause everyone’s busy and all… so if U want to check it out click HERE and in case some people can’t see… I’ll link it so do CLICK what a cheapskate way of advertising… kakakaka I think I’m the one pestering the other 2 people… ah oh welll.. hopefully they don’t mind… no wait it’s someone else pestering me and another person to blog… hahhaha…

While getting involved in budakberborak I noticed something. There are lots of comics out there.. hahahha… oh well… so this is to launch Budak Budak Berborak “softly” *soft launch mar* I doubt if there’s an official launch so it’ll forever be soft…. -.-“

ok I shall split now… I know I haven’t been very avid in blogging soon I’ll say but that never comes. Hopefully I’ll blog more? cheerios people do CLICK on Budak Budak Berborak too..

Timex, Sick to the Core and Chinese Version

Oh.. it’s almost a week since I last blogged and in that week a lot of stuff has happened. First up, I won a Timex! Wahahhaha but sadly it’s a guy’s watch so off to my bro it goes. It’s an ironman watch not an ironwoman watch but I think I still can wear it even if my bro wears it as his wrist is as thin as mine…. *shudder* I won’t be showing a pic of it cause I’m pretty lazy

ok so that was Monday or Wednesday I dunno.. who cares… On Tuesday it was ZiXian’s birthday so we went to her house to “irritate” her. “Irritated” she was… nyahahahha. Nah! she was genuinely surprised. Don’t want to explain further. If U really want to know U can always click on the Coffeeholic’s link. She has a short update on it.

Next up.. I have caught the sick bug.. officially got sick on Wednesday! Major Sore throat and now I’m coughing like mad and the phlegm refuses to come out… Got presentation on Monday that’s the worst thing. Hmm… what if I suddenly lose my voice? how then?? I’ll try to talk as little as I can, luckily it’s already Saturday.

Ah now for some hilarious stuff. Found this link on my blogpatrol. Click here to view. It’s a pretty hilarious site. It’s a chinese version of my site. I say it’s hilarious cause the translation is WAY off. HELP University College is “Bang Zhu Da Xue Xue Yuan” Teeheeehee… So if U know mandarin and want to have a few laughs do click here .

Have fun with it…. Ah previously I talked about a little side project. I think it’s kinda on hold at the mo… as most of the other people have exams and we can’t really execute our plan yet so I won’t link it yet… Besides I still am yet to ask the Evil Devil… so Evil Devil is U see this do leave a comment… hahah

Ok till them *cough**cough* *blows nose* *runs to toilet* *cough* bye now…

Il Mare or The Lake House?

I finally saw The Lake House after a pretty long time of waiting… and well it kinda met expectations… though some parts fell a little short… since I have seen both the original and the remake.. I shall start comparing… *there might be a little biasness as I kinda like Jeon Ji Hyeon, hahaha *

The Lake House

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is the remake of “Il Mare” or “Siworae”

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Time to compare


Female lead leaves house and leaves a letter in the letter box to inform the next owner about a letter she is waiting for and send it to the new address. The male lead moves in and finds the letter except that it doesn’t make sense because the male lead is the first owner of the house. One lives in the future the other lives in the past. They live 2 years apart. Soon they start exchanging letters and find out that the letter box is kinda “possesed” *hahah* and ultimately they both fall in love. But then something happens and some one must stop it from happening.

Ok both movies share the same storyline except that some smaller details are changed a little.

Il Mare: Had a pretty smooth storyline. The love between the male lead and female lead had a build up and the time they spent “together” was a joy to watch. There were no major loopholes.

The Lake House: Although it kinda followed “Il Mare” the storyline was a kinda choppy and some parts of it were not really connected as the storyline was changed a little to give Sandra Bullock a smarter role. Some things didn’t make sense like the letter which Sandra Bullock is waiting for…. who is she waiting for? or what letter is she waiting for? The questions were not answered. And how Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves started the relationship was pretty quick… they suddenly asked personal questions about each other and each of them complied… odd…

Verdict: Il Mare’s was smoother not choppy too which is already a very good thing.

The House

Il Mare: The house in this movie is by the sea and was built by the male lead’s father for the male elad to show his love for his estranged son. This house by the lake is pretty nice… pretty liveable too.. I think…

The Lake House: The house in this movie is by the lake and was built by the male lead’s Dad is a tribute to his wife or rather show his love for her. What a beautiful glass house, it’s like my fantasy house by the sea. Plus there’s a tree in the middle! So cool! The location however seemed a little eerie due to the fact taht there were a lot of tall grasses surrounding the road towards the house.

Verdict: I prefer the Il Mare house cause it’s liveable and doesn’t have an eerie surrounding. The lake house one kinda lacked privacy… Well it’s all glass what did U expect?

Now for the actors!

The character – An Architect who just came back from somewhere and moved into the movie title’s house. He recieves a wierd mail and starts exchanging letters with the writer of the mail. Soon he falls in love with the writer of the mail. He is estranged from his father because of what happened in the pass. After the death of his father, he realises how muchhis Dad actually loves him. This is where the similarity ends.

Il Mare’s Lee Jung Jae

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After falling in love with the female lead, he tries to stop something from happening which proves fatal for him. Lee Jung Jae grasped the role pretty well. I could feel his hatred for his Dad and his love for the female lead. Ah! in Il Mare, Lee Jung Jae character builts a house for Jeon Ji Hyeon’s character to show how much he loves her I guess.

The Lake House’s Keanu Reeves

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In this remake, Keanu Reeves’s character has a brother and actually talks to his Dad. I didn’t really feel the hatred the character ahd with his Dad. They actually seemed to have a relationship working for them. Probably that’s why i didn’t feel the hatred for his Dad. Keanu Reeves’s character is a very desperate man I must say. He feels so eager to meet Sandra Bullocks character!

Verdict: Lee Jung Jae. Much better acting. Seriously! and I preferred Lee Jung Jae’s role. much more manly I would say and wasn’t as desperate as Keanu Reeves’s character.

Now for the tougher part, the actresses!

This is much tougher as the scriptwriters changed the characters.

First up, Il Mare’s Jeon Ji Hyeon

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Jeon Ji Hyeon’s character works as a voice actress * does voice over for children’s programmes*. She left a letter in the letter box of the house by the sea to tell the next owner of the house to send a mail she is waiting for to her. She is actually waiting for a letter from her “boyfriend” which went “dunno where” to study. She has been waiting for about 2 years if I remember correctly. She always felt that she shouldn’t have let him go that’s why she feels quite miserable actually.

Now for the lake house’s Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullocks character is a doctor and like Jeon Ji Hyeon’s character left a letter in the letter box of the lake house to tell the next owner to send any letter addressed to her to her new address. From whom the letter she is waiting for was not answered. The scripwriters kinda cut it out from the film I guess. She is msot probably waiting for a letter from her ex-boyfriend i guess but that doesn’t make sense as her ex actually gets to call her up and go for dinner… so what letter is she actually waiting for?? She too didn’t want to break up with her bf *i think* but somethings just happen.

Verdict: It’s hard to compare as both did a good job grasping the characters. But ultimately Jeon Ji Hyeon’s character makes much more sense. *maybe cause i like Jeon Ji Hyeon, hahaha *

Fine Moments

Il Mare: When the main characters throw pasta at the wall and when they go out “together”.

The Lake House: the image of the Lake House. hahahha frankly speaking, there wasn’t much fine moments. the cool part would be when Keanu Reeves booked a table for 2 years later…. and when Sandra Bullock told the name of the reservation to the hostess… heheh

Ultimately I prefer Il Mare over the Lake House some people might think otherwise. There are some things which the Lake House was better. It wasn’t as slow as Il Mare that is the plus side. Oh and the Lake House has more characters too… hahaha

To be frank there were stuff in both shows that I didn’t like.

For Il mare it was the ending. It would have been more captivating should they not have met in the end. Yeah I know people like happy endings but it would have been nicer if Jeon Ji Hyeon’s character wasn’t able to stop Lee Jung Jae’s character from doing what he wanted to do.

For The Lake House it was the weak storyline. It wasn’t woven properly. If it were a piece of clothing it would have been torn up a long time ago. There were plenty of holes that no one would even wear it *that might be a little too exaggerating* but Il Mare definitely wins hands down!

Too heavy to move the mouse?

Felt like forever since I updated. No I didn’t gain too much weight eating the chocolates till I couldn’t lift my hand to move the mouse and click on the IE button. No I didn’t got too caught up with fate that I forgot about blogging. No I did not vanish from the face of the earth unlike some people I know *Cough* Yeen *cough* hahah just kidding.

I just suddenly became busy. Wierd stuff really. One minute I’m enjoying chocolates and Mahjong another minute I feel burdened with work. Sigh.. what a life. 😦 Ok I have a new resolution, stop using “…” to replace my “,” bad bad thing to do.

Ok now for a little update. Played Mahjong for the first time in my life on the 27th of November. Pretty interesting stuff but I only know how to make the most basic winning hand, which is ok I guess. I want “13 yiu”! hahahah right, next up I have 3 assignments due in November, 2 which are pretty close each other and approximately 2 weeks away and another is just a few days after my mid term. Argh… All the stress ! *come to think of it, I rarely feel very stressed. hmmm a thought to think about*

AHA! I have a new little side project too. With a “Jiadion”. wonder if it’s a side project. Hmmm…. I might link it up but it’s still under close discussions so maybe it won’t appear so soon in the near future. Still needs fine tuning. I feel like inviting more people but wonder if “Jiadion” agrees eh?

Hmm enough about updates, time to flee blogger and come back some other time. I got stuff to do and it needs urgent attention as of now. Cheerio!