Stop, Look, Go

It was late November, I sat patiently in the window seat waiting for the passengers to board and the plane to eventually take off to Dubai. I had just spent my waiting time working in the airport cafeteria and ate a lovely falafel wrap; although it could not beat the falafel I had for breakfast at the hotel, it was nonetheless tasty and affordable.

I looked out of the window and stared at the tarmac of the airport in Amman and the flag of Jordan proudly flying in the air.Ā  I started thinking about how far I’ve come, how many places I’ve “touched” this year, and thinking that I’ve never quite imagined going to Dubai what more take a short weekend trip to Petra, and be amazed by ancient civilization. My lifestyle seems to be changing, my traveling style seems to be changing. It’s all stop, look, & go now. Time is so limited that there’s no time to take an actual break. I’ve changed from sharing trips by writing it down to just posting a single photo in Instagram.

I long for a good holiday away from technology, away from instant updates on your whereabouts, away from the constant need to update people on what you’re doing. What happened to the days before everyone became so connected to their phones? Alas, that seems to be the future and it does not appear that we’re turning back. I too am equally guilty. Maybe one day I’ll take it slow again, take an actual break, leave that mobile behind and wander around like a true blue traveler again.


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