Asia YEA?

I feel like joining the “HSBC Young Entrepeneur Awards”… I wonder if I have what it takes… Can I think of any great business ideas? hmmm… Should I join?
Maybe I should.. test my abilities eh? see how far I can go? agree? anyone wants to join me?

ehehe.. It’s a “team” effort, 2-3 people in a “group”… them prizes are pretty tempting… but I think testing how far an idea can go is much better…. Any takers? Oh the idea submission deadline is 19th December 2007.

P.S. I feel odd posting this here….


Boutique Hopping?

I was on my way ti ahve lunch when I realised that the place I was heading.. *an area more like* was filled with boutiques… then an out of nature idea / thought came to my mind… “hmmm… I could actually go boutique hopping”

Ahahahha.. wait till that happens… That area is really filled with boutiques, they keep popping up… I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years time an entire block in that area would be taken up by boutiques…

On a indulgent note… The new “Cornetto McFlurry” is so darn sinful… not to mention kinda pricey… But it’s nice… *for me…* very nice… though it melts faster than the original… it’s looks very different too… So go try it before it’s too late! The spicy Mcnuggets wasn’t too my liking though, the texture wasn’t very nice. Not much bite to it…

Just a short little update… of sorts.. which doesn’t really reflect anything that’s going on in my life whatsoever.. but alas.. who cares? except for me.. but then again… oh well.. Cheerios!

P.S. I saw a relatively nice top while.. erm.. “drive through shopping”, can’t imagine me in one of those though…

Regrets… I’ve had a few?

I think I’m starting to have pretty major regrets… regrets about choices that i made about 3 years ago. I think that’s why I feel quite depressed lately. I start regretting my choice everytime I see some really cool designs *like Shinichi Ogawa’s or even Naoto Fukusawa’s*…. sigh…. feel so impressed I feel so inspired…. then I start thinking! Did I make the right decision? Should I have just went with it? and everytime i start thinking about this… I’ll just tell myself that I have new goals now & the choice has been made, so just stick with it, there is nothing wrong with this choice. Maybe… just maybe, 10 years from now I’ll look back and say “why didn’t I get away while I could?” or “Thank goodness I stood by my decision”… Hopefully it’s the latter.

Well.. that was one of the regrets…. I’ve felt that way for about 3 years except that lately it’s just been too unbearable especially when some lecturer goes about saying negative things…. feel so helpless…. Another regret is regarding my future. If I had just listened to my parents and went somewhere sodarnnearit’spracticallywalkingdistance… probably then i won’t have second thoughts on my future well being.

Can I ask my so unresponsive readers something?

Is an internship more important than finishing one’s studies faster?

Cycle to become like China?

I find cycling to work rather fascinating. There are quite a few countries, mainly the first world countries, promoting cycling to work which I feel is really good… for the congestion and the environment… But I also feel that they are starting to become like the “old” China and China is trying to become like them… *if u don’t understand… then….*

I think Malaysia is quite faraway from being able to have a “cycling to work” campaign.

1. It is mighty dangerous with the cars going so fast…

2. There isn’t much infrastructure… even for walkers… U walk halfway and the side walks go AWOL… U have to walk on the road.. added danger.

3. Malaysians don’t like cycling with protection *myself include* the headgear looks a little funny…

4. it’s so hot, by the time u reach ur office, u’ll be soaked in sweat even if U were cycling slowly..

5. Where should the bicycles be parked? If an entire company’s workers of let’s say 50 people, imagine how many lamp posts will have bicycles stuck to them…

That said… I feel like cycling to college.. but then again I’m to lazy to take any action.. hahah by the way, I don’t have the gear and the drive to wake up extra early in the morning to inhale carbon monoxide.

P.S. I think I’ve caught the blogging bug… how many posts in a week?

Disposing Trash

I think for people to develop the want to recycle, they should first develop the need of disposing of thier garbage more responsibly. If people can’t even throw away rubbish, how are they supposed to even recycle the rubbish into the correct bins?

I can bet with u that if u step out of your house and take a walk to the nearest eatery, you are bound to see rubbish that are not supposed to be where they are.

I for one think that people in this country think that bus stops are extra large rubbish bins, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, empty cans and an abundance of bus tickets are commonly found there… Once in a while it’ll be clean though. Probably the poor cleaning people need to pick up after the “people”, but most of the rubbish are just left to mother nature to be dealt with.

Sigh… poor land…. So I guess I should tell people to start throwing garbage into the designated areas before I tell them to recycle… no?

by the way, something happened on my way to college today. I was at a bus stop, waiting boringly for the bus to make it’s grand entrance when I noticed a fellow HELP student. I had seen him before in one of my classes… Don’t know him, He sat on the same bench as I did, separated by a metre or 2. He was eating his breakfast, some fried stuff and some fishball that was in a plastic bag, he kinda gobbled through his breakfast and conveniently *I say VERY conveniently* threw the plastic bag behind him like nobody’s business.

I was kinda pissed off, I started to look for a rubbish bin. I was contemplating whether to ask the “dude” to pick up the rubbish. Then I saw him taking out a can drink…. so I told myself “if he throws that behind him, I’m so gonna ask him to pick it back up…” He didn’t take too long to finish it and again threw it behind him…. I was furious…. but alas…..

I tapped his shoulder and told him, “Can you not litter?*simplified version, i said in mandarin :”Ni ke yi bu yau luan diu la ji ma?” direct translation would be: ” can you not simply throw rubbish, which sounds slightly off”* The fella gave me some sort of look, it was between a “what the heck” and “what do u care?” look. he picked it up and threw it in the rubbish bin nearby, and hurried up his bus…. the same bus that I could have took but I didn’t cause I didn’t want to see him….. geramnya….

hmm.. I think that’s about it… Cheerios!

Apologize, Cinta

Wow another post? I must be really free… hyuk hyuk.. to erm.. state what I want to say… I bet a lot of people have heard the song “Apologize” by “Timbaland feat. Onerepublic”. It’s a great song! But the original is so much better!! Timbaland only added the beats… oh well… he kinda gave Onerepublic a push up the stardom ladder. so it’s good for both teams I guess… Still.. the Original is better! Way better!

Now on a different note… a couple months ago, there was this Malay movie… yes.. Malay movie *I watch Hindi movies, what’s wrong with watching Malay movies?* that I wanted to watch.. It was called “Cinta”. It’s about love…. *cinta =love in malay* there are different kinds of love here, a total of 5 kinds of love here. The stories weren’t too long nor were they too short… which is good. However I suspect the tv version had been cut a little… not to mention the colour wasn’t very nice *kinda dark* and the sound wasn’t very good *kinda muffled* but there wasn’t much dialogue either so it ain’t half bad.

This film had lots of erm.. professional actors. Sharifah Amani and her mum was in it, Pierre Andre was in it, Fasha Sandha too, *she’s pretty* and famous actors which I saw before but cannot recall their names. Yesterday, *Hari Raya hari 1* ntv7 was showing it…

It was a very touching show… thank goodness I didn’t make it into the cinema to watch this or my t-shirt sleeve would be soaked with tears…. *how exaggerating* I hope a lot of people saw it… it’s a nice show. Well.. I liked it, my “nice” and ur “nice” might be different though…. Hmmm… wonder what other nice shows are there…

Boring? Me?

I find myself to be a rather boring person. I don’t have any particular hobby, I’m not particularly keen on certain things, I don’t particularly extremely hate things either. The fence that I’ve been sitting on has also sagged as well…

I should find a hobby… One that does not involve the computer. Maybe I should join some sort of club to meet new people… But I don’t find that I’m that interesting anyway… so even if I meet people, I wouldn’t know what to say… “How are you?”, “today no class ah?” *hehe*

Oh sigh……. Live is Life… Don’t find it very fulfilling… probably this is part of the all important “wait” which I think doesn’t exist since one should not wait for things to come but take action and make things happen. But alas all these are just preachings that I don’t pray myself.

*note to self: find new things to do*

*note to readers: I think I feel slightly depressed. How do U know if you are depressed eh? Do depressed people think they are depressed?*

P.S. since no one commented… I guess Ti Lung & Jo In Sung don’t look alike and my eye sight has gone off

to the question of my day: Absolutely, I think I fulfill the criteria of being an utmost boring person.