It is…..

… time to GROW UP!


Work & Travel?

Every time I reach this page, I forget what I want to talk about.

I realise I like to talk a load of incoherent rubbish. Crap.

Crap about this, crap about that. Even now I’m crapping. What this is not crap? Of course it is! It has no reason for me to even talk about it so I better shut up. For the rest of the entry, you’ll see a total blank page. It’s my tribute to silence.

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

Right. Looks like I don;t do awkward silence very well. Anyway. Kelly Clarkson is coming to Malaysia! Finally another big name. Not to mention Wyclef Jean and Fat Boy Slim are here this weekend. If you want to count, Lionel Richie was here too. =)

Did I mention it’s the Malaysian F1 GP this week! Very excited. Lotus F1 is in it! They’ll be the backenders but it doesn’t matter. Having a Malaysian-ised F1 car on the grid is quite a feat, don’t you reckon?

Man! I’m excited!

Now time to talk about work. hahahhaha… That’s like my life now so If I don’t talk about it what can I talk about? Nothing! Cause I don’t get to do anything else! sad sad life that is.

Anyway, have been feeling pretty demotivated lately. I think I don’t have the correct working mindset yet. All I can think about is traveling. It’s not a recent thing actually. I’ve been thinking of it ever since I started working. I don’t seem to want to take up the working responsibility as yet.

Looking into work and travel options. But it seems pretty irresponsible. Not sure though. Is it irresponsible? Your parents raise you up, pay for your education and expect you to return and help them so they can retire peacefully and the child which they raised up doesn’t really want to come home and help them retire peacefully but wants to continue to galavant and explore the world and “wasting money” maybe.

Oh life. What sort of roads can we take? The well trodden path? The black tarred road? The dirt road? The little alley behind that coffee shop with stray cats wandering around looking for food scraps?

Let’s say I pick a road. How am I gonna travel it? By foot? By car? By bicycle? Tricycle? Motorbike? Boat? Plane?

So many decisions. Life = Decisions? Maybe.

Road and traveling mode of my choice

It would be nice if the picture above was my choice. But one won’t have a lot of money. But is life all about money. What about living?

All day long looking at documents and computer screens in an air conditioned room with bright white lights confined in a building whose windows are covered with blinds.

Where’s the enjoyment of life?