The end is near!

The end is indeed near… the end of the year that is. 4 days more and the year recycles. Boy time sure travels fast! Wonder what I accomplished this year….. *thinks thinks thinks* Not much to recall there… oh well hopefully next year there will be…

Haha.. I think by this time U readers can tell that I’m currently just blogging for the sake of blogging… hahaha that’s so corny… Well.. guess I’ll just wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to them readers and then split eh? Should I write my resolutions first? Wait a minute… I don’t have any resolutions… *cause if I made them then I won’t end up fulfilling it or other people might purposely come and jeopordize it*

WOAH wait a minute… next year is a really special year… gotta think of something special to do… the year 2007 is a coming and this year I want to do soemthing special for the auspicious date of 20.07.2007… unlike the other years where I just sat around and dunno did wat… I think it should be a form of celebration… I eman it would come round ever again right?

Ok so my resolution this year is:

1. Be more patient *people don’t try testing my patience, I might be patient but I sure as hell don’t like it*

2. find something to do on the auspicious day… *please not marriage… hahahhaa*

3. no more no more.. it will add eventually…

See U next year people! It will be another great year and more shopping possibly.. hehe


Great balls of Tang Yuen…

hehe I imitated Jerry Lewis’s “great balls of fire” for my “great balls of tang yuen”. The festival to eat tang yuen is here… I think it’s called Winter solstice something about the winter. apparently it’s more important than the ever popular Chinese New Year. Why? I don’t know… I think I have to ask the coffeeholic for that…

eh.. first up.. tang yuen is balls made of flour , cooked and eaten with sugary water. *that was a really weird definition* Oh regardless it’s really nice!

The sad thing is I have a feeling that because of the Western influences Christmas seems to have overtaken this tang yuen festival… =( everyone’s talking about Christmas but who’s talking bout the tang yuen festival?? Oh well… The tang yuen festival is here so in to my stomach the tang yuen goes…

Oh I have a question. Do U’ll prefer ur tang yuen to be big or small in size? I know does in the supermarkets are pretty huge…. Mine ain’t big although I mentioned “great balls of tang yuen” as me title. Great..I don’t know how to continue… Ah well..

Today is THE “tang yuen” festival and i had to roll them tang yuen’s so I can enjoy em myself.. wahahha… 😛 this time my mum bought 5 colours… *banyaknya* but each one had a little.. not a lot… *my mum doesn’t make em, I don’t know why… maybe cause it’s hard work* So there are 5 colours, bright pink, white, bright yellow, bright green and bright purple. The yellow and purple are new additions this year never bought that colour before.

well 5 colours is already colourful enough and being the playful me I combine some colours to make the tang yuen’s more colourful. So in the end I had

– bright green

– light green

– not so bright green yellow

– pale green yellow

– bright yellow

– light yellow

– white

– bright pink

– bright purple

– not so bright pink purple

– pale pink purple

– pale pink

– pale purple

then my mum started complaining why I’m doing so slowly and told me to stop playing… if she hadn’t told me so I think the natural colors would have disappeared… hahahha

Oh bought the supermarket tang yuen too… the one with black sesame… One thing I don’t like bout the supermarket ones are that they’ll burst and teh stuff inside will jsut come out and it’s like eating normal tang yuen but with a more flavoured syrup.

Ah well that’s it.. jsut here to tell the people how crazy I am over tang yuen’s… kakaka… cheerios! Enjoy ur tang yuen’s and of course Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fresh Outlook

Dear Readers,

I changed me blog’s skin eventhough I liked the last one, but since the other one was pretty messed up if people use firefox change was inevitable. Hopefully this one doesn’t cause any trouble as I kinda like this one too. hehe. However, the words might be a little hard to read through the darker parts of the grass. Oh it takes some time to load the grass picture too so please do be patient. Patience is a virtue.

So that is about it. Oh and yes, about the “where are they now” entry, I would most probably not be doing it as I don’t seem to be able to find a suitable candidate. Maybe you’ll could give suggestions. The ones I searched so far seems to be still in the entertainment industry and some are reviving thier careers, so there ain’t anything special there.

About this skin, I think I’m getting very nature loving lately. Consider my last skin which had a tree and now this current skin which has grass. Hopefully I won’t reach the level where I would put flowers here. hehe though flowers can be very pretty. hahaha oh well, I’m just trying to fill in space I guess. Oh Muse is coming to KL February 28th if I’m not wrong. The sad news is that I’m not that in to them so go I won’t unless they are really cheap which I doubt so.

Good day people.

Movie Marathon numero 3

Wow.. the last movie marathon was like when?? Regardless, Movie Marathon is back or was back or came back… uh nvm… It was fun nonetheless.

Movie marathon was about wow… 24 hours long…. impressive… actually saw 6 movies in 24 hours… hmmm not bad… I think… half of the time… HEY! where did the other half go?

Ok cutting to the chase. Everything started yesterday at approximately 1:30pm ish… had pot luck. I brought some garlic bread and chicken, potato mushroom thingy. Zyenn brought pasta salad. Vatty made tuna sandwiches and Yeen made sushi, jelly and cookies…. *I think I just made her sound really hardworking, hahahah nvm*

actually we only started eating about 4pm… lunchner? oh nvm…. took pics and all. Haven’t got the pics from them yet so no pics here. Ate till we got stuffed and all. Then we started our movie watching. But first I want to do some “rewinding”.

2 hours before actual movie watching: we went DVD purchasing and laughed at some DVD titles. we reached the Movie Marathon lair an hour before it started. Did some hiding and started preparing the sandwiches. A couple of minutes before start of movie marathon. Yeen mysteriously stumbles upon a cute little snowman that was sitting in the remote control pouch. She squeals and starts saying “so cute”s and “thank U”s. Situation becomes insane for a mo and she runs around frantically. then everything cools beofre we start eating. Lovely lovely. * I kinda exaggerated a lot*

Back to start of movie marathon. *the backtrack can be pretty confusing so bear with me. I want to try honing my story telling skills* Death note get pops into the DVD player. Gibberish subtitles appear. The mandarin subtitles make sense, but I read slow. The thai is pretty hard to be read by people that dunno thai. The malay and english ones were plain LAUGHABLE! *nough said*

couple of minutes into the movie and then we gave up. Infernal affairs is popped in at that KICKED off the Movie Marathon. Lovely lovely start…

Movie #1

Infernal Affairs

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I think this is my 3rd time watching. Still a good movie and all. Forgot how the show started though. However I knew exactly who was gonna die when. so I can’t really judge this movie.

Seriousness factor: 4 of 5

Quotes from Yeen :” how can he die?” “but he’s a good guy”

Quotes from Zyenn: “he so cute lar” *referring to Chapman To*

Movie #2

John Tucker Must Die!

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Hmm this was pretty good. It was good while it lasted actually. the ending was kinda predictable. it would be nice if it were different but oh well. feel good movies are meant to make people feel good. John Tucker was sizzling… but I prefer the “other” Tucker. I must say though, John Tucker is the luckiest person on earth! I particularly liked the last part where the 3 japanese girls were looking at John Tucker’s picture and the last one went:” Holy Jama Lama” (John Tucker must die, 2006)

Laughable factor: 4 of 5

Quotes from Vatty: “what sort of ending is that”

Quotes from Me: “Probably they will all become good friends in the end.. hahaha”

Quotes from Yeen:” He (John Tucker) looks so familiar”

Quotes from Zyenn: “There…. he was in Desperate Housewives”

Movie #3


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Mmmm.. now this one was interesting! It had Chang Chen as the lead actor and some other Japanese actor, which I didn’t catch the name though I believe I seen him in a drama serial about doctors before. Chen Bo Lin and Karena Lam was also inside. For some no apparent reason I actually like Karena Lam. Dan’t ask me why.. she tends to choose really wierd films too… Oh well.. Back to “The Silk”. The story is about how a team of police get to catch a spirit and the Japanese guy is trying to find out how does the spirit continue living on earth.

Pretty interesting show. Though it can be pretty scary at certain parts. this show emphasizes on the mother-son bond which is pretty touching.

Chill factor: 4 of 5

Quotes from Yeen: “Don’t look into the eye”

Quotes from me: “where’s the silk?”

Quotes from Zyenn: “why the lady must walk like that?”, “what is the gf doing there?”

I don’t remember wat Vatty said.. sorry eh…. she was probably lost in translation.

Movie #4


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I was actually pretty blown away by this show… maybe not so “kua jiong” lar but it was really entertaining… Plus Jackie Chan is still pretty agile. The jumping scene from one aircond to another reminded me of Casino Royale. The baby is really CUTE.. I like his eyes…. some of the dialogue was pretty corny. Especially the one between Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu… hahahhaha that scene in particular was crappily funny… hahaha really LOL…

I didn’t like the way Louis Koo treated Charlene Choi… so sad… kept asking her to go away… well at least he made up for it. Hopefully I didn’t spoil too much for people that haven’t seen it.

Fun factor: 4 1/4 of 5 *I’m pretty stingy with my marks*

Quotes from Yeen and Vat: “the baby so cute”

Quotes from Vatty:”What? Broke broke mountain?”

Quotes from me:” the car so nice” lol…

Movie #5

An American Haunting

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I must say this is pretty much a horror movie but it hmm… I can’t say it’s entire horror. It’s quite a sad story actually. I say people, U have to see to understand. It was pretty eerie but everything became clear towards the end.

Spook factor: 3 3/4 of 5

Quotes from Yeen: “you won’t be scared when the movie ends”

Quotes from Zyenn: “What is he doing hunting at night”, “people never learn”

Quotes from me:” cause they didn’t have dvd’s back then so they can’t learn lor”

Quotes from Vatty:” Right very wise of U to play with the kid that no one can see”

Now a little backtrack.

Before the start of Rob-B-Hood we went for some snacks.. or rather it was dinner. We did some more hiding of certain goods.. the previous spot was too hard to be found…. started rob-b-hood and Yeen still hasn’t noticed an extra soft thingy lurking in the blanket. she seats and stands and seats repeatedly and finally… “what’s this?” “dunno” “why did U bring ur’s here?” “maybe it’s ur’s” “mine is upstairs, it’s much longer” “beats me man, mine is at home hanging round my bro’s elbow” *purple is Yeen’s and blue is the rest of us* And then I forgot wat happened… regardless she received her present and out job is done as she removed the dog’s “tongue”

The movie ended at 4 ish in the morning… headed to Yeen’s room to dunno do wat…. Reminiscended on the past and chit chatted till teh wee hours of the morning… till daybreak in actual fact… Then one by one each of us dozed of at about 6am… wanted to wake up at 7 ish to continue our marathon. Yeen said :” let’s lie down for another 5 mins”. And what do you know… 5 mins became 3 hours plus… took our time irritating the sleeping kid. She should be glad we didn’t snap pics…

Had our lunch and continued our marathon…. but Vatty left before that so sad….. but the show MUST GO ON! Halloween resurrection was picked out… but I was too freaked out to watch it so was Yeen I guess so we watched Step up instead.

Movie #6

Step Up

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Hmm.. as a whole it was pretty disappointing… it was entertaining at certain parts… generally though it was slow. I have a feeling the movie could have just ended in an hour. Heck it might have been better if it were a musical.. hahaha

Dance factor: 3 of 5

Quotes from Yeen and Zyenn: “So slow lar”

soon Zyenn left and it was me and Yeen, we played “speed” and I lost… 😦 nvm vengeance will be mine… As a whole it was a BLAST! and I got high… oh we named Yeen’s toys hahahahhha ok I better sleep. I can’t believe I’m still awake… how much energy can be replenished in 3 hours plus? Good nite now… Oh I feel like changing this skin… oh well cheerio!!

Time to be… A giggly 13 year old

hmmm I originally wanted to do something a “where are they now” thingy on singers. But boy oh boy did I find more interesting news. My first search was Antony of ex-Blue considering the other 3 have thier own albums and stuff…. here’s what I found

Antony (ex-Blue member)

– Like his fellow ex band members, went solo

– sadly, it didn’t do too well and he was dropped from his label

– he’s now in theatre.

*still in the entertainment industry so not too bad I reckon.*

*irregardless, even if he doesn’t make it he’s still the best…. hehe… grins sillily*

Then I continued my search of 911… They disbanded in 2000 *i think*. I went and search for Lee Brennan first. to my surprise. 911 are actually performing together again. WOW! they performed “Bodyshakin” on dunno wat show. Oh and Lee Brennan is MARRIED! he married Lindsay Armaou of B*Witched fame. How nice actually…

*a little final note, he still has that short crop hair which a lot of people dissed him for when he just cut it… he still looks cute anyway… hehehe*

Next I went to search for Ultra. Remember them? they sang “say it once” *starts singing… Say it once, say it twice…. la la la la la la la la yeah yeah yeah… take my life take my heart…. *

Ultra ( UK Boy band)

– they disbanded in 2000 too… *hmmm a lot of bands disbanded then… couldn’t stand the new millennium?

– disbanded cause James the lead singer left.

– James continued studying to be a surveyor. *from musician to surveyor… odd…*

– the rest of the band members formed a new group called “rider”

– my guess is rider didn’t last very long either since….

– wait up so I went and search and wow.. wikipedia is really helpful…

– reference… “ultra official website

– odd how could a band disbanded 6 years ago have a website eh?

– so I went and click and wow… to my surprise….

– Ultra is BACK!

– They have a new album out! *gasp*

– apparently they reconciled…

– haven’t heard it yet.. wonder if it’s any good…

– the good news is they are back…. * more pop for me, teehee *

Oh well i shall do “Where are they now” thingy some other time.. though I seriously want to know what ever happened to Kavana…. oh welll cheerio… I think I’m a little high on…. giggly 13 year old’s idols…