I’m waiting for something.. but i don’t know what I’m waiting for…

Could be a sudden surge of drive to push me to work my butts of and stop typing at the computer….

Could be a sign.. a sign to show me where I’m headed to…. *I still haven’t figured out which way I should go…..*

Could be a little smacking from me mum for not preparing for finals yet…..

Could be I’m just waiting for all of these to be over and start my adventurous plans…. *which are not that adventurous btw*

Argh….. waiting… waiting for the time to pass… waiting for food to reach the table.. waiting for Queer Eye For The Straight Guy to start….. Waiting for “My Boyfriend is Type B” to finish downloading…. some how when I read “type B” in my head it goes “tai pi” *canto*

Ok well… Oh great I forgot what I wanted to say already…. shoot… ooo ah… I won’t be blogging for sometime…. I think I need a break to write about stupid stuff…. maybe I’ll put in a silly quote or two at the end of each blog… nah…. I need to rejuvenate…..

So U guys have to WAIT for me next entry… hee hee… oh well… time to split….. Now I gotta think of a silly quote….

Just get another can of sardine lar“, Zyenn

(No one would understand these except 5 people, who already don’t read this blog)


Creative period…

Currently crazy over Cass Phang’s Qiu Niao.. dunno why…. nice song.. go check it out…

currently trying to upload my song so I can update the background song but certain forces (ie. the website) is stopping me from doing so…

Ok lately I’m getting more creative.. either that or I’m getting lamer….. Let’s see first creative idea was the little quirky idea down below which no one commented… *cis* Before that there were others I forgot what they were….. then the next is a little present for me mate…. and then…. oh great I forgot again…..ah my econs presentation…. I wouldn’t say it was creative but I was smart enough to have thought of it.. hope no one thinks of the same idea….

currently filled with work left right and center…. Econs presentation this Thursday… journal entries up this Friday…. Oral next Thursday… And then Finals starts……. NEXT SATURDAY…. my goodness.. time sure flies by without U realising it….

Well had a little fun this sem…I’m just glad that next sem is coming and I can meet other people in the process….. oh well just alittle short entry in respect to me creativity….. *swt* I will have my little tribute to Korean movies in the near future… probably after me finals…. *Tribute like the “A little Hindi Something”*

Oh well that’s all for now… stay tuned for more of The Rockstar who doesn’t know how to even rock…. oh Yeah this is the 101st entry….. and my dalmations are missing… hehe *SWT*

A quirky little idea

Wow my 100th entry after like so long…. still 100th entry… wow…. rejoice rejoice… I have actullay been waiting for this moment fro a long time but I forgot what my plans were…. hehehe anyway goin to celebrate this saturday…. hey cahmpions… bring medals on that day lar…. more fun.. then we can sing “We Are The Champions” hehehhe

Ok actually this post ain’t about me 100th entry.. that’s jsut a small little acheivement… never thought I could reach it…. Today is about my quirky little idea….

I have this weird business idea that I think can work out dunno why…. well hope it workd out but I don’t think I can ever see a company like that…

Ok the business is ” a company that deals with interships for college students” see all college students need internships to gain knowledge… and not all college students are lucky enough to get interships so… think about a company that deals with this kind of stuff.. well of course it needs a lot of work. first I need to have the connections with companies that are willing to get these interns… then I gotta think about how I’m gonna earn money…. I could very well charge them but that seems really … I dunno…

It’s just a starting process, I need more time to figure thing sout but I doubt I’m gonna be able to open such a company… I need feedback… can this type of companies work…. I mean some companies find thier own interns and do these future interns wanna pay money just to be an intern…. doesn’t sound right…

so feedback people… it’s important…. I wanna know the flaws.. the strengths…. the constructive criticism… oh well I think I go that point out pretty clearly…

Well this will be a little short one… Oh and if I don’t blog in like a month or a couple of weeks… there is a big probability that I’m too busy too blog… ok till the next post… I shall anticipate the moment the next entry updates itself… hehe

7 Eleven

well today is 7 eleven, Yong Zi “Suan Tian Ku La” Xian’s birthday…. ain’t my title appropriate… well so watch the amazing race… sent her a birthday wish then slept at 1.30 and woke up at 7…. the got a message from Shu Ying…. “eh now the Baker’s cottage heven’t open yet” it was 7.30am… * So early who wanna open for U?* Ok cut things short…

Reach college and fell asleep *correction: attempted to* while Fang Tang and Shu Ying discussed what to do…. Ok when to class at 9.30 and waited eagerly for the Yang ZiTian to arrive…. Wah wait for her very sam gup so I decided to head out to the corridor to watch out for her shadow…. Saw Nav and Phan at the end of the corridor followed by ZiSuan and Manpreet not far behind…. went back to class to inform and waited patiently….

Nav and Phan came in and then ZiKu peeped into the class dunno for wat….. She came in “we” sang Happy Birthday to her…..*actually jsut a handful who sang the loudest was Shu Ying though* She felt pretty embarassed a guess…. Probably due to lack of co-operation the birthday song was pretty weird…..

Ok had econs and we were “sent out” earlier… Shu Ying was goin to eat with her “sister” *Personally I didn’t know she had a sister* so she left early…. The hung around and well finally started for Strudels…. eased our way there and Shu Ying was there… *wow…..what coincidence* we settle down…. actually we haven’t really settled down but the cake appeared anyway so we sang her a song again and then cut cake… *haish usual birthday stuff lar… need to describe kah?*

Ate at McD… Then went for class again…. this time english… got back mid terms… I guess mine was ok but not good enough… Ok after class was our second break before the next class… “Ma fan” manpreet wanted to eat now… *she wasn’t hungry yet in the first break* So we *Vivin Imelia, Shu Ying, Me, ZiLa* temaned her to eat porridge at McD…..

ViVIn Imelia belanjaed ice cream… I was really sleepy b4 teh ice cream but after enjoying the nice cool smooth cream I was kinda awake… Then the “rude Vivin and Shu Ying” were whispering amongst each other then… *aih more boring stuff* SO in the end we decided to ehad to 7 eleven as a ceremonial thing? *Her birthday is on the 7th of November, hence 7/11*

Shu Ying wanetd to eat the Asam Laksa there again…. Oh we planned on askin the guy there wether we could get discount since it was ZiKu’s birthday today…. SO walked in an looked around… Saw cadbury chocettes… I want… Then Manpreet saw the party spray like thing which emits strings of colour when U spray it… * If U dunno ask me lar, normally used in parties*

So we started to plan how to kenakan her in 7 eleven itself when she was inside and by goodness she didn’t even suspect a single thing….. Ok we wanted to just pour water and spray the thing after accounts class *last class of the day*, ViVin had a bright idea…. “when she goes into the toilet cubicle, we take water and throw in so she doesn’t know who did it then when she come out all wet only we spray her”. I was supporting Vivin but Manpreet feels it’s too bad… then I decided to do it before class… again Manpreet didn’t want… Oh and Vivin wanted to add eggs and flour into the concoction…… *Still water runs deep indeed*

Ok so we decided to just throw water and spray her before class… we would pretend to get soemhtign from Manpreet’s car and attack her then…… The plan was 2 fellows pour water, a dude catch her and another spray her….

So there we were walking away to Manpreet’s faraway car and gettign ready for our attack…. She was lucky…. she hid behind a car to get some shade…… She kenaed though… somehow suddenly she jsut realised that we were goin to attack her and just ran for it I guess…. Ran after her and sprayed her….. wahahhah then can hear her scream actually ti was more like a “wah”…. Lucky girl the wind was against me when I was chasing her….ish… got me chance though…

SO we jsut sprayed and poured and sprayed and poured and sprayed and poured and….. oh yeah this Vivin Imelia really can act oh… She’ll ask “are U ok” then go splash U… She does it in a straight face too… either that or she would jsut slowly go behind the person like some neutral dude and jsut pour em…. Who can blame her she’s a pro….

ok if that wasn’t enough…. she went into the toilet to clean up and I went and splash her somemore….. soon after she retaliate….. we made quite a ruckass… *so memalukan…..* Vivin Imelia the first to cabut somemore* wahahah she was all wet… hey this type of birthdays are the memorable ones….. 18th birtdhay must remember….. She went into calss and told eveyrone it was rainging heavily outside….. *-.-“*

Oh yeha the birthday girl cut her hair tooo… her hair looks like Dicky Cheung’s hair in Kungfu Soccer before it was shaved… the “gullit” hair style…. so funny.. hehehehe… so taht’s the end of it… well have a nice week dudes….I know I ……. *scratches head* actually I dunno… aish nvm have a nice week

P.S. Yang ZiKu, ZiLa, ZiSuan,ZiTian, Yong Zi “Suan tian ku la” Xian is the same person so don’t get confused..