Rawa Thosai

Out of the blue I suddenly miss rawa thosai and the chutney that goes with it. And…. limau ais kurang ais… hahahha I wanna eat indian food!
Hmmm… most likely gonna grab some Naan at the indian shop later… Different from the ones in Malaysia.. they don’t have free dahl and curry for U but it’s already pretty good on it’s on… eheheh
Maybe I should take a picture of it when I get it later.. eehheh
Cheerios now!


Tonnes of idle time so….

the brain goes into motion…

I think lately I’ve been living a life of a recluse… maybe it’s not a lately thing… maybe it doesn’t happen just like that. I think it happens gradually, like prefering to stay at home than going out one day… and end up being a recluse after a couple of months or so… hmm…

Or maybe I choose to live like that… just hanging around with myself, enjoying my own company… *oh before I continue further.. this should be a rather mixed up entry, without structure of such, but normally after I give out such warnings, a structure appears… odd odd mind* So did I choose to be reclusive or did it gradually happened without me realising it? Maybe cause being socially engaging can be quite exhausting sometimes.

Like what can one say in certain social situations, are there words for everything? *maybe this entry is about my social ineptness or my lacking of confidence… everytime.* Hmmmm…. I kind of forgot what I wanted to say…  oh well I’ll just continue babbling about….

Maybe because of my social ineptness and my lack of confidence in engaging in “intelligent conversations” that make me a recluse? hmmm…. *I think I should start engaging the world again.. ehehehe… hehe.. he <— see even my virtual laugh seems fake… ehehhehe*

Enough about my reclusive state. How has everyone been? Christmas is coming! There’s a tree in Brisbane City.. pretty big with Santa and his reindeers in front of it… apart from that the city looks fairly normal…

the window display at Myer’s looks great though… not great in pictures unfortunately.

Christmas Tree in Brisbane City

Christmas Tree in Brisbane City

Ooo ooo there is this really cute mail box there too!

Letter to Santa?

Letter to Santa?

Hehehehe…. Maybe it’s the holidays that always makes the mind wander cause there really isn’t really anything important to do? maybe I should think more.. ahahahha I think I should get new hobbies… wonder what’ll be suitable for me… hmmm

Oh yes.. I was watching “The Bucket List” just now and I was tempted to write my own “bucket list” but I didn’t I wonder why? hmmm… maybe I should maybe I shouldn’t cause then again it’s like some sort of resolution that people never keep like “I will not add alcohol into the food punch this year.. if I do I won’t drink it, but U do both of that…”. So if I make that list it’ll be like just another meaningless list that people create and don’t follow… it would be a different story other wise if I try to fulfill that bucket list… then again I’m not really dying yet… hopefully not! Generally people aren’t afraid of death until they are at death’s door. I guess we are never ready to let go… hmmm…

Oh there was this topic that was raised in the show… something about a survey that asked people if that wanted to know at what age they would die and 96% said no. I was thinking I would say yes… but then again after I know how long more I will live, what difference does it make? Will I make better decisions? will I be a better person? Will I make a bucket list and try to fulfill everything there is in that list?

Ah! on a different note.. I got a job… for a week or so now… it’s not a full time thing, just a casual waitressing job.. but I need to get another or else I might end up sleeping on the sidewalk while “holidaying”… But there’s so MUCH competition! Oh well… hopefully I’ll get more hours from this one… 10 hours plus a week ain’t enough…

Ah well.. time to sleep and wake up to another day of short movie marathons and well…. short movie marathons?

If I were to write a log on what I do everyday..