Blue rock, red rock… that grey one…

I’m staring at the colourful “rocks”, they are “talking” to me…

Red Rock: “Hold on to me, you need me.”

Blue Rock: “Step me! Step me! I can bring you higher!”

I think I’m hallucinating.

Rock climbing @ Camp 5 was AWESOME! double thumbs up! *I would love to draw the thumbs up but I have no drawing abilities, maybe a picture will suffice but till then, you can jsut imagine the thumbs up!*

Sure! The arms ached and the rest were showing off their new found biceps… LOL and we probably couldn’t hold a chopstick after that *Actually still can… not that exaggerating*, it was very fun. Beats hanging around just eating. My weight does not approve of that. hehehe

We signed up for the 1 hour taster session. Thank goodness we didn’t sign up for the 4 hours one. We would have probably passed out after just one hour. The instructors, very nice & friendly people. took us to 5 different “walls”, ok… maybe 4 walls since the first was a boulder.

Couldn’t complete the second last and last one… My energy was depleted. Came close to the second last one though… oh well… time to build up on some muscles shall we? Slipped twice on the last one. =( There was one where when we reached the top, we let our hands go was swinging in the air. Fun. Feels like paragliding. LOL Total freedom!

Anyone game for rock climbing? What are you waiting for? The rocks are calling on you!

P.S. Just in case I hit the rocks to hard when I feel, the rocks were not talking to me…

P.P.S I was just talking to the rocks but they did not reply… hahahahhaha

P.P.P.S I would have loved to put a picture up for all to admire but I wasn’t “clicking” today. So non for my audience.


Alice in Wonderland

I think everyone is sick of me talking about finding a new hobby and “complain/rave/talk about” work, work & more work. As a matter of fact, I really have nothing to write about. Unless you want me to write about how much I miss Brisbane. Ah! I made a “to do list” feel free to look at it… Apart from that, I feel like…

…such a boring person. Oh well… On a different note, I managed to watch “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice in Wonderland

The storyline is extremely predictable but the joy is in the details. Each character is “mad” *or odd/peculiar/plain weird* in it’s own way.

– The Madhatter is obviously mad, “Why does a raven look like a writing desk?”

– The March hare is nuts. He looks nuts too. Throwing stuff everywhere.

– Tweedledee & Tweedledum are just plain cute & fat… hahahhaha

– The White Queen’s hands are permanently mid air… I quote the review in the Star today… “Airy Fairy”. Definitely spot on.

– Absolem is a little odd though. I have no idea why. I like the start where the white rabbit is bringing Alice to see Absolem and Alice asks who’s Absolem.

The white rabbit replies: “He’s wise, he’s absolute.”

The fat boys (Tweedle brothers) : “Absolem!”

Hehehe… cute little boys…

– The Cheshire cat is well… odd and the fact that he is smiling makes it look quite scary. He does some pretty fanciful acrobatics too.

– I guess you could say I like the “Queen of Hearts” the most. The way she shouts…. “Fat boys!” “Off with his head!” “I need a fat pig!” Fits real nicely. But her character is pretty sad…

– and Alice.. well… she’s not the only odd one.. oh wait she is pretty odd actually. Not as odd as the characters in “Wonderland/Underland”. Odd in what way? I have no idea how to answer that question cause you see… I’m perfectly odd myself.

Overall I would say it’s a fun movie if you look into the details. I would say the characters are played very well. Then again I don’t remember much of the Alice in Wonderland story but the characters make the show interesting. I was sleepy before I watched it and I was awake and fascinated by the oddities. So? Good show!

Barren thoughts

It’s that time again!

Time for a new entry by me! hahaha…

Right… let’s move on with things then… First off! I have a dull life. Every week it’s just work, work, work and more work. Even when talking with people I talk about nothing but work. Sigh… where’s my life heading. What happened to my goal of having a hobby?

All talk no action. =( Well let’s see what productive thing can I do in my free time?

Shopping? Spending too much

Online? Cheap, but nothing much to do except stumbeupon things

Ah! I suddenly thought of something that I’ve always wanted to do… Visit the National Art Gallery. Hahaha… No seriously. Hmmm.. maybe i shall make a list. I noticed I haven’t been updating my “Happy” list… Maybe I don’t have new things that make me happy? Boy that is sad…

I think I should be a tourist in my own country too. One fine day, take the camera and just head into KL and wander around aimlessly like lost tourists… hehehe

Just an idea… time to compile my list. Teehee