The Leaving song

SO many friends are leavin work. Rachel and Uncle Jack aka “sei ngan sook” left yesterday. Fook Han and twin brother Gary also left yesterday. Michelle, Krystle, Ting Ting are leavin on this comin monday the day I’m off. And Mervyn is also leavin soon. Man gonna miss them. Man life is gonna be boring. No more nice SPG’s to play around with. No free grapes to eat from Rachel. No irritating twins disturbin me. No Crazy Michelle doin crazy things. NO SUPER FRIENDLY Krystle goin around tryin to “bully” me with her worst than me cantonese. Man life’s gonna be SOOOOO boringgg.

Well at least there’s Yen who supposedly took mah tips. who somehow looks like a “tai kah jie”. Though she’s part time. Still there’s Yei Yuen aka china girl/ kow chai. Paik Shan her best pal who somehow looks emmmm….. nevm that. Shyong Wei who’s crazy over games. Sharon who comes in occasionaly. Yi Lin who’s currently in the bar with yet another lovable creature called Chiew Por. Daniel the crazy official “breadcutter” whom a lot of people thinks should belong back in Friday’ the 5 musketeers from Tmn Sea. Let’s see 4 of them’s pretty lazy. One of them steals tips. ANother is a freakin sky scraper. One just has funky hair and the other is in love with fried calamari. There’s also Joe who is quite blur.

Man gonna miss them. Feels wierd. One minute thier there one minute their leavin soon. Now to not so sad stuff.

I want a hp and an ipod. which shoud I buy first? Which is more important? Music or hp? Well if I were in college I guess a hp would be important but the thing is I’m not in college yet. Plus ipod could be fun. But why would I want so much songs. Even my ever growin list of mp3 hasn’t even reached the 1000 mark yet. It has b4 but still. Ipod is an icon handphone is a more conventional buy. But handphones depreciate faster than an ipod. So maybe an ipod first then a hp. But all my life I always wanted a clamshell hp. Now I should be able to get one. I decide to include the ipod. So hp phone comes first I presume. Anyway. Give me some feedback.

I’m startin to realise somethin. I don’t get much visitors here do I? Or maybe they just refuse to comment. Slide through the security and not leave a trace. read evrythin and still know nothin. Wat’s the point of bloggin? Release stress, emotions ? hmmmm I shall cntemplate further on. ciao for now.


After so long…………….

True. After so long I finally changed my skins. It looks kinda bold and still dark like the old one but this one has a lot mmore links. U can tell which one is linkable and one which is not. Any comments?

Anyway I have nothi much to blog about nothin new. Yeah I will be gettin a little pay increase. Still not able to belanja people expensive stuff. Still waitin to get a phone. Can’t seem to find the SGH-E330 just too hard. Even the samsung store in 1u doesn’t have it. Wierd? ANyway works been pretty boring. Plus Emilie from DJ *yes that Emilie* just joined. And Currently ythe workplace has 6 china nationalities. 2 bartenders, 2 waiter/waitresses and 2 hostess. Can’t stand their english. some ok lar. But well . At least there’s a way in keepin my chinese speakin skill. Oh yeah had a “christmas” party not long ago. Surprise, surprise. I got a bear! Now I seriously have not enough place to keep these ever growin collection of soft toys.

Ah yes, talkin bout bears. My brother received a rather cute bear from his friend which looks really cute. According to him it has a foul mouth. This morning when I went and wake him up. I went and pressed it. It went .”Sh** U and F*** U”. Some hilarious bear. Anyway I’m also takin my drivin test on the 31st of Jan same as Shu Wei . Ironic ain’t it. Ciao for now. HAve fun in college people.

First pay check

Woohoo. Got my first ever paycheck in a real check.From Eon Bank. Actually got the paycheck on tuesday. one day later than the others cause I was sick. ANyway. how much I got is private and confidential none of U nosy parkers business.anyway on Tuesday I saw chein Hui at my workplace for ning jia’s birthday. Well they just came and went. Yi Lin actually served them. And that day one lady gave me 15 bucks tips. Woohoo. But still had to split it with my partner. *sad*

Oh yeah 6 new waiter/waitress joined us on Monday. 5 from tmn sea school. ANd one from ??????. there is this new waiter who walks real wierd. He holds the plate with 2 hands and the upper part of his hand seems to be stuck to his body.And when he walks , he’s shoulders will move front back. WHich looks quite girlish actually.Oh yeah today I tasted the strawberry colada. Just Horrible! Too sweet for me. Yesterday. Steven one of the cooks there gave me a couple of stuffed mushrooms and I kinda shared it with everyone else. MAN it was the BOMB!!!!

Yeah I would like to tell U guys bout an incident which happened on tuesday. There’s this guy who is quite new for T.G.I. transfered here. Name:Daniel. On tuesday I was clearing the table and he took the cloth and sanitizer (something like spray bottle with soap) then he started spraying the table and my apron. at first 1 2 sparays is ok then he continued. I told him to stopped and then he still continued spraying. I snatched the sanitizer from him. he clung on to the spraying part of the sanitizer and I got hold of the bottle. I just took the bottle and tossed watever liquid was inside to him. Man was I fierce. His left part of the shirt was totally wet. He was quite annoying anyway. Then later khaliq told me I thought him a good lesson. I just smiled.

Oh yes did I mention bout my pay. Anyway saw veronica today. since the school started, customers are like uncooked riced in a pot of soft white rice. So boring. and today only got 5 dollar tip. So wat do Un guys want me to belanja U? Not the food there pls. Something cheap . I didn’t get much money in my first paycheck. Plus I must spend my family. ANyway till then gnite.