How peculiar…..

Well I won’t have alot of time 2morrow so I shall blog today…. I have no idea how to start this…… ah.. ha…… Ok lately normal tv *meaning RTM, TV3, NT7 and 8TV* have been in a korean frenzy…. I guess it started with 8TV showing them korean series at prime time which is at 8.30pm… and the show ain’t a old one for your info…. Ok so 8tv showed Love Story in Harvard which has Kim Rae Won and Kim Tae Hee? Soon after, ntv7 replaced it’s chinese series 9.05 slot with a korean series Lovers in Paris which has Park Shin Yang, Kim Eun Jun and Lee Dong Gun. Now even tv2 has a korean series called Stained Glass which is pretty new compared to it’s predecessors on tv2… it has Lee Dong Gun and swoon….. Kim Sung Su *saliva starts to flow drastically, in the mouth though*.

These new series are new mind U… it’s either 2003 or 2004 series… so relatively new lar… And after Love Story in Harvard ended it was replaced with Spring Day which has Ji Jin Hee and Cho In Sung *Apparently he’s good but didn’t get to catch his performance so far, sorry chienz and michelle*. But this entry ain’t gonna talk about the korean series making a storm on our tv stations but a series in particular or rather a person in the particular series. The person ain’t Kim Sung Su mind U although he’s so bergaya…..

Ok so while watchin parts of Love story in Harvard, me Dad *yeah me dad* decide to leave the tv on to catch the new show on ntv7, so I gleefully watched to waste time and avoid studying… hehe… Well the starting was ok got introduced to all the characters…. the lead actress was pretty silly….. Then when the show ended, it wasn’t the usual summary of clips of the episode but instead clips of the fliming which seemed odd to me…

I checked out the internet for more news and apparently, Lovers in Paris had a higher viewership in Korea than Dae Jang Geum….. It couldn’t be that bad huh? So I missed a couple of episodes cause I wasn’t a korean serial fan anyway so I wasn’t missing out on anything, besides the lead actor wasn’t all that good looking… hehe Then I caught it again this week… I purposely alotted time for it except yesterday because of the evil devil….

The show ain’t half bad though it wasn’t very good but well the chemistry between the characters especially the main ones were good. Some would say it was exceptional. Suffice to say they had strong chemistry. I felt the only eye candy in the show was Lee Dong Gun *not the lead* even the supporting actress wasn’t all that pretty… * wah how insulting* she looked really bitchy which really suited her role….

OK so as I was watching the show…. I actually felt attracted to Park Shin Yang the guy who plays the lead…. yeah he was the typical idiotic rich kid who likes things his way and arrogant not to mention smart. But there was something about his character which really caught me eye…. and he has this really wonderful smile….. yeah he ain’t a really good looking fella but when eh smiles it looks genuine, he actually looks happy *yeah I know smiles are like that* I dunno I must be crazy or something…. I think he’s pretty old though….. born in 68 so he’s like 40 in 3 years so he’s 37 I guess…. woo so old…

I guess I don’t like him but the character in the series but still if someone else plays it I don’t think I would feel the same…. He seems really cool too…. Argh….. I’m so lost for words….. well if it helps here’s a picture of him…. Oh yeah he has a really cool site too. Click Park Shin Yang to check it out…. Well since I’m so lost for words, I can’t really describe the attraction guess U could just catch it urself huh…..

Woo I seem to be writing really long entries these days eh? Well I guess that’s about it…. Ah… here’s a pic for U reader’s out there to see who Park Shin Yang is and see his smile…. hehe.. This is a newer pic.. his older pics aren’t that nice.. to me..

Image hosted by

And here’s a picture of the oh so bergaya Kim Sung Su…. *swoon…….*

Image hosted by

Them pics are taken from here a pretty large korean site for them actors and actress and dramas and well everything korean…. GO check it out if You wanna…..



I shall not eat wasabi anymore in my life…. not like I ate it before anyway….

Ok today is saturday my official blogging day so here I am well… blogging… today is another non mundane day. I actually woke up at 7 believe it or not… the lazy me woke up at 7 as if I were going to school…. Why wake up so early!!!!???? U might ask… Watch the sunrise ar????

Well I woke up and had a tiny curry puff for breakfast… not bad actually but I still like the gigantic curry puffs from SS2… hehehe Ok back to the topic today. It was HELP’s sports day and I surprisingly went for it… silly eh? well it wasn’t the typical sorta sports day considering so few people were involved in it.. I think less than 100 probably less than 50…. Ok My main aim was to go there and obtain the medal and celebrate our win but well that didn’t really happen…

SO I was there at 8 sharp and waited for a couple of minutes for the rest to arrive and moved into the stadium. It was freakishly hot…. Oh took some pics before officially placing my aching feet and butt *mind me please* on an uncomfortable chair. The sportsday didn’t start off with a march or some anthem but it started with the 100m male run…. odd ain’t it…. Oh before sitting down… we kinda forced the lovable ZiXian to join the 400m run…. actually Lalitha asked Shu Ying and then we pushed it to ZiXian then go pecah temberang… then I-Rene was like… Shu Ying last tiem run 200m one… *it was a lie, but ZiXian was indeed a former runner* then we except the victim conveniently put her name in the list…. :p so bad… hahahaha

SO after forcing her we kinda took a walk on the field and made a round…. good news came for the vicitim as someone else had replaced her….. OK we cheered and all before the sun was too burning for us to stand and then we moved to the shaded area…… There was a fear factor challenge between the runs…. There were 2 rounds….. and one finals…. there were 8 contestants per round *I think, either 8 or 9* I enrolled myself into the 2nd round….

The contestants were to eat a pita like bread which had deliciously smooth mustard and really hot wasabi…. *I can’t even take spicy food and here I am joining in on the fun, could I be any crazier?* The wasabi was really hot to handle… I could feel the wasabi goin up my nose… had to wash the wasabi down every few bites…. phew at least I finished the challenge… but I didn’t qualify for the finals…. ah.. doesn’t matter I got a consolation prize… The first bite kinda oozed all the stuffings out… ew… it actually looked like avocado to me.. hehe the pita like bread was pretty tasty….

Another friend of mine joined and she got into the finals. Foong Yue won the DVD player in the end….. the grand prize was a TV…. I didn’t know wat they had to do for the finals as I was busy eating my ice cream….. Ok soon HELP’s sportsday ended and A-LEVELS were the overall winners… Congrats anyway… I didn’t get my medal in the end…. 😦 they misplaced it….. Never mind at elast I had a prize to bring home… The sports day wasn’t half bad but it was kinda tame in comparison with the sports day of me former secondary school.

Well maybe next time I don’t have to go anymore…. Now I’m tired again… me legs haven’t healed yet.. maybe it’s aching for more futsal eh? Had a pretty good tiem today.. not my usual Saturday’s which is kinda good now time to make the weekdays more fun….

Here are some pics from today….

Image hosted by

ah a little pic before the whole thing starts….. I actually seem taller here….. *tip toeing*

Image hosted by

Hmm apparently this pic looks bergaya…. well I guess so…

Image hosted by

All ladies for a pic…. bet U can’t tell who is who…. apparently someone ain’t in this pic….

Image hosted by

Woo my prize and Foong Yue with her DVD player…… too bad no medals to show off….

Cool Shit…..

Well let’s see gonna blog a little earlier in the week cause something exciting did happen… Remember my mundane life in the mundane post? well yeah I tried to un-mundane it if there is such a word. Well today was does non mundane days. It was a pretty cool day….

Let’s see reach school at 8 and only got the SUN to start my morning :(. Then newspaper delivery arrived and my morning was filled with NST and The Star… how wonderful…. Went to english class for a pretty boring but informative research paper lesson. Started dozing off before being interrupted by Li Lee. After that ehaded off to Microecons. The room was pretty packed so had to sit further behind…

Went to lunch at Subway *My first time Whoopee*. Had a whale of a time asking silly questions about the food. The worker there was pretty friendly so it wasn’t half bad. Almost everything at SUBWAY has beef…. 😦 So ended up with a some turkey ham thingy *combo 12* and had a footlong. Shared it with ZiXian. It was cheaper that way. I suppose we did become every waiter’s nightmare today…

Worker: What vegetables do U want?
Me: Em.. everything.

After putting the onions. and one half of lettuce.
ZiXian: Yer.. wat is that?

Me: Huh U don’t want ar? tell earlier mar….. Can you remove the onions?

Worker: Ok. What vegetables do U want?

Haih…… ZiXian ar ZiXian….then after that during the selection of sauces….

Worker: What sauce do U want?

Me: Eh chilli sauce on one side tomato sauce on the other and what other sauces do U have?

Ish…. didn’t order any drinks some more then after that go take up a large area to chit chat…. Chit chatted till 2 something before heading back to HELP. The wind began blowing very swiftly. Felt like I was in “Storn Riders” *Hihi*. So headed to Zixian’s car in the rain…. or rather Shu Ying, I-Rene and ZiXian ran to her car which was pretty far away while me, Pek Wah and Foong Yue waited for ZiXian’s underpowered car….

Went out of HELP in the heavy rain with 6 people squeezed into a car…. I had the worst position…. As usual ZiXian’s underpowered car had no power goin up the hill and we were blamed for being heavy. * -.-” * Soon we reacehd a traffic like and rupa rupanya it wasn’t us that was heavy, it was ZiXian who didn’t know how to switch gears….. No wonder the car was “underpowered”.

Reach “Sports Unlimited” in the heavy rain, and Pek Wah wanted to discuss stuff in the cramped car….. -.-” Ran into sports unlimited and had fun kicking the ball… U must be wondering why I’m at Sport Unlimited in the first place huh? well see I enrolled myself with a couple of friends to join the inter college futsal tournament…. Bright eh? SO we went there at 3 to practice when the tournament only started at 5…..

Shu Ying was the goalkeeper, ZiXian, Me and Foong Yue defenders and I-Rene and Pek Wah the strikers. Soon Yi Yee and Foong Ming *I think it’s spelled like that* joined our side…. one was a striker while the other a defender. We we were at our usual self during practice. Playing around making fun of each other and singing “ji mo” *lonely for the non chinese educated* songs… Laughing actually makes a person more tired… Even before the game started I was already tired….. hehehe

There were only 3 teams competing… *few eh?* 2 from HMC (HELP matriculation Centre) and another from teh A-Levels department. Me and me mates were in teh 2nd HMC group… The first match was between teh 2 HMC teams… and surprise surprise….. The team which had never even touched a football before playing today actaully won…. to make it much sweeter, there were 2 national football players on the opposition team… *believe it or not* The score was 2-1 in our favour both goals scored by Pek Wah… *one heck of a playa*

Next up we were to fight the A-Levels team. Apparently there were 2 pretty good players in the team who trained with the national players on the other side… This time the adrenaline was pumped higher and eventually the score was a thrilling 1-1 at half time….. We held on to the dire moments and with sheer luck towards the ending of the game… the opposition made a really silly handball and penalty was awarded….. the score was 2-1 again in our favour…. We had officially won this thing.. Woohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rejoice rejoice!!! Unbelievable really.

Maybe it was luck, maybe it was teamwork, maybe it was our best player Pek Wah, maybe it was becuase we were tehre to have fun or maybe all of those stated compiled together… Whatever it is it was an absolutely fun time…. The sheer joy when U actually get to win it is just overwhelming and provided this was our first time playing it was EUPHORIA!!!!

Next up was the HMC first team against the A-Levels team and this was one exciting match again…. A yellow card was given out for the wrong reason and plenty of cheering, an injured player and eventually the score came to 1-0 in the HMC team’s favour…. wooo speak of joy…. It was definitely a great day for the HMC teams….. 1st and 2nd but even if U lose U still get 3rd ….. hehe still it was fun.. maybe I’ll play futsal again for fun next time…. My legs are really tired right now… with all that running though it wasn’t a long time….

A couple of funny incidents happen during the matches. Like an A-Levels student who tripped up when she was running,well it wasn’t all that funny but it was kinda silly considering she fell herself becasue she actually tripped over the ball…. *hihihi* and they were awarded a free kick *tsk tsk*. Luckily the referee redeeemed himself with the late pnenalty call. And there was another one where ZiXian was defending and she cleared the ball but it bounced back and she couldn’t find the ball….. *hahahahhahahahhahah* she looked so lost….. lucky the match ended soon after…. hahahha. Our team also had a team spirit sort off cheer… When U watch shows, the team members will group together and put their hands together, yeah we did that and instead of “go” or “win win win” or watever cheer that works we went “WaChaaaaaa”. Freaked the other people out… hahhhhahahah

After that we celebrated our win at Pizza Hut…. wasn’t really a celebration but more liek a mandatory dinner….. well it was definitely time well spent…. wanna do it again… but next tiem we might not be the first time lucky again but either way our main aim today was actually to have fun and we did so it was a great day after all….

Guess I don’t have to visit U during the weekeneds Mei Shea considering life is getting less mundane… I think Ciao For now peepz… need to rest me legs…

What Happened to……

What happened to the days when we went to the playground and had fun at the swing, slide… jongkang oh the see saw ….. play catching, police and thieves, hide and seek?

What happened to the days went we went to school and found nametags hung at the chairs stating our names???

What happened to the days when we would happily rush down the stairs once the school bell went off?

What happened to the assemblys on mondays and the boring specches during them?

What happened to Children’s DAY???

More IMPORTANTLY… what happened to SURVIVOR!?

hahah caught U there with the start didn’t I?
Well what has happened to survior indeed. The reality show of Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. *It didn’t really outlast the other reality shows here though* I still remember when I anticipated friday to arrive and watch 16 Americans piled together in a place faraway from civilization. I remember happily watchin these Americans backstab each other in such an entertaining reality show…
Oh and the local censhorship board made it VERY exciting as well *chuckle*

SO what indeed happened to 11.10pm on friday nights???? what happened oh NTV7? Well since I LOVE survivor so much I shall have a really long entry about them….

The first survivor ever was filmed in our very shores Pulau Tiga off Sabah not Borneo as the Americans call it…. Oh yeah Pulau Tiga is now also known as the Survivor Island… How cute…

Survivor: Pulau Tiga

The winner was none other than the ever so smart Richard Hatch… Well he definitely deserved it for he was a strategist… the rest was followers. This survivor had Rudy who is pretty famous in his own name he went on to be part of Combat Missions. Don’t quite remmber who my fav was.

A pic of Richard Hatch the conniving snake. he doesn’t look very conniving or a snake in this pic… hehe

Image hosted by

Survivor: Outback

This survivor was filmed in the Australian Outback and Tina Wesson, the winner eventually ousted Colby Donaldson, every survivor fans favourite guy. *except me* Well my fav in this competiton was Mitch and Amber actually…. *Yeah the Amber who eventually won the title of Ultimate Survivor* But they got voted out pretty soon and my attention jumped to Elizabeth…
This survivor had a guy burn himself, and the guy wanted to win this survivor thingy..

Pic of Tina, one of the nicer non conniving winners

Image hosted by

Survivor: Africa

AH now this survivor was interesting cause I felt it was pretty dangerous. What with Lions Rhino leopards hanging around ur campsite and only bushels of twigs for protection who wouldn’t be afraid… Oh there was a pretty cute guy also… but he was gay…. MY fav was of course the cute guy, Brandon and Kim Powers. Her audition video was kinda silly…. Oh there was Lex the Tattoo guy here as well… he was cool. There was also a doctor in this one.. wonder wat a doctor wants the money for….

Ethan Zohn eventually won this competition.

Image hosted by

Survivor: Marquesas

This was my least fav survivor season… The place was nice and all but the contestants didn’t really draw my attention and it was eventually won by someone I felt wasn’t deserving… Well my fav here was Tammy who was part of the jury… Notice that my favs are those non winners?

Kathy was supposed to win.. why didn’t U win? This survivor has Rob, Amber’s partner in Amazing Race….. They should still be together… Oh after seeing the list of survivors did I remeber there was Gabriel another cutie but well since I can’t remember.. I don’t think he was all that cute anyway…

So Vecepia eventually won the game beating Neleh *Helen if U read from behind*

Image hosted by

Survivor: Thailand

Ah now this was a nice one… I suppose U can say it was my fav considering I can remem most of my survivor memories of it… I remember the conflict between Ted and Gandhi…. I remembered Jan, a pretty old lady who always got drunk, but she was really nice… And there was Clay the first runner up… There was a cop, a skater freak which I thought was the most good looking guy in Survivor history. There was a chinese girl, Shii Ann who spent most of her life in Hong Kong, she always fought with the skater freak. Heck I even remembered a sentence from this survivor.. it was a sentence from Jake. Survivor Thailand eventually ended with Brian Heidik the guitar wielding survivor.. He was pretty cute too but not as cute as Robb Zbacnik.

Here’s a pic of the winner.

Image hosted by

And here’s one of *swoon* Robb…

Image hosted by

Survivor: Amazon

Oh this was acool one.. My fav was Kristen who had problems with her hearing… or hearing impaired if U could say…. oh and Dave the rocket scientists as well… I would have to say that this survivor had the most beautiful people… both guys and girls….. Too many cute guys to choose from and too many pretty girls to choose from….. This survivor has Rob the guy who brought along a lucky 8 ball and had a thing for Heidi I think….

Well eventually Jenna Morasca won this competiton… Oh she posed with Heidi on the cover of playboy…. I remember a couple of sentences from this survivor as well…

Pic of Jenna

Image hosted by

Survivor: Pearl Islands

This was a fun survivor…. It had Rupert who looked pretty much like a pirate.. heck he even looted in the pilot of the show… heheh Johnny Fairplay was also in this survivor… TH weirdest one yet… He’s a wrestler mind U… I don’t have a good memory of this survivor heck I don’t even remember who won it…. My fav was Ryan O. the guy who was really friendly with a bird of some sorts…. This survivor had lots of big muscular dudes who eventually lost out to a girl…..

The winner was Sandra Diaz-Twine.. another nice winner

Image hosted by

Survivor: All Stars

Phew this survivor has everyones fav survivors… Most of the Survivor winners were present… and this one had 18 contestants from the usual 16…. This survivor was giving out 2 million instead of one… The first Million went to Amber Brkich which I think A lot of Astro viewrs would know by now…. and the second milion was won by Rupert… the ever so lovable pirate like survivor. The past winners were voted out really soon so it wasn’t very fun…. It would be more fun if all the survivor’s winners entered in a Survivor: Ultimate survivor… Then the Ultimate survivor can be chosen…

Amber Brkich pic… No Rupert pic though cause he didn’t officially win it… but was voted to win….

Image hosted by

Survivor: Vanuatu

Well I didn’t remmeber who the winner was… But I remember there was Eliza inside.. hehe. Chris a construction worker won this game.. He was able to coem through agaisnt the really large odds.. now this guy is a true survivor…. I fav was Chad the guy with a prosthetic leg… and Leann… well they didn’t win this won either.. 😦 oh yeah there a couple of cute guys in this one again… Brady a cop and John K.. a mechanical bull operator…. I don’t think cute guys will be able to win survivor…. hahaha

OK so here’s a pic of Chris Daugherty

Image hosted by

The next Survivor, Survivor:Palau was not shown here….. poor….. and now the US is already showing the 11th season of survivor… Survivor: Guatemala… ah.. can’t wait for Natinal TV to show survivor again…. IF ntv7 doesn’t show it can either 8tv or TV3 show em??? I think I’m really a survivor freak.. I mean who would post an entire entry on a reality show????


Ah time for another posting but technically.. I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Nothing interesting has happened in my mundane life…. Nothing new at least… I need some action some adventure…. but a little tired now to do so…

Righty ho.. classes had only strated for 2 weeks and I’m starting to feel tired. what with the early mornings which I need time to get used to.. tonnes of work from various lecturers… All add weight to this tiresome burden… Getting much more lazy as well.

Well let’s see wat else to blog about.. hmm…mmm….. oh yeah I was thinking of writing my own book…. hahahah pretty good joke huh.. but seriously…. just for pleasure.. *note to self: U must be too free* SO do U guys think writing ones own book is a crazy idea? It’ll be more like a story book… I already have the story line pretty much worked out.. hehehe

OK must get a life!!! Jump back to the topic today. My MUNDANE life. Let’s see I wake up in the morning, go to college return from college and nap if I’m too tired or stick myself at the computer or just lace around daydreaming and sending stupid smses…. Then start watching TV at about evening then at night pretty much do the same thing as I do after I return from college… AH wat a life……. How does one make their life more INTERESTING???? I need help although I’m in HELP…. *yeah I make lame jokes all the way to* maybe I’ll take up taekwondo again or continue working again or join some club or *GASP* join a GYM…. heheh no money for that.

Ah so wat should one do? sleep? exercise? watch movies? well I can’t be watchin movies everyday. Erm… listen to music ? can’t listen to it 24/7 either. Stare at the computer screen? Impossible, My bro will shove me over. Aish…. HELP people HELP.. I need em as much as the other dude who needs help… ok this is indeed getting lame. Maybe I shouldn’t blog anymore at least until something other than MUNDANE activities happen.

Midst of Holidaying

Hmm yet another entry and no I’m not in the midst of holidaying….. Technically this entry is pretty much talk about the time I wasted during the holidays….. there’ll be a lot of facts I presume as I have pretty much a lot to talk about….. so brace urself for “SHOCKING” info….. *actually I was exaggerating the shocking info part*

Well I had a month’s holiday and well on holidays everyone watches movies rite??? so the first fact is…

Number of movies watched: total is erm…. whooping 14!!!! *plus the marathon ones*

Ai E… never watched so many movies in a months before….. let’s see 8 from marathon, and then 4 from the comp, My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, Il Mare and Spiderman 2. Another from the normal cinema….. CATCF….. woo wonderful show…. and last but not least… Phone Booth on everybody’s beloved VCD…

Next up….

Number of buffets attended: 2…… a week between them…..

First buffet was a japanese buffet at Sasaki and I suppose my expectations was really high cause I felt really let down….. and the second one is of course steamboat buffet……

During my hols, the haze came and gone and left a smoky feeling.

Visited shopping complexes for a million times…

Spend almost the whole hols here at the comp doin “I dunno wat”

Downloaded how many songs? I have no idea….. probably 5

Went back to college ? erm let’s see 10 I think 2 times a week … and 2 more for other activities…

Met up with high school mates/mate? eh I forgot… I think it’s twice since the very evil devil cancelled out at the last minute on one… 😦 cis…..

Mp3 player playlist replayed the entire list? Now this is a tough one…. a list is probably about 1000 songs and I think it replayed itself 4-6 times so rough it out and probably 5 times, so since each song is roughly 3 mins, I heard 5000 songs in 15000mins which is 250 hours!!!! my goodness…. about 10 days worth of music……..

Times went for karaoke? Zilch….. Zilch could U imagine that…… *yau nei yau ngo yau cheng yau tien yau hoi yau dei* sniff…… *why does the sun go on shining…….*

Woo woah nothing else to say…… the stuff got lost in my head…… well guess I gotta stop here then….. oh yeah this blogging thingy would be a weekly thing…… so probably this blog here would become terribly boring cause I won’t be able to recall stuff that happened through out the week….heheheh :p

Hmm feel like changing my skin…. ah.. wait till I have time….. and once more Michelle…. Rain ain’t Sexay…… Kim Sung Soo so much better…. :p