The IKEA smell

Mmm…. the wood-ish smell of IKEA is drifting in the air. The flatpacks ready to be unpacked and assembled into what will be my new _____________. =) *Anticipates in delight*

Meanwhile, I gotta focus on this studying and my mind & soul just doesn’t want to. I wanna watch movies, reality tv, tv series, “how it should have ended”, exercise, basically everything else apart from studying…. goodness this feels bad. Exactly 2 weeks from now is the exam and I’m sitting here barely started on the material blogging? Madness.

There have been quite a number of interesting movies this time around. Source code, limitless, Hello Stranger, oh that’s it. Still… 3 is a lot. =)

Ok, my blogging skills have deteriorated *not that it was that great before*. Anyway, I have a schedule to follow.

Till then, cheerios peeps!


Time to get rid of the overgrowth!

The lawn is filled with overgrowth and fallen leaves. Weeds replacing what used to be a thick layer of grassy green. Flowers dead. Leaves dried up. Trees overgrown.

Time for some through and through spring cleaning!

Well… Let’s begin! Alrighty then! The first new post in 4 months!

Goodness gracious, how did it get to 4 months?

Let’s see how shall we spruce this place up?

1st layer

What have I been up to?

The first 4 months of the year was practically spent working. Working. And working. Oh and a little CNY break in between. When I’m free, I just can’t be bothered to do anything else except surf the net aimlessly while looking at the latest kpop news? I honestly think this kpop business is consuming my life. I have no idea how it got so far. But it’s the last episode of the yongseo couple. =(

Right….. dried leaves & dead plants transferred to the compost heap.

2nd layer

Any interesting progress in life in the past 4 months?

Well…. again boring stuff…. haven’t done much. Attended a friend’s wedding. Ex-housemate got married but couldn’t attend. Got promoted. Passed my first professional paper. *thank goodness* Got fatter. Various natural disasters like the flood in Queensland and the tsunami in Japan. I have a feeling this is how mankind will end. Wiped out from natural disasters. Depressing really.

Weeds chopped off!

3rd layer

Any thing to say to your greatly discarded blog?

Erm… gee…. sorry? I’ve been caught up in other things? Yeah! Like that darn kpop website! Uh…. hehehehe…. Well erm… I didn’t have much to blog about…. can’t be blogging bout work, which ain’t exciting at all, all the time can I? You sure do have a point, but 4 months is pushing it. Absolutely! I’ll cut it to 3 months next time! =)

Flowers replanted. Trees trimmed to tip top condition.

4th & final layer

So what do you have to say this time around, blog neglecter of 4 months?

Boy, this here blog sure is bitter. *Blog clears throat*Right! I’ll get on with it!

First up… I think I’ve gotten fatter and fatter and fatter beyond control! Time to do something about it. Even my CNY clothes doesn’t seem to fit properly. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! Sigh…. time to buy new clothes. Anyway…..

Me mums recently bought a cross trainer, me thinks she has been eyeing one for sometime now. She saw an advert for a pretty cheap cross trainer and ask me bro and meself to check out the machine. Machine looks alright. Don’t know how to judge a machine but the salesman/fitness dude explained the machine pretty well. Showed us how it works, the differences with other machines…. the usual sales pitch. Basically the machine is to work out the whole body. Grrrr-rrrrreat! All in one!

So the machine comes and I managed to try it out today. Man… I was tired in the first 5 minutes….. Goodness! Me thinks me fitness level is at rock bottom! On a 1 to 10 scale, I give me self a big fat 0! So I went slower and managed to stay on it for about 25 mins. I covered about 3kms. Interesting. Shall put in more effort when study break comes. Can’t wait for study break! YESH!!! Study break! Can’t wait for holiday too!

Oh I recently watched a movie which is by far the most hilarious movie in a long time. It was surprisingly hilarious.

Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story Teehee!

The movie is pretty old (2009) and it’s already 2011 but it’s still funny. Fine. It can be a a bit crappy and corny but it’s silly funny. =) Well I enjoyed it to bits, expecially the heroine’s antics. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

It’s basically a romantic comedy where girl meets guy and since the show is supposedly tied in with BTS’s 10th anniversary, there’s quite a lot of scenes of the BTS and Bangkok traffic in general.

Personally, it brought a breath of fresh air to my dull life. XD Thinking of the scenes still brings a smile to my face. 😀

Glee time!

Anyone seen the latest episode of Glee!? *Spoiler alert* The one where Blaine kisses Kurt? Like… Oh my goodness! BLAINE kissed KURT!!! They kissed! Like WOAH!

The Strokes

Heard the latest The Strokes album? It’s nice! My kinda stuff. Though gotta admit, it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. Still thinking of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up. THAT is an awesome song!

Anyone going to Bruno Mars? Beiber? Maroon 5? Rain? Hoobastank? Asian Music Festival? Or over to Singapore for The Script? Switchfoot?

Grassy green replanted!


Well… that’s all for today. Thank you for reading and being patient with this blog neglector of 4 months.

Till 3 months…. Cheerios peeps!