Utterly Confused…

How can a country be the richest country yet be in debt at the same time? wouldn’t that be contradictary? it’s like saying I am the richest person in the whole wide world but I owe a lot of people a huge sum of money. Does that make sense?

This entry is gonna be a really short one… just confused over the first statement and want to share the confusion with everyone… nyahaha… right… oh I can’t see Charmaine Sheh on the way back from college anymore, they changed the poster and the pic there is a small person there… I don’t even know whether it is Charmaine Sheh or not… sad sad….

Goin to camp later… wonder if it’ll be fun.. from the pics the place looks pretty runned down.. maybe we go tehre to repair it.. hahaha.. Ah anyone wants to watch “The Prestige”? sounds really interesting… anyone? Time to leave the Garden Of Destiny… cheerio…


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