Dong Chan Shi

On the 13th day of Chinese New Year, my true love…. *oops wrong song…* Anyway, Chinese New Year has ened but I want to blog anyway, so I can bombard my readers with 2 entries. Hyuk Hyuk…

This year, our house visiting session was split into 2 because if we were to go to all the houses at once it might take the whole 24 hours of the day… so we split it… On the second hosue visiting session, we *Me, I-Rene, Aaron, Shanna, Kok Jin, Chee How *lol*, Pui Kuen and…. and…. oh that’s it…* went to Sin Ying’s house and played around with her erm massage machinese, she ahs the iGallop, the iMedic and even the uZap… The iMedic was pretty painful for it but after awhile it was pretty comfortable… then together with Sin Ying, we went to Khai Shien’s house, which is pretty big but we didn’t get the tour… to compensate for the alck of a house tour she belanja-ed us seafood… the seafood was not bad.. fresh but the cooking style is erm… anyway.. then we headed to Dong Chan Shi. *We wanted to go last year, but due to improper planning, we couldn’t*

There wasn’t a lot of people that day because there was no performance that night, so we could find parking quite easily, though we didn’t park in the temple’s car park…. We parked opposite. Went in and was greeted with rows and rows of flowers with a giant lantern in the middle of the yard filled with flowers…

Grass sculptors of the 12 zodiacs can also be found in the yard, but the 12 zodiacs didn’t look like the 12 zodiacs.. it just looks really wierd.. like the tiger looking like the cat and the snake that looks like some grass mass… only the cow looks alike…

Then we headed one part of the yard where there were a few wishing trees, opposite the wishing trees were statues of Guan Yin.

There was also a peacock sculptor which looks quite peacock like…

There was another garden in the courtyard of the temple, this garden had the 12 zodiacs too but it was in a different form, a cuter form not made of grass.. at least this one looked like the zodiacs… Another part of the courtyard was miniature displays of the places of importance for Buddhist. There are 4 places which names I cannot recall. There is one where Siddharta Gautama got enlightened, one where he was born, one where he obtained his teachings and another I forgot…

One of the minature places, most probably where Siddharta Gautaman obtained his teachings.

In yet another couryard, there was a huge Statue of Buddha.

Notice the deer like figure on the right, guarding the statue.. hehe…

The “kao qim” here is a little odd. The normal “kao qim” is one is required to shake a bunch of sticks till one comes out from the case you are shaking while you are praying. The kao qim here is u pray then take one of a bunch of rolled up paper right in front of you, there are readings in chinese and english. Odd indeed. I guess temples are modernising too…

Half way through, they announced that they were closing, so we had to rush through most of the stuff… poor poor… at least we left before they started turning off the lantern lights.

It is a beautifully massive temple, but a little too commercialized I guess, donation boxes everywhere, I think if they ask for a donation for bringing in cameras they would get even more money.. hehe oh well.. at least we finally went there…

The entrance to the courtyard and main temple?

Lanterns leading one to the courtyard

Last but not least, the Gingy pillow in Chee How’s car *lol*

No, I didn’t bite it!

Cheerios peeps! Now the song in my head is The Ataris’s The Saddest Song.. hyuk hyuk..


Reminiscing about music from the 90’s

I’m getting sick yet again… sigh… I must start taking my vitamins everyday… On a different note, I went to the ” new” pyramid yesterday… doesn’t seem like much. Went with Vatty and had dinner at Waffle World, awhile after we left Vatty called Chelle and they were in Waffle World too… Odd world… When we went to Waffle World to meet them they were sitting at the very same table we sat… Eerie? maybe.

Then we went to Sunway Lagoon to start lining up, kinda got blamed for not lining up earlier… ish… I was kinda wondering what I was doing there lining up… Suddenly there was a rush to the opening… *most likely a normal occurence for free standing concerts* Went in and boy did the crowd seem small… they didn’t even reach where the lightings were… gosh.. plus there was quite a huge VIP area at the front… The Surf Beach was kinda wait cause it was raining before it started… Waited for the concert to start, and an odd thing was that they weren’t playing thier songs, they were playing Coldplay, OneRepublic, Third Eye Blind and some horrible remixes of their songs..

Waited about 45 mins from 8 and the curtains went down revealing them in the erm.. boxing “robe”? They introduced Brian first then Nick then AJ and Howie… *I think* I don’t remember what song they sang first… I only remember trying to take a picture of Brian hahahha…

Oh when we were “squeezing” in the crowd, there was erm a trio of malay girls that was slowly inching towards the middle… then I cut of one of the mates… I think she was quite furious cause she kept looking at me… Hey! who asked her 2 others mates to inch in so much right?

The band sang a few new songs, but most of the songs they sang were the older more popular songs like Quit Playing Games With My Heart, I Want it That Way, All I Have to Give, Larger than Live, Backstreet’s Back oh and thier arrangement for As Long As You Love Me changed a little, wasn’t so nice… sigh…. when they sang Backstreet’s Back they did some moves from the music video… Not bad I guess… Oh each band member sang one solo song too…

During one song, Nick bumped into Brian and Brian seemed “angry” hahaha… oh he even took out his shoe *i forgot which song it was again.. it had shoe in it’s lyrics* It ended quite fast, the second last song was either Incomplete or Inconsolable.. *I forgot which, U msut see my memory isn’t in tip top condition… lol* Thier encore was Shape of My Heart… then that was the end… no one wanted to shout for them anymore… Me, Vatty & Chelle shouted for Kevin… lol.. then everyone started to leave… it felt really fast… it ended at 10:30…

Hmm… I think overall it was just an ok concert… It wasn’t good it wasn’t bad… I think a rock concert is much better… It would ahve been better if thier sound system was better… They had tonnes of speakers, but the background music was louder than thier voice, you can hardly hear them, even when they were speaking it wasn’t that clear either…

Actually it was more of a scream fest than a concert, every time they came out there would be some screaming, every song had people pratically singing along to it… albeit not all. However, thier popularity seems to be waning, there were probably 1 to 2 thousand people only… not like the 10000 reported in the papers… and I don’t think they did 30 songs as reported again… probably they did half of that… *boy, this papers do like to exaggerate*

Oh we met Valene there too… hyuk hyuk… she sounds different… maybe from all that screaming… I was kinda deaf after the concert so maybe my hearing was off too… Oh I didn’t mention who’s concert I went too… but isn’t it obvious? Can’t one gather it from the songs I typed out? Yes.. you are right… “What is a non Backstreet Boys fan doing in a Backstreet Boys concert?” I have no idea too… I guess I wanted to listen to thier old songs again.. but I got quite disappointed… sigh.. oh well…

My Best picture of them… the rest was either I was shaking or they were moving so it got blurred… *Yes, I’m a lousy photographer…*

P.S. When I went home, the song stuck in my head was Missing You by Third Eye Blind, it was playing right before the concert began… lol

Utter Gibberish

Sometimes I really wonder why I ahve a blog? It’s personal but not to personal… it’s a vague kind of personal where only not so personal stuff are written… U know what I mean? lol…

Went to the MAS fair today, thier deals are pretty good.. I think… The price for the air ticket I’m eyeing which they advertised isn’t valid for when I’m going… smart buggers this MAS people are…

I noticed I don’t really know what to say around people… There’s a sense of awkardness in meeting people where I have no real idea what to say next… Is it neccesary to make small talk? Of course it is… Right? U can’t just greet the fella and then say goodbye when both of you stopped to greet each other… it’s like “hey! I gotta go see u soon” ur friend will probably go “… right… ok… bye…”

*Gosh! what am I babbling about?*

Ah ah… hmm mmm… holidays are about to end and I’m actually itching to go to Mage…. *Strawbs! Pick a friday… Function is only free then..* Still want to try out the Batting Cages…  I figured how to go up there…

That day I was thinking, if I want to bring all my stuffed toys, I might not be able to fit any clothes into my suitcase! ROFL… Probably chuck it all into a hand carry? LOL

Hmmm.. I think that’s about it… Cheerios for now…

P.S. Actually waiting for pictures to start blogging… sigh..

Nissan GT-R

I was too free today since I don’t have Astro to surf during the Chinese New Year, so I flipped through my brother’s magazine since it looked fairly interesting with Jeremy Clarkson on it and all.. so I went a flipping saw a few fantastic cars, one was the

Volkswagen Up!, a concept car, which is a true blue new beetle *according to the mag*

It’s front it’s supposed to be smiling… It looks like a grin from this angle… hyuk hyuk..

Another was the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the best supercar there is according to Jeremy Clarkson, it looks darn awesome too..

It’s the Supercar to get.. simply unbeatable…

And the main attraction… The Nissan GT-R.. slurp.. *did my mouth just salivate?*

The pretty normal slick exterior…

The Sweet interior

notice the buttons… There are 11 gauges to look at, clock included… I wonder how I’m to cope if I ever get this car.. I alreayd struggle with the current gauges… I might not be able to look at the road with 11 gauges.. lol

The seats

Man this car is sizzling.. I don’t want a Supra anymore… I want a GT-R… lol…

It’s price: USD 70,000 for the lowest spec. *more sizzling* 0-60m in under 4s… *absolutely flaming*

oddly enough, one might be quite surprise seeing cars on my site since I hardly drive.. lol.. but I must definitely gush about this one.. hyuk hyuk.. cheerios!

On the road again

Ah it’s the time of the year again to get back on to the road and head north to visit me grandma… The ride home is just like any other, enter the car and minutes later me and my brother will hit the sack till we reach our destination or when the car stops… I normally wake up before that *must be the Sun shining on me* just sit there staring at the trees as the sunlight shines on it’s leaves giving the trees different shades of green… How pretty.

We’ll reach just in time for lunch, as the years passed the time we take get shorter and shorter *in actual fact, a new highway is available so we reach faster.. lol* and we have to wait for my grandma to come back from the temple to begin lunch. While waiting we watch Astro… The TV would be perpetually on through out the length of our stay there even if there is nothing interesting… We’ll find one and make it interesting like “Go! Hokkaido Fishing!” lol…

While in my grandma’s house, there are bound to be cookies and other titbits, I normally end up eating what my mum brought from home to me grandma’s house… how odd indeed. Of course there’s the madatory trip to the No.1 Cendol shop in my books. For the 3 days we were there, we went there twice. The first time wasn’t very good cause there wasn’t enough gula melaka, this happens when the cendol is the second batch. The best is the first batch where the flavour just settles in your mouth and makes U one more! I must also mention they have pulut with the cendol which is simply heaven… Yum… Makes me want more…

There is also the mandatory visit to a Malay store that sells a huge assortment of kuih. But go for kuih we are not as the lekor is what we are eyeing. KL’s J. Co donuts has found an equal in Kuantan’s Mok Naa Lekors. Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside dipped in the special sweet chilli sauce. No one’s lekors can beat Mok Naa’s *maybe there is, but in Kuantan I haven’t found it.. it’s not like I go around looking for lekors to eat*.

Another must is satay at Satay Zul, but we didn’t go this year. It’s not only satay that they sell, they have nasi dagang as well. Of course one must mention the fried burung puyuh… Oh I forgot what burung puyuh in english is.. anyway I think it’s the only place I know that sells it… not bad actually…

Ultimately one must visit Teluk Cempedak, the beach in Kuantan. *Not Cherating, that one is further up North* However this time of the year, the placed is packed *Actually it’s alread packed on the weekends what more the public holidays* so we couldn’t go… anyway the beach has changed, it doesn’t look like how it used too… there’s even a McD drive through there now…

Another must have is the best roti canai I have ever tasted *cause they use tonnes of Ghee *oil** It’s crispy and simply fantastic… The dahl is also thick where U can actually bite the dahl, the dahl here is just dahl flavoured water; however today’s dahl wasn’t as nice as the last time I took it…

And of course how could I forget! Kuantan is fast becoming “the land of middle class kopitiams” They virtually pop out everywhere. Everywhere U head to in the city, you are bound to come across a kopitiam. Apparently some of them are from Kemaman, Terengganu, the original Kopitiam *I’m not counting the Ipoh one*; however, none of them share the same name as the Kemaman one.. so the best bet is Kemaman Kopitiam… lol They have a branch here in PJ but the Kuantan one is far more superior in taste and space and choice and everything!

The Nasi Dagang here is fresh and tasty… more yum…. and they’re ice blended coffee is Da Bomb… hehe…. it’s a “Must try to believe” kind of drink… *gosh.. I seem to be introducing Kuantan… LOL* So basically, Chinese New Year is just eating, Astro, Sleep and more Astro… hehe…. it seems like Astro doesn’t have as much programmes to induce us to sign up for it.. wahhahah…. *what U don’t have U don’t need it now…*

On the ride back, I sleep less 😦 how sad… it’s the same trees from the jungle most likely secondary cause the trees are tall and skinny with lots of bushes on the floor but I ain’t really sure… Oh and whenever a town is about to crop up, the scenery changes from jungle to palm oil trees or rubber trees… man are those plantations Huge!

Along the way about an hour more to KL, you can see Genting hanging around the top of the hill right in front of U. Over the years, Genting has becoming bigger. If the time is right… clouds will settle below Genting which would make it seem like it’s floating in the clouds… Once in KL we head to an indian shop for lunch cause most of the chinese shops are closed and parents don’t like fast food.

Looks like this Chinese New Year I ate more non-chinese food than I did Chinese Food… lol… Nah.. it’s only an illusion… the main meals of lunch and dinner were all chinese food…  Hmm.. so that’s about it… odd that I never gave an insight into what I did in the Chinese New Year in my parents hometown…

Cheerios for now… can’t wait for House visiting.. lol

P.S. I would like to bid farewell to Low Shu Ying and Lim Kuan Ming who are heading to UQ tomorrow … Have a safe trip and have fun! Oh and Michael too!

Oh Beary!

Blackie: *singing with a cotton bud as a makeshift mike* “oh Mandy…. well U came and U gave without taking…. but I sent U away oh Mandyyyy!!!! *out of tune mind U*

*knock knock*

Blackie: “Oh Mand…. did I just hear a knock?”

*knock, knock*

Blackie: “Oh boy, this should be fun…” “Who’s there?”
Knocker: “Barry”
Blackie: “Barry who???”
Knocker: “Barry Manilow! Now quit butchering my song!”

Blackie: “Barry Manilow? Yowza!” *Quickly opens the door*

Blackie:”Hey! U aren’t Barry Manilow! U look really familiar though… hmmm… hmmm…. hmmmmmmmm… *further thinking required as Blackie rummages through the memory in his brain*…… *more waiting*….. sigh…. *more waiting*… AHA! Ur Baloo from The Jungle Book!”

Knocker: -.-” “No I ain’t, think again!”

Blackie: “No? why that cannot be… hmmm.. *thinks till the sun goes down and rises again..* “By Golly!!!!! Beary Fishy!!!! Ur back!!!”

Beary Fishy: ” Hehe, U little bugger! how could U have forgotten me eh?”

Blackie: “hehe me memory’s a little rusty here and there… Wait a minute…. U can’t be Beary Fishy! Why, Fishy’s still sleeping soundly in it’s bed! Who are U!?”

Beary Fishy: ” I’M Beary Fishy! Here! Check my ID!”

*Beary Fishy Passes ID to Blackie*

Blackie: “hehe… U have small eyes… hehe… hmm.. looks like U are Fishy!”

Beary Fishy: “Of course little black one. Now let’s see who’s sleeping under the sheets in my bed!”

*Blackie and Beary Fishy slowly sneak into Beary Fishy’s room, snoring can be heard from under the sheets*

*horck… horck… horck… hic… horck…*

Beary Fishy: “I say Blackie, ur mate here sure snores like a rhino.. if I ever heard a rhino snore.”

Blackie: “Yeah, terrible ain’t it. I can actually hear it from next door… Terrifying I tell U.”

*Beary Fishy pulls the sheets and is shocked by what he discovers*

Beary Fishy: “Gasp! My oh my!!! This fella looks doggone familiar!!!”

Blackie: ” yeah! It has an uncanny resemblance to Eric Kot when he smiles… he he… oh no wait… it looks like U!!!”

Beary Fishy: “By Golly U are right Blackie!!! Could it…”

*The other Beary Fishy is aroused by the exclamation marks made by Blackie and Beary Fishy*

The other Beary Fishy: ” Hey! What’s all the racket about? I’m trying to get some slee… Wahey… who have we here? Boy aren’t U Beary Fishy!?”

Beary Fishy: “Yes I am, do I know U from…”

The other Beary Fishy: ” Are U kidding me? I’m ur brother! Beary Fisho!”

Beary Fishy: ” Fisho!? No it can’t be! U left Doo Land long before I came here… last I heard the Doo Ship you were in was wandering around the other end of the Milky Way!”

Beary Fisho: ” Yeah we were but by some sheer luck we crashed here… then I saw the poster looking for you & I thought of looking for you so I came here and met Blackie, who seemed to have become blacker from all the mourning he did for U… man was he filled with sorrow… so I tried to fill your shoes & tiring it was…”

Beary Fishy: “I need some proff here though U really look like my brother Fisho.” 

Beary Fisho: “Here” *passes ID to Beary Fishy. Beary Fishy and Blackie check out the ID”

Beary Fishy: “Fisho! I finally found U!” *Gives Fisho and beary hug*

Beary Fisho: “Hehe… now U get it…”

Blackie: “Wait a minute! Means U lied to me? *Blackies eyes fills with rage and he suddenly bursts out in flames*

Beary Fishy: “Oh cool I can cook the fishes I brought with me…”

Beary Fisho: “Woah! Blackie chill out…. I thought I…”

Blackie: “Nah it’s ok.. We should celebrate this worthy reunion!”

Beary Fishy: ” Agreed! Here I brought dozens of fishes!”

Blackie: ” By the way, what happened to U when U went fishing last year?”

Beary Fishy: ” Oh yes.. I totally forgot… I woke up early to get to the best spot in the lake… The waters were very choppy! I could hardly paddle! When my fishing session was about to end, it started to pour. The cats and dogs were practically everywhere… What a scary sight it was! I was taking in too much water and my tiny hands had a hard time with the paddles… then there was a sudden wave which threw me out of my boat and into some soft thing which I don’t remember cause I passed out as I landed.

When I woke up, it was very dark, but the surrounding was soft… I couldn’t find an exit. For months I was in that dark state, angry and scared. My only source of protein was that measly fish I held with me all the time, I was rather surprise it didn’t go bad..Nyahaha… Then out of a blue there was some sort of storm which threw me around that dark trap! I thought I was going to die and I soon passed out! When I woke up, I was all wet and I could feel the scorching sun on my skin… By the way, do U notice my tan?

Blackie: “erm… No?”

Beary Fishy: “What? Oh well.. anyway I was soon picked up by a human she dried me before letting me go. I came back here as soon as possible. That kind lady let me take as much fish as I could with me as I looked rather skinny at that moment… how kind of her… So that was that… interesting eh? Did U miss me?”

Blackie: “Who me? Heck no! Smiles sheepishly”

*The day ends and Blackie and the Beary Brothers, Fishy & Fisho Leave together happily*

A few days later, it’s Chinese New Year’s eve, Blackie banned the Beary brothers to go fishing. They cleaned thier house together. As night came. They had a hearty meal of fishes, that Fishy brought back, olives, chocolate ice cream and black berries.

Blackie: “Boy, this is the best reunion yet!”

They celebrate the Chinese New Year as a whole new family with fireworks that light up the sky with images of bears, fishes and charcoals… hehehe

Endword- Blackie: “Isn’t it great to be by your family on such a meaningful day? It’s never too late to attend your reunion dinner too! Cheerios! Have a wonder Chinese New Year!”

Robbstar: “I wish all my readers, Nian Nian You Yu *Have fish every year*, Wan Shi Ru Yi *All things well*, Shen Ti Jian Kang *Good Health* and of course Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cheerios!”

P.S. – The comp is in dire straits so there aren’t graphics this time around.. maybe I’ll add them later or maybe the Sun will rise from the West… lol… Cheerios!

Oh! So Free!

Yay! I’m finally free! not!

Anyway since I have nothing to blog about or rather planning to write a really complicating one I shall fill in the empty days with me being “Oh! So Free!”.

The trees at HELP… how peaceful…

Wasting time taking silly pictures when I should be studying

Yum… M & M’s “Melt in Your Mouth Not in Your Hands”
But apparently that doesn’t work after U put it into the fridge…

M & M’s Art *made from melted candy of M & M’s naturally*

Stacked Charcoal at Shu Ying’s farewell

The serene pool tempting me to take a plunge

But plunge in I did not… I don’t know why.