I <3 KL?

I feel like getting those “I Heart KL” t-shirts… quite cool whut.. LOL.. then when I thought of getting a shirt like that I feel like attening KLUE Urbanscapes 2008, which sounds very cool. LOL… The Urbanscapes things is on the 28th of June… Wonder if I can make it.. hmmm…. Anyone interested? ehehe… By the way, anyone interested in The Super Sunday Concept Store at the Bukit Bintang Monorail station…. They have the I heart KL shirts… ehehe…. Anyone? anyone? Hello? Is anyone even there?

On a totally different note, I went to Mage Cafe again today. Went with Function, Strawbs and Pad Saw. Got to try out the “tree like game” which turned out to be so much smaller than what Strawbs and I saw in the papers… It was just a mini thing! Fairly interesting game… Not bad if we don’t have to keep collecting falling leaves and branches which sucked really.. hahahahha Though the falling of the leaves were definitely INTERESTING!

The second and last game we played was “Cashflow” *I think that’s the full name* Function wanted to play that the last time round, but he couldn’t so we played it today. Darn! What a long….. ….. ….. …… ….. game. There is basically 2 circles on a board, u must sort of like get out of the “rat race” before moving on to the bigger circle.

Ok.. it’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ll try anyway. Basically it’s a game that teaches one about life’s finances. We have to go through life and all by balancing our cash flows *income & expense*, after we get to have more “passive income” than our expenses, we get to get out of the rat race and join a different race… Because it takes almost forever *no lar.. not that long lar* to escape the rat race, we couldn’t really reach the other race, though pad saw was able to free herself at the end of the game.

Next time must go earlier and to finish the game.. hehehe… wonder when can I go again.. Hmmm….

Anyway, exams have ended and I don’t really feel any real joy or sadness… hahaha *am I supposed to feel anything?* Looks like i gotta start clearing up my stuff and packing some other stuff… *What am I talking bout…*

So little time, so many things to do… I still wanna do/attend/experience

1. Movie Marathon
2. Swensen’s Earthquake Tuesday
3. Meet up with people say “cheerios!” to them…

Erm… hmmm looks like that’s it? Just 3 things? hmmm….

Oh well… Cheerios then.. *Sadly I couldn’t put up pictures of the games that I played cause they are with Pad Saw or Strawbs*


My TV Calls

I feel bad not studying right now. Sigh. But it’s so many more days till monday. Not. Besides there are other more important things to do, like answering those darn questions! True true.

So I’m just logging in to write about how boring my life is. Muahahhahaha -.-“. There’s something that I would like to “complain” about though, why are there suddenly more shows that appeal to me now when I’m gonna leave compared to when I was happily squandering time here? ISH ISH

“Pushing Daisies” was pretty interesting but the tv was being “booked” for “Age of Glory” which is getting a little draggy these days… and they cut a fairly interesting scene! darn! Another one I look forward to is “Reaper” hehehe Oh and they are showing “Beverly Hills 90210” Swoon… the younger Jason Priestly… hahaha and wow.. Shannon Doherty is really young in it.. GASP!

Alright time to get back to answering the “tough” questions.. Cheerios!


“Hold on tight.. U know she’s a little bit Dange..” *Whoops wrong song*

I want to waste more time today by saying that the world is so darn dangerous for people where I live these days.. Sigh… All because of other fellow human beings…
It’s dangerous to walk, drive, take public transport and not to mention.. dangerous to even live… ehehe
Why so?
Dangerous to walk because
1. Rapist
2. Flashers
3. Robbers (Rob you off ur belongings)
4. Snatch Thieves
5. Kidnappers
6. Drunk Drivers
7. Killers (Not “The Killers” ah…)

Since one can’t walk to somewhere, I guess we’ll take the car (or motorbike or bicycle)…. but it ain’t that safe cause..
1. Road Bully
2. Robbers (Rob u off your car)
3. Kidnappers
4. Drunk Drivers
5. Rapist (Cause when you get out of the car so become a walker)
6. Dangerous Pedestrians
7. Killers

Since we can’t drive or walk, I guess I take the public transport then…. Nope sorry… Not safe either…
1. Robbers
2. Rapists
3. Kidnappers
4. Freak Accidents (Train gets derailed)
5. Dangerous drivers
6. Robbers that become possible killers…

Looks like taking the public transport is the safest.. but then again taking the public transport means walking as well…. so….. it ain’t that wise either…

Looks like it’s time to stay at home and not go anywhere, but then again there are the…
1. Robbers (with parangs and all)
2. Robbers that might become killers
3. Robbers that might become rapists
4. Robbers that might become kidnappers
5. Robbers that might become flashers
*Basically just robbers in general, just wanted to make the list a little longer*

What can we do about it? Wait for the police? HA!
Take actions into your own hands? HA!
Set up some security like rukun tetangga? Let’s not get there considering they are walking and imagine all the things that might happen to people that volunteered…
Do Nothing? Hmm… Maybe that ain’t so bad an idea…

Bag in a bag

Officially I just started packing my bag… hahahhaha Just got a bag today and chucked it into the suitcase… ehehe.. Why am I blogging about this? beats me.. sounds like fun to me.. maybe I’m just oer excited…. I also just realised I want to do a lot of things before July arrives…

Oh I was a little free jsut now and I checked out some “clubs” *not the clubs that serve alcohol* and darn… why msut they cost so much to join? Maybe if I don’t convert it… Darn!

Oh well cheerios now.. was supposed to study but haven’t even touched the book yet… then again I was supposed to be celebrating a friend’s bday but I didn’t go… then again…..

*sorry evil devil*