Short of time

I seem to be short of time these few days.. Going to class, come back to help with the cooking, internet and all.. and that’s all.. that’s all in a day.. no time to study and all.. *well maybe there was if I didn’t internet THAT much* but time seems so much lesser here… hmmm..

Oh lately we have decided to take every picture of our dinner to see how well we’re eating.. LOL That was 3 days ago. 2 days ago, we took the picture, yesterday we didn’t, today…. well…

Hmmm.. so far eating out is pretty delicious but not very good for the pocket, eating in is great too, buying the groceries can be quite a chore.. though I get to see all the wonderful fruits and all.. Mmmm Yum… but then I get stopped from buying cause we got too many fruits.. *sob**sob* there goes my watermelon… *more sobbing*

Mid terms are acoming and I wonder if I can cope. One of the subjects seems pretty tough.. or rather down right tough. Hands down the toughest subject I have taken thus far. *No I am not exaggerating* The others are quite alright… SInce the business faculty has tonnes of courses on offer, not all courses can have the mid terms on the same day.. Oh yeah, thier mid terms must be on a Saturday. Odd I know.. So each course’s mid semester break is very much different.. Aish.. looks like I won’t be getting a holiday soon..

Oh, after we *people of the same house, ie me & housemates* have taken so many dinners together. *Yes, we eat together.. reminds me of home.. nyahahhaha.. not really though cause the table ain’t round…* We noticed that we start to get a little high after eating.. which is pretty hilarious in a way since we start to do stupid things and say silly things that may or may not make sense.. that depends.. ehehe

Hmm.. each paragraph doesn’t seem to add up… so I’ll just continue.. Lately the weather is changing.. It’s not that cold anymore.. which is really good.. but the Sun is too darn scorching! I almost broke out in sweat the other day which so happened to be the only day that rained in weeks… Oh the weather forecast here is amazingly accurate. If they say there’s a shower tomorrow, bring ur umbrella. If they say it’s cloudy, don’t expect to sun bathe.

Ah and since I haven’t been taking care of myself properly, I have fallen sick.. aish… but it’s the usual cough and cold.. nothing really new to me… which in this instance is good.. I don’t want any new illnesses please…

Ah I forgot the main topic of this entry.. it’s supposed to be about shortness of time! What the heck am I talking bout?? Ok.. like now I should be studying but I’m here blogging about what I don’t really have a clue, maybe a little update about life here? Hmmm… Ok lar.. I think I should get my ass of the chair and grab my text and start highlighting stuff.. darn!

Ah.. On a happier note, I won double passes to a concert! LOL interesting.. Oh and Jason Mraz came, and Death Cab for Cutie also performed in Brisbane while I was here but I couldn’t go and see them cause… It was sold out! man! Next time I must act faster… Actually when I first found out Death Cab for Cutie were coming and went to search for the tickets it was alreayd sold out… WOW!

Ok! Cheerios now! Time to study… but I feel sleepy now.. ehehe…

Oh I forgot to add! I’m currently at odds with myself.. I want to do an internship, but it doesn’t look like the Australian firms will be offering any to international students in my sort of situation… So since I can’t get an internship here, I’ll work, earn money and go travelling Australia.. but if I really want an internship.. I can always try my luck back home… Aish…. aish……………………………….. hmmm.. odd these seemed to be my friend’s previous problem… nvm I’ll sit on it… *now, this entry qualifies for the emo tag nyahahaha*

On a different note *the first experience kinda note* I managed to cook yesterday… wahhaha… Actually I don’t really know how to cook, work an oven yes, but cook.. nah! I just “tou shi” *secretly study from the chef* just kiddin… and.. I forgot to take picture of the fruits of my labour.. 😦 anyway, it was eggplant with mushrooms and chicken… I shall name it *chickroomplant*, I felt the mushrooms’ taste was a little too strong.. since I was sick, I couldn’t really taste the saltiness of the food, thankfully it was just right. The other dish was just fried egg with waxed sausage *lap cheong*… 2 dishes for 3 people? nah! only 2 people ate yesterday…. hmm…

hmmm… so I think that’s it… man! now I’m seriously sleepy… gotta get to my books now.. Cheerios!


The xtra of the ordinary

9:00am – Wakes up from bed and goes “What day is it?”

10.00am – “Darn! This Lecture is… aish.. what am I doing here? I wanna sleep.”

11.00am – “Ooo Break.. sleep…”

12.00am – “Ah! Sushi!”

1.00pm – “Wah! Bloody spicy, too much seasoning already!”

1.45pm – “Eh what time already? 2pm tell me ah.”

2.06pm – “Eh! what time now? 2pm already ah?” “Why didn’t tell me!?”

2.07pm – Makes a call to say…

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!” *aka berkabung queen that doesn’t berkabung that much anymore*

I tried screaming from the “porch” I wonder if you heard… hehehe..
*I was kinda tempted to put ur full name here too.. but….*
Hope U have a great year. Of course you would eh, getting hair done and all.. lol
Ah! May you get tonnes of presents and cards and wishes and… erm.. pictures with ur celebratees? lol
Cheerios now… *Hmmm maybe I should make and ecard, then again my skills are pretty beginner so…*

3.00pm – “Eh! So are we going to get groceries or not?”

3.25pm – “Wah! Why E***** so long one… Pick pear only wor.”

Diminishing time

Hmmm…. I seem to be blogging less these days cause… I don’t even have time to do other things… Gasp!

So far, I’ve been to Surfer’s Paradise at Gold Coast and the Australian Zoo at Sunshine Coast. The Zoo is much more bigger than the Malaysian one plus the animals don’t stink that much…. Plus! we get to feed the kangaroos and pat the Koalas! heheh the Koala reminds me of soft toys, soft, cuddly and idle. Just like a real soft toy.. LOL Bloody cute animals. Apparently they stink real bad, but those in the Australian Zoo din’t quite have a stench.

Oh yeah the Australian Zoo I went to is the Steve Irwin one so obviously got crocodile lar… The crocodile very scary lar.. Aish. Oh and I went all the way there to see tigers and elephants from South East Asia… LOL Oddly enough the only animal that stank was the camel.

The tigers at the zoo was darn energetic.Compared to those in Malaysia, the Australian ones obvously had too much sugar for breakfast.. ehehehe…

The place was well built with huge areas for the animals to roam, unlike the Malaysian one where, well I think U know what I mean. I forgot how many acres the Australian Zoo has…

Oh and the Beijing Olympics’ opening ceremony was yesterday!!!! One can tell that it was darn expensive. But the performances were very nice… Very chinese… eheheh the sequence of the countries coming out would be a little confusing for a person that doesn’t know mandarin cause it was based on the brush strokes of the first chinese character of the country.

Can’t wait to watch swimming, running, diving or whatever that seems interesting…

Ah let’s continue talking bout my life in Brisbane shall we? heheh

I seem to have less and less time to do things these days.. Odd.. I might be going out too often…. Gasp! I wonder where my time went… Hmmm….

There are still many things to do like

1. Visit Movie World and all at Gold Coast

2. Shopping at Harbour Town also at Gold Coast

3. Rock climbing at Kangaroo Point.

4. Go to Mt Cootha.

5. Trek up a hill?

6. Visit the modern art gallery

7. See the fake beach in the day

Aish… so many stuff…  I shall slowly accomplish this.. till then.. Cheerios!

Dejavu Tag

Ooo I got tagged… *But I have a feeling I did it before* my first tag from Australia… ahahaha… ok let’s go!

How to Play:
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. No cheating.
4. With the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.
5. Tag 10 people.

How are you feeling today?
Weezer – In the Garage
Today… I truly belong in the garage where I feel the safest. Sadly I have no garage at my place, so maybe I should go to someone else’s garage?

Will you get far in life?
The Goo Goo Dolls – Strange Love
Oh! I’ll go far in life if I have strange love??? How strange indeed..

How do your friends see you?
30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill
To my friends I want to challenge them? My oh my what a challenge. Oh great! It feels like I’m killing them!!!!!???? Darn! how depressing!

Will you get married?
The Strokes – Juice Box
I’m so cold
I’m so cold
I’m so cold?
😦 Probabaly I won’t get married…

What is your best friend’s theme song?
Dashboard Confessional – So Impossible
Wow… I didn’t know my friend’s theme song was always about asking people out… hmmm…. At least the guy went with it… hmmm..

What is the story of your life?
My Chemical Romance – Thank You for The Venom
Oh my goodness… why does the story of my life sound so depressed!????

*Darn! where do I get all these odd songs!?*

What was high school like?
The Click Five – Pop Princess
Wow!? I was a pop princess in High School!? U gotta be kidding me… What’s wrong with this playlist? This is so….. so…. so… wrong… At least the song is a little upbeat… ehehhe

How can you get ahead in life?
Jason Mraz – Love For A Child
Oh… as long as I had love from my parents when I was a child it should be alright right? right???

What’s the best thing about your friends?
The Killers – Bling (Confessions of a King)
Erm… They make me go higher and higher… and they always remember me.. LOL

What’s in store for this weekend?
Weezer – Hold me
Oh.. darn! looks like I’m falling deep down into some lovesick hole… So I need someone to hold me.. 😦 *Uh huh huh huh* cause I feel really lonely right now… *Uh huh huh huh* *Bawls till the weekend ends which is thankfully in a few hours*

Describe your grandparents.
Dashboard Confessional – These Bones
Oh… how nice.. they need each other’s company.. Awwww how sweet…

How’s your life going?
OneRepublic – Won’t Stop
Um… Seems like I’m gonna find some sort of soul mate soon… Cause I seem to swear that the person is the one and I obviously won’t stop? *Uh.. right…*

What song will they play at your funeral?
Snow Patrol – The Finish Line
Ahahah… my funeral.. It IS the finish line for me… *this is the most appropriate song so far in this tag… man!*

How does the world see you?
Matsu Takako – Sakura No Ame Itsuka
Oh… It’s in Japanese, how am I to explain? Erm.. from the tv series, she looked pretty happy, so I assume people see me as pretty happy?

Will you have a happy life?
Liang Jing Ru – Nuan Nuan
Wow! Since this is a pretty happy love song… So I guess yes? hahaha Ok lar yes lar.. who’s gonna say no right!? Aish!

Do people secretly lust after you?
Jamiroquai – Emergency on Planet Earth
This song has no relation at all to the question! So No, people don’t secretly lust after me.

How can you make yourself happy?
Blur – No Distance Left To Run

What should you do with your life?
Blur – No Distance Left to Run
*Sob**Sob* looks like I have no chance in changing anything so I should just continue with what I’m doing now eh?
*Man! this song is so emo*

Will you ever have children?
Jason Mraz – Coyotes
Since it’s totally unrelated at all! I guess no… 😦 I’ll just be going after someone or someone will be going after me.. -.-“”

What song would you strip to?
Fan Wei Qi, Angela Zhang & Claire Kuo – Sa Yan
What the ****… Can’t believe I will strip to a slow song *I must be pretty high at that time* plus it’s about friendship… -.-“””””” *Too high, too high, probabaly because my friends made me too high*

What does your mum think of you?
SG Wannabe – Silver
Um.. it’s in Korean so… I must assume!
Hmm… silver is not as precious as gold or white gold so I guess in my mum’s eyes I ain’t as precious as…. gold or white gold.. 😦

What is your deep, dark secret?
McFly – I’ll Be Ok
Hahahah my deep and darkest secret is….
that I will tell myself that I’ll be ok even if I’m down and lost… *That isn’t really very dark now…. is it?*

What is your mortal enemy’s theme song?
Five For Fighting – 100 Years
Hahaha.. looks like my mortal enemy is really worried about his or her age.. worrying about how many years they have to live.

What’s your personality like?
Jolin Tsai – Ning Meng Cao De Wei Dao
*I don’t feel like interpreting this song.. cause I dunno what it’s singing about* hahaah
Hmmm… sounds like I won’t be blaming anyone, and thank other people some more…. -.-“”” *Ok! Next song!*

What song will be played at your wedding?
Franz Ferdinand – Walk Away
Uh? Erm looks like I like the sound of people walking away so I’ll probabaly be guessing when the groom will be walking away… *Uh…. 😦 How depressing!!!!!*

Now to tag…
I feel too depressed to tag.. what a horrible mp3 player shuffler… uh huh huh huh.. why oh why? 😦 So if u feel as depressed as I do after reading this then do it! My goodness just DO IT! So I can spread my depression… Nyahahahahhaha