I shall start…

I need to write down a list of things that I wanna accomplish. A to-do list? Maybe. Maybe not. I wanna do it but hopefully I have the will to complete it.

1. Play frisbee! Frequently enough.

2. Be active, sitting on a chair all day. Reaching home and sitting on a chair again. This is not healthy for my bum or my stomach for that matter.

3. Pick up a hobby? I tried that “Camera tossing” thing yesterday. I ended up swinging the camera instead. Hehehe

A tossed shot of myself.

The only shot of myself here in this blog? Nope.

The other shots… tak boleh pakai lar.

4. Go white water rafting. I’ve mentioned this before. I wonder when’s the best time to go. I shall set my own date.

5. Start saving. *Important note to self*

6. Make some plans for my future. Why ponder when I can control it now?

7. Take part in some activity. Physical activity. Hiking? A walk around the park. Mont Kiara park. Maybe I should visit Batu Caves. Never been there before.

Hmm… that’s a pretty short list. Let’s start small.

Oh for 2 days in a row I have entries. Wonder if there will be a third?


Happy Chinese New Year

Woah… looks like I discarded my blog for a little while. Well to begin…

Happy Birthday everyone!

Today is “Human Day” according the chinese. 7th day of Chinese New Year.

Since it’s Chinese New Year,

“Gong Xi Fa Cai!”

“Shen Ti Jian Kang!”

“Wan Shi Ru Yi!”

Chinese New Year was well… the same. Glad that this year I have cookies to eat. Hohohoho.

Actually as CNY was “arriving” I felt that time was moving so fast it broke my speed meter. I still remember touching the lion’s head last CNY *Not a real one but the lion in the lion dance lion* Apparently it brings good luck. =) Wait… it’s something good. Not necessarily good luck. Remember not really having new clothes for CNY, didn’t have CNY decorations. Even the Chinatown was dressed down in decorations. Had a CNY dinner with friends though. I remember they had prawns. Fish… I don’t quite remember.

This year, we’re all back with our family. It’s the same familiarity, it’s just busier here during the time leading up to CNY.

Recently I realised that I’ve abandoned my trusty camera too! So I better begin bringing it everywhere I go. Hmmm maybe not everywhere. hmmm… maybe I will Ah I’ll figure something out. As for now, I hope you’ll be satisfied with 3 pictures.

I shall poke you till the lowest of lows....

Ho! Ho! Ho! Whoops... too late for that

Watermelon: " I give up my life for the greater good of mankind."

AHA! I forgot one… so you get 4 this time. 4 Happiness. :p

I thought forks were straight not flowered

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!