Full again….

I woke up with thoughts on what to blog about but there has been a change of plans…. I’ll keep that for later. Hmm yesterday, I finally got me results… well fairly happy with it…. At least I didn’t fail. Whoopee!!!

Ok well that was yesterday, now about today. Woke up just in time to get changed and clean up before getting the “call” from Wan Yian. Quickly took my money, rushed through a glass of water and grabbed the cereal bar from the fridge. Quickly walked to Petronas to hop into ZiXian’s car. Reached Wan Yian’s house and came a cross a cute lookin dog. Received some odd wierd and simply dumbfounding news. Doesn’t matter…. everything is still gonna be the same. Reached Sunway Pyramid at almost 12 and stumbled upon the “Celcom 3G Nokia Apprentice” *did I get it right?* Anyway, Paula Malai Ali looks shorter in real live. I thought she would be taller. Shamser is well….. Shamser.

Wait to Nando’s for lunch then basically walked around SP till 5.30pm and headed to the Steamboat Buffet Shop…. “The Highlight of THE day” The shop’s name is called Yuen steamboat something. When we arrived *We meaning ZiXian, Wan Yian, Shu Ying and Kenny* a couple of them had already arrived. In the end we sat at the “Children’s table” * It was smaller compared to the other one the other dudes were sitting at*

We just sat there and got introduced to Pui Kuan *Is her name spelled like this?* We kinda waited a couple of minutes before attacking the buffet aisle. Man did we take a lot of stuff. The other dudes from the table were like ” wah so much can finish or not ar?” We collected about 7 plates of food and began loading the steamboat “pot”? The first thing May Yoong took was the chicken wings which was also the first thing everyone ate while we wait for the soup and tom yam to boil. The chicken wings was fantastic, finger licking good and well me hands were kinda dirty after that.

Smoke or rather steam was puffing out of the steamboat “pot”. We opened the lid and the food we loaded in was practically bursting out of the pot as the tom yam started to mix with the clear soup. A little spiciness to the clear soup is pretty welcoming. The Tom Yam side was snapped up pretty fast. *technically I think I was the only one taking from the clear soup part* Scoops of Lala, bamboo Lala, prawns, some sort of balls, sotong, and lots more other stuff which I had no idea what it’s name is was fished out of the “pot” with speed and efficiency as the soup landed swiftly into me bowl.

Ah the aroma of the Tom Yam was simply overwhelming. The soup was “dog gone it” tasty . Ah… wat a lovely steamboat outing. I think after this I will gain about 10 pounds. Our table was filled with laughter because of all the jokes and teasing, the bigger “adult” group was well….. erm……. pretty serious in their eating. Their mum’s taught them well not to talk with their mouths full. Shu Ying left us at 7 for some other people. *boohoo…. yeah right lar*

Throughut the meal May Yoong was busy looking ast the kitchen we presume cause everytime the chicken wings were brought out, she would disappear into thin air and appear with a plate of deliciously hot plate of freshly fried chicken wings. Ah the joy. We actually planned on having bouts of ice cream but we were too full and well teh ice cream queue was a little long and besides the “adults” wanted to leave already so had to make do without it. Still it was a really good outing. Took a couple fo pics and simply enjoyed the steaming aroma of the to yam, the seafood cooked till prefection, slowly savouring the freshness of the food and enjoying the delicious mouth watering soup. and of course lots of chinese tea.

Came back filled to the brim, think I’ll go back again. For other angles of it U can visit Wan Yian’s blog , Shu Ying’s blog and pictures at Joe Ee’s Multiply. Well now how am I supposed to lose that weight I gained today. Oh yeah, May Yoong! U sure can eat dude.

P.S > the pics are difinitely there, as for the other views well I ain’t that sure.



Well it’s the time of the week to blog again… getting lazier to blog.. no idea how to write them out. Well last week was terrifying…. flashback of Ryan Reynolds have been appearing…. *I think* erm dawn of the dead is starting to freak me out…..

ok so this week I’m supposed to be relaxing but no…… DVD drive finally returned to it’s rightful owner and GTA San Andreas is finally installed into the system….. man this game is getting me hooked to this nifty gadget all day long…. CJ here CJ there. Big Smoke, OG Loc, Sweet. This game is rather spoofy though. U could feel all kinds of games in it. Well it has it’s own video games in it but haven’t played it yet…. Hey can play pool also. Then as the game progresses U can feel some midtown madness, some need for speed heck I could even feel a little The Sims in it… Anyway it’s a great game go try it out.

Next up, CATCF, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. It is one heck of a movie. In my opinion I would make it as the best shows this year based on the movies I’ve seen this year that is. It’s so nice and kinda funny in it’s why a little spoofy as well. It’s so freaking fun. GO watch it dudes if U haven’t…. Great show. Johnny Depp is so good as Willy Wonka. Two Thumbs up man. Just read the book a couple of days before watching the show and well I feel the movie is better than the book itself though the book has it’s own attractions.

Well that was my week so how was urs? I’m currently broke now.. so know shopping for me…. Oh yeah saw the “I LOVE Chocolate” shirt again… Too bad…. No money, No talk!!

ah…. Another week before college starts again…. wonder how’s my results… Hope I did ok. Well have fun doin watever U are…. Ciao for now peepz

Horror Movie Marathon

Ah horror movie marathon has came and gone…… it was more like a horror comedy movie marathon. Still it was kinda fun to scare the hostess. Ehehe

Reached Yeen’s house at about 12 and then surprised Zyenn with the “devil’s cake”. Foohoo.. we even had poppers for those above 3!!! Then we proceded with some “foo chok like wantan” mee and some “garlic bread kinda stew”. Still devil’s chocolate good…. Movie Marathon kicked of with…..

1st Movie: “House of Wax“.

Hmm not much horror here, a little disgusting at certain parts like the cutting off of the girl’s finger tip and Paris Hilton’s heel. The nosy poker in the show looked kinda familiar. A little like Jared Padalecki of “Gilmore Girls” fame.

Movie rating: I would give a 1.5 outta 5 for being such a mediocre “horror” movie.

2nd Movie: ” Scary Movie

Seen this before so don’t reawlly feel like commenting on it but well Doofy actually looked pretty cute towards the ending. Oh Bobby too but well a little too horny. The only thing I can’t figure out is how Cindy can where the “Do Not Trespass” underwear protector.

Movie Rating: probably a 3 for it had it’s wonderful moments.

3rd Movie : ” Amytiville Horror

Ok this was a total let down, it was a little too hyped up. Not much of a horror movie… Probably didn’t quite catch the horror elements of it. Ah yeah when the “Katch Em’ Kill Em ” part appered, I kept thinking of the pokemon soundtrack. “gotta catch em all, oh ur my best friend…” ehehehhe

Movie Rating: Another 1.5 here though I agree there is great potential for it. The horror element was kinda lost…

4th Movie: “White Chicks

Now this was hilariously funny… The Wayan brothers actually had nice legs. Well it was funny that’s all story line ain’t half bad. Latrell Spencer singing “a thousand miles” is pretty funny.

Movie Rating: 3.5 maybe it could earn a 4 but well, we started of with Scary Movie which I feel is funnier.

5th Movie: “Dawn of the Dead

Now this was disgustingly scary… In the first 5 mins of the movie, zombies already appeared. Freaky…. The scariest part I feel would be Pregnant Luda giving birth. C’mon the womb was moving by itself and the skin was like blueish…… CJ was an ass at first but he became people’s favourite after he got a little taste of his own medicine. Then there was Terry the cute soon to be security guard. Too bad he had a freakingly stupid girlfriend, stupid Nicole, risk everything for some stupid dog. Yeah and there’s this pretty hilarious part where Michael is trying to impress “the girl whom I had forgotten the name” . Should be seen for the hilariousness to be felt.

Movie Rating: 4 it was scary if ur afraid of zombies, plus the hostess screams made the not so scary parts scary as well. Nice job girl.

6th Movie: “The Exorcist

Woah I know I had seen this movie before but it’s still pretty disturbing especially Regan’s changed face… I wouldn’t want to thread into those waters, I shall just place the rating. Oh yeah 2 of em were practically covering their faces especially the hostess. wahhahah seriously what are you watchin girl.

Movie Rating: a pretty strong 4. It is really scary and disturbing the first time round U watch it but for the second time round, the scare factor is gone a little.

7th Movie: “Herbie: Fully Reloaded

I’m not sure whether the title is right but this show is downright boring. Yes the car is cute but this was far too boring, not even a comedy. Yes it was feel good comedy but it was plain old boring and is too “kua jiong”

Movie Rating: 0.5 this was so bad a felt like putting a big fat ZERO but well the car was a little cute *practically the saving grace* .

8th Movie: “50 first Dates

What a sweet movie. It was really fun, wat a saving grace for the show before. Well as they say, save the best for last. Adam Sandler is really adorable here and Drew Barrymore was sweet as ever. Fantastic. Though how does she ever get pregnant I wonder.

Movie Rating: 4.5 totally awesome.

Well it was a fun ride, we kinda ended it with a little “The Secrets of Kissing” being shown on astro. To have a electrifying kiss, just rub ur soles on a carpet before kissing. Eheheh.

Yeah we can finally see the clouds!!!!!!!!!!! Rejoice. The birds have appeared as well. Ah now I can go smell the grass and flowers again. hehehe


What an absurd blog I’m gonna type today. I’m gonna talk about grass. I don’t like the grass in my garden, I prefer my grandmother’s grass back in Pahang. It’s like golf grass. Nice, soft and pointy. Actually grass is a really pretty thing though it doesn’t have flowers but it’s still pretty.

Ever seen blades of grass with tiny dews still attached to the tip of the blade. Ever smelled fresh cut green grass? Ever smelled the air in ur garden after a nice refreshing rain? Hmmm the wonders of life… I shall stare at the grass later. Grass is to keep our garden looking tidy, imagine having a garden with beautiful flowers but a barren land. Grass is grown for herds of cows and goats and whatever animal that feed on them…..

The sight of rolling hills in the non urban areas is a very pretty sight to behold. Imagine seeing the rolling hills without the greenery. It ain’t rolling anymore eh? Walking in a park without grass….. why it wouldn’t be a park no more. Even the break in between roads have grass on them, what a pretty sight it is eh?

How many people out there actually water their grass? Well I don’t, my grass isn’t a big fan of water. How many people out there actually have grass in their yard? I do, or not why would I be here typing bout grass? How many people out there has never seen grass???????? Now this is plain absurd, who hasn’t seen grass?

Enough of grass, anymore and I’ll probably grow em in my house… I shall go stare at em now if no one is out in their lawn.


Well I have been holidaying for a week now and I’m already bored. Here is my a little sneak peek at my boring life……

1030 – wake up

1100 – Computer Session

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Computer Session

1630 – Read a little and mooch around

1800 – TV

1900 – Dinner

1930 – TV

0100 – Sleep

Ok so that’s about what I do everyday except for tuesdays and thursdays…… Maybe I should add in a little jogging or exercise in it…. Hmmm I watch a little too much TV don’t I?

oooo Tower Records has SALE!!! Time to get the Move Along Album. Hey wat do U people do during the hols??? I’m bored to the core……. Disk Drive when are U returning???? “I’m waiting for U, I’m waiting for U, waiting……. ” Wanna go sing k lar, anyone interested??

Hmm don’t think I will be doin the chinese continue the story thingy cause I’m currently not in the mood for it….. got assignments some more. What sort of holiday is this?

Yo dudes wanna check out the All American Rejects “Dirty Little Secrets”??? click here . Try it out it’s the bomb!!!