Scattered Entry

There is one thing I really like about Singapore. It’s it’s public transportation mainly thier MRT… it’s so integrated U can literally get to anywhere using the MRT, that’s how efficient it is. Malaysia is no where near that level… Maybe by 2020 but I doubt so…

Anyway, went to Sinagapore for a day trip on the 25th, was pretty tiring. Went to 3 places, the first is VivoCity, Singapore’s largest mall… If I remember correctly thier tagline was “everything you want is here” I guess it really does satisfy thier tagline. Not for me though cause it just reminded me about Shopping Complexes in Malaysia that I would prefer not to go… hahaha

VivoCity reminded me of…


– cause the MRT exit is in the Shopping Complex itself

2. Alamanda in Putrajaya

– cause VivoCity is next to the sea and Sentosa is right across and Alamanda has a lake next to it so it would be pretty similar. The layout is also slightly like Alamanda but VivoCity is much bigger….

3. Sungai Wang and Lot 10

– like SUngai Wang and Lot 10 which are connected to each other, VivoCity is connected to the Harbour Front another shopping Complex.

4. Berjaya Times Square

– the twist & turns of VivoCity reminded me of this place, though Berjaya TImes Square’s is much more complicating…

5. Mid Valley

– to clear the air I would like to say that I don’t mind going to MV. the underground area of VivoCity reminded me of Mid Valley… hahah wierd eh?

Yeah so taht’s about it… oh the GAP store in VivoCity reminded me of the GAP store which just opened in 1U.. hahahha ah! one thing which VivoCity didn’t remind me of is it’s…….. GODIVA store… it’s jsut like a normal store except that it was Godiva! who wouldn’t want a piece of Godiva eh? I wanted to get the Chocolixir

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

but I was too sensible/ rational/ family oriented for my own good and I opted for a small bar of Godiva which is the same price mine U… $8 😦

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the small bar which I will let melt slowly in my mouth while savouring it’s great taste.

Ok.. enough bout my craziness over Godiva there are other places I went to like China Town and Orchard Road… I like thier ice cream stalls by the road… pretty tasty… and after a tired walk a bar of ice cream is pretty worth it…

Johor Bahru also had it’s charm in particular the Duty Free Zone… Got a shirt which I’m starting to doubt whether I will wear… hahaha and alas…. Lots and Lots of Chocolates.. the chocolate were so much cheaper there than the outside. The normal cadbury bar was on RM10… compared to outside which is almost RM15 whahaha….. So the souvenier I got back from Johor is the CHOCOLATES!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the stacks of choccies…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the stacks of choccies from a different angle…

hehehe that’s gonna last me until this time next year… wahahhaha oh I noticed something about Singaporean cars… when U see a Mazda,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

U see a Singaporean License plate… I’m serious.. every Mazda I saw in Johor belonged to a Singaporean or had a Singapore License plate. So wat is it with Singaporeans and thier Mazda’s eh?

ah talking bout number plates, when I was goin back to Kuantan I saw a Proton with the number plate… “BAMbi 1” hehehe so cute…. then again this reminds me of the song by Samson called Kenangan Yang Terindah nice song… really….

Ah… time to leave the scatter entry to fend for itself.. cheerio people.. see U soon… I think


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