• I’m a UQ graduate. A very proud one too!
  • Had to bid Brisbane goodbye and return home.
  • Now, I’m a working graduate but I wonder if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.
  • believes in fate.
  • infatuated by Godiva Choccies.
  • intrigued by the concept of Life and Death.
  • feeds self with music in particular,DC. Into Kpop these days. Why oh why?
  • misses Beary Fishy,
  • though not anymore.
  • stares at grass.
  • developed a new found passion for Ultimate! Wednesdays are great! Though not anymore since I’m not in Australia to enjoy the awesome Wednesdays!
  • ❀ attending concerts and traveling, although I don’t really have the money for it 😦
  • Constantly wonders what’s going on in the world today, yesterday & tomorrow.
  • Could go on asking questions one after another if a person has enough patience to entertain.
  • Feels lost in the world.
  • Wants to know the meaning of life.

Why am I here? What is the purpose of human existence?


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