Rapid KL

Just to calm those roaring hearts…. my next skin will be published this coming sunday sharp at 12 o’clock following my clock of course. This Sunday is 3rd of July ok. Eh it’s Anderson’s birthday.

If U people don’t know. I’ll tell U guys how I come back from college. I take our country’s beloved RAPID KL which I can assure is not as rapid as U think it is…. though it can be pretty fast occasionally but generally it’s kinda slow….. Well as U know, malaysian public transport can’t really be trusted not even taxis…. LRT maybe. Here is a little summary on my travels on the BUS.

Times taken – 101 and counting

times went chasing after bus – 4 and counting

times missed bus – 3,4,5

times fell in bus – thank goodness nil….

times felt like a surfer in bus – er… almost everytime when the bus is packed

times bus ticket got checked – 2

times bus ran out of tickets – 2

times passenger fell asleep on U – it almost happened the other day….. but she woke up before she landed

times went up wrong bus – Oh MY GOODNESS… Impossible

times missed stop – heheh none

times skipped a bus – 1

Longest time spent waiting for a bus – 40 mins

well that’s a little summary on my bus travels. here I have a little map of the street where the bus stop is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

At the row of shops

Green – McD’s

DD- Dunkin Donuts

KFC- welll if U don’t know….. KFC

Pizza – Pizza Hut

Blue – Starbucks

and the one being pointed by the red arrow is the bus stop.

I normally come out from the exit between starbucks and Pizza Hut . The exit is the one in orangey red. But occasionally I appear at the McD’s end…. The Rapid KL comes from the McD’s side to the bus stop opposite Starbucks. Two times I chased the bus from McD’s to Starbucks. twice lucky. The other 2 times were quite near. 3/4 times I missed the bus by a fragtion of a second. I turn the corner from strabucks and the bus turns another corner heading for HOME.

Today I had some brilliant idea in skipping a bus which was jam packed till the doors of the bus couldn’t close…. wise choice I feel though I already waited for the darn bus to come for like 40mins. but it’s ok I wasn’t in a rush anyway. The next one came in 20mins. and the one after me probably came 10 mins after I went up mine. *why U ask? cause when I came down at my stop, the other bus was right behind……*

Today I met some pretty idiotic dude. He like me chose to skip the first one I think. We got up the 2nd one. we were pretty much standing near the stairs , he was the last to get up the bus but he cleverly forced himself through to grab hold of a perfectly nice bar. while the poor me had to hold on to the money collecting machine. Actually I had a pretty nice feel of bar before that but oh no my stupid senses a lot the dude to cram in and puch me out of bar’s way….. Grrrr

The longest tiem I needed to reach home is 1 1/2 hours. both occured after LAN classes. one was today and another a couple weeks ago. basically getting home slightly late has it’s benefits. I get to watch the night sky fall into place and the the sun setting beautifully betwwen the tall towers and the sky change it’s hue to a crimson red while the blueness of the sky is loss in the reddish fluffy clouds. Ahhh wat a sight to behold.

Oh today when I was riding the bus I felt a little odd. as U know, when U stand in public transportations U need to stabilize urself properly. S there I was bending my knee when I felt like a surfer dude. moving my weight from the left then the right then a little to the front with my hand pointing outwards stabilizing the whole board. hehehhe wierd I know. The moved back a little when the bus was stopping then the bus got crowded again and surfer dude ended her career.

Hey the plus side on sitting the bus is……. I get to see Charmaine Sheh’s picture 5 times a week. specially posing for the passerbys at Terimee. Heheheheh. Oh I get to see people’s different ways of sleeping though I haven’t seen any special poses since Charles Wilbur’s. wahahah
And U actually notice when people’s office hours end and where most people get up and down.

Well that’s pretty much it….. I wanted to put a pic of a surfer dude but it’s alittle late. Oh excuse me for my drawing as well.


Skin Searching

A little update on how my skin searching is goin on….. A couple of candidates has turned up but a lot of them are definitely still at large. A candidate has been chosen for the next skin. Trouble is errupting at the last one though. There are a lot of potential candidates but not what I am lookin for…. sadly had to turn them down. =(

As far as my readers are concerned messy candidates are a BIG “no no”. so have to look at neat tidy ones which most importantly I must like! Probably candidates that comb their hair and where power suits and does not stammer???? Some candidates though are just too simple and I happily added them into the potential list but I’m a little reluctant to hire them if U know what I mean.

Ok I have typed for 2 paragraphs…. does anyone understand what I’m talking bout? If U do raise ur hand. *karen mok’s “ai wo de qing ju shou”* hehehe. ermmm that is it about the skin searching. hey do U guys know malaysia has an ebay!!!! If the people reading this does not know wat the heck I have been talking about please refer to the previous post.

I’m currently bored to the core…. Anyone can help me. The laziness in me has set in. Too lazy to move, too lazy to work but definitely very hardworking when it comes to the sleeping part. 4 presentations all in July and I haven’t started on either one. All of them must be presented in July with one… *moral I think* on the last day of finals….. oh one oral also…. Time to start work. first I’ll go grab a snack. Eh so peeps in college is wednesday on or wat? and peeps from high school *the form4,5 ones* is saturday on or is yi lin bong gonna leave us behind and let us toil with the mic alone????


Ok I know this sounds ridiculous but I came up with this “event” regarding my blog skin. I would publish my blog in 3 different skins for 3 weeks.. each skin will be published for a week. this current one will be here till 1st of July though.

The purpose of this …. I want to choose the best skin.. according to U dudes who read this. It’s like an interactive session with my readers….. U dudes will comment on each skin and after the 3 weeks is up on 15th of July. U guys should choose which skin U feel is the best…… Of course the best skin wins……. so U guys up for it?

the current one is the first skin of the series. I actually figured out the picture of the “dead ultraman” . actually he/she is hanging on to something and down in the mountains there is another person waiting to catch em…. oh how lovely……. ok so dudes start leavin constructive comments which would be brought in to consideration during tabulation of results….. Oh and the fav would be my next skin. 2nd place would replace the first place’s position when I get bored with the 1st place.

What do U guys think? wanna do this?

ANother Nu SKin

This new skin is for my blog’s birthday come this july 10th. Nah the real truth is the Oh yummy scrumptious cookies has an error and I have no idea how to fix it so I changed the skin instead…. wahahahahahha ok this one comes with the carpenters- close to U as the background music. there is no way U can off it unless U turn off Ur speaker….. too bad..

Please do comment on the skin. wanna know how it is. Hope it’s nice. Oh BTW if U wanna read the old entries I suggest U highlight it to read cause the font colour is too bright so U won’t be able to see it. SO dudes… leave comments…. won’t be bloggin till the weekend . Just leave some constructive critiscsm. Ciao now peeps


Woah come July 10th and this blog would be a year old. wow how time passes by so fast. I rememebered that I started this blog near my trials *crazy little me* The purpose of this entry? to inform people that it’s my blog’s birthday? heheheh

Ok well so far the weeks pretty hectic. I only started watchin half a movie for my CTS assignment. I have to endure another 2 1/2 hours. I figured out which best show to watch and the favourite movie but the worst……. still not sure. It could be “In the Mood For Love” or “A space odyssey” . If U guys have any bad shows to recommend me please do so. The more the merrier. I’m still figuring out wat to present for CTS presentation. Nuclear Reactors should not be built at all? A couple should stick together for the sake of their children? People should donate their organs?

Got a question to ask fellow peeps who are reading this. WOULD U donate ur organs? Please answer! Either yes or no, if U say no then could U explain why? heheheh.

OH yeah on thursday I think, me and AH Bah were talking bout the holocaust and we ended up thingking of setting up a history club . wahahhahaha ok. Eh Ah Mah I came up with a blog add for U. laughtillpassedout.blogspot.com nice or not? *In memory of the laughing panda aka Ah Mui* hehehhe

Tomorrow I will be at 1U selling souveniers for the Fete De La Musique. Frankly speakin I don’t even know how to pronoun the first word. hehehe I don’t quite remember whether I was supposed to go today or not? anyway there was a confusion yesterday. SO in the end I think I have to sign up my name as the fish oil man’s. But what if his name appears at Low Yat and appears at 1Utama? then I would be workin for free and have to pay back RM20???? unless Mdm Goh can prove I was there? The thought of her brings chills up my spine *kidding, that was to exaggerating*

Now time to start researching . I don’t wanna get a big NIL for my presentations and so forth. Frankly speaking, I can’t wait to write down how much I like Grease. Wahahaha. “Summer Nights” here I come!!!

Ice Cream Freak

Eversince I entered college, I had this urge for a cold, rich, creamy, sweet, and mouth watering ice cream. Only a little sundae from McD’s could satisfy this appetite until……….. A very samrt company called Nestle had a little kiosk set up near my college. They had the Mega scoop the normal scoop and others…….

The first time we saw it, most of our group tried it. Then for the next consecutive weeks, Me and ah bah frequent the place a lot more. Flavours such as Pistachio, peppermint, lime something, chocolate, strawberry couldn’t elude us. Only the “Chocolate Ripple” was ever so succesful. We always took combo 4 which had 3 normal scoops plus a cup of Ice “Ling Mong” Tea. It cost only 4 bucks while a mega scoop is priced at 2.50.

Apart from the ice cream itself, it is served with all kinds of toppings, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce with itsy bitsy pieces of strawberry , kiwi sauce, an assortment of nuts such as walnut, pistachio, peanut? Oh they also had chocolate and rainbow? sprinklers. Mmmmm DELIGHTFUL. Lately though the flavours haven’t been very appetising so instead of the Nestle Kiosk we chose McD’s instead but darn unrealiable machine had broke down when we wanted a taste of the warm flowing chocolate sauce atop ice cold smooth vanilla ice cream. We or rather I *I think* couldn’t wait for this warm and cold taste flow in smoothly into my mouth. *Thinking of it brings water to my mouth.

Since I have this ice cream addiction, me aand “Ah Bah” tend to look for ice cream shops everywhere we go *together I think*. Plus because of this addiction I suppose I have gained a few 100 kilos. I haven’t weighted myself to vindicate this though. Must try to reduce this addiction cause it’s making the hole in my pocket bigger and bigger, but a nice cup of ice cream on a hot day is awfully tempting I would say.

Assignments Galore

Woah, Assignments are literally falling out from the sky. Now I just have to pick which one to focus on first. CTS? English? Moral? Malaysian Studies? well the powerpoint Presentation can wait. Aihhhh…… focus on CTS now. Any ideas people with the brains? people who are to free to help out a helpless fellow here? Does Iraq War sound right? Does Bo Bice vs Carrie Underwood sound right? arghhhhhhh so darn frustrated. Maybe should go do shower singing to release stress.

ANyway today was a very 8 day. After Maths Tutorial, our tutor? wanted to get her fortune read by the tarot cards reader. So a bunch of 8 people we were stayed backed and listened. My goodness, I think I gotten very 8 since I entered college. How to stop it? I’m becomin a “si lai”. waahahhahahah. Anyway the tarot reading session was kinda funny. Plus this Takuma is so freaking 8, go tell Ms. Chia can ask about your love life also. Haiyo, Takuma why U so 8? Then in the end we ended up looking at people’s fist to see how many people U gonna marry and how many girlfriends U gonna have. Thoroughly mind boggling.

So I had to chase the bus again today ,actually I didn’t have to run after it since the queue today was so long. Came back and took some ice cream after dinner. Mmmmm lovely. Then came to the comp and bug me bro tell I got to come and brainstorm with me “ah Bah”. Tomorrow eat ice cream ar. I feel like eating sundae lar.

Well people that’s all for now, oh yeah vivin had a new handphone today. Cool man. Rich kid U. SO people any ideas for my convincing CTS presentation. I want ur ideas badly sicne I can’t think of good ones myself and need help from people with far more creativity and issue awareness?