Diverging path

I don’t know how to start this. I guess the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost comes to mind… *looks like literature in school was useful after all… useful for situations like this* … So the person is at a pathway that diverges, he picks the one which isn’t worn and that has made the difference… I guess now most of the people at my age or maybe a few… or maybe a handful.. anyway, I guess they are at that spot where the writer is, the spot where the path begins to diverge and he/she has to pick a path. The path which is well worn or the nice pathway ready to be worn by said writer.

But what if there are more pathways that we can’t see. There might be one that has been covered by the “lalang” and hidden from plain sight. Can’t we make our own path? It might lead to a cliff that drops straight down into a gushing river, but it might lead to a nice lush green meadow with a crystal clear stream flowing through it.

So now I have 3 paths, 2 in clear view, 1 is to be made. Do I take the well worn path, the road less taken or the road that has not been taken at all *or so I think, there might have been a path there but the lalang just took over*.

So far, I think I’m in the path which is pretty green and ready to be worn. But the path doesn’t seem to be taking me to places I wanna go, the end doesn’t look lush green with a nice stream… maybe it’s too soon to say. Let’s say the path is supposed to be lush green, but after awhile you find out that the trees and greenery are dying. You figure out why and you know/ feel that the end wouldn’t be very nice… Then you reach a point where you get to make the same 3 decisions again. Take that well worn path, stick to the ready to be worn path which looks like a withering jungle and the path that has to be made by yourself.

I am so eager to take my parang out and cut those darn lalangs! But there’s something holding me back, my lack of courage? My lack of enthusiasm?  My lack of self esteem? Maybe it’s all 3. 😦 All I do is mope around and not do anything about it. What’s the use doggone it! So how do I build courage? Enthusiasm ? Or self esteem?

I feel very helpless all of a sudden. This is depressing. Time to stop.


December is movie month!

Yeap… U read that right! Of course December is movie month! We have “Avatar”! We’re gonna have “The Storm Warriors” too! Oh man! I can’t wait for Avatar…. Now I just need to coerce someone to watch it with me.. hyuk hyuk hyuk.. shouldn’t be that hard though… So I’ll probably watch Storm Warriors first… then Avatar.. cause Storm warriors is coming out first… hehehe… can’t wait Oh! There’s Sherlock Holmes coming out then too… hehehe… anyone? LOL

Anyway.. for the movies in November, I feel like watching Pisau Cukur… anyone interested? I wanna watch 2012 too.. there’s something about disaster movies that attracts the masses. Oh Astro Boy is gonna be shown in November too.. Astro boy looks Caucasian now…

Apart from declaring December as my movie month, I’m still doing the usual things that I have been doing eversince I returned from Brisbane… Which is…. nothing. Ok maybe not nothing. I am working so there is a little income flowing in… but apart from that I’m not doing anything else apart from pondering about my future… Should I work in a bank? Should I work for an accounting firm? Should I be a Management Trainee? Should I be a writer instead *Now.. this one is interesting… what about prospects?*? What do I wanna do? This is ultimately a very tough question… and I won’t know the answers until I actually try it…

I wanna go on a holiday… I wanna get a car… I wanna change my job… I wanna do so many things…. *cue… AAR – I wanna*

I wanna I wanna I wanna go on a holiday,

you wanna go on one too,

Very soon now, but we have no funds,

This holiday’s a perfect crime. *Not!*

I wanna I wanna I wanna get a car,

the car wants me too *this would be very odd….*

I wanna I wanna I wanna change my job,

The job doesn’t want me too,

What job shall I take,

I need to find the perfect job. *weird sounding lyrics..*

Looks like being a song writer is something I can’t do… hehe… I think I need to get hold of my life somehow… It might end up in a ditch somewhere and I wouldn’t even know it… or maybe it’ll even be sold and I won’t even know it! Yikes…. the problems of a graduate…. Ada kerja, tak suka. Tak ada kerja, tak ada wang. Is money that important? 😦 oh well… a lot of things can’t happen without money… and being in a communist country is something which I’m not rellly interested in.. though they actually have their upsides…

Simple happy table

This entry is inspired by a facebook wall post, ZX posted this…

and do u remember why exactly u posted that on my wall on 29 April?

I posted…


I didn’t remember so I went back to look at some pictures to refresh my memory, then I came upon a few snapshots. I saw one which made me think back to the days when I was studying in Australia.

My side of the table

All my study materials scattered on the table

Yeap! That’s my purple cup. That’s our dining table, we only use half of it to dine, so when we dine, we push everything to one side and after cleaning up, push it back down… after a couple rounds of cards though… Oh and the simple happy table is made in Malaysia! hehehe…

Yeap! That’s my fairly dirty pencil box, my calculator, my trusty mechanical pencil, my green highlighter, that would also be sheets of ACCt3102 answers. That’s also my hp stuck into a really cute panda. That would also be G Dawg hanging around on my laptop.

And that brown paper bag on the floor, it’s filled with stuff from SEXPO. Magazines, how to be safe, educational stuff… brochures maybe… and even some promotional vids… hehehe

And yes! That would be a partial shot of my roommate eating pasta, probably wearing specs too…. and if you look carefully, I’m actually facebooking and studying… Which I did more? I have no idea.. should be the latter. =)

Anyway… this picture brought back some pretty fond memories… memories of what we did in that house, memories of my ex-housemates, memories of the “house” *a unit more like*, the balcony, what we did that day. Frankly I don’t remember what I did that day, I know I went for classes then went to a book fair and studied and went to my housemate’s room to scare her… hahahha that’s why I muahahaha-ed…