Episode III

phew… finally I got to Watch Star Wars after one week of anticipating…. and by the way I’m not Miss Star Wars ok? Stupid fish oil man…… though it’s not like you are going to read this anyway…….

Just to let you people know, today’s entry should be in perfect english *I hope* because I read from my friends blog that blogging can improve your english? provided you don’t use sms language….. hehehe…… Yi Lin where is my “zhong”? Ok today I don’t really feel good about myself…. I can accept rejection but rejecting someone is hard for me. But I still had to reject the “Nu Skin” facial lady although she was friendly as hell…. aihhhh so sad.

Went to KLCC to buy personal stuff with my mother *real one* and ended up well personal stuff and stuffing ourselves. First destination, La Cucur typical malay delicacies wasn’t really stuffed by this lunch. Next up on our itenary is Chocz which I have been eyeing for months the day I saw Soong Ai Ling describing it on TV heheheheh, I order Nectar while my mum ordered Tschocolate? Mine was milk chocolate while hers was noisette which has traces of hazelnut. I had to make my own choclate drink . Ooooooo how fun hehehhe. I was kinda cool mixing the sweet drink. While we were drinking, we were eyeing the Humongous Strawberries coated with chocolate which the people at Chocz were selling. Mmmmm after drinking we were deciding whether to get the oh so delicious looking strawberries. My mum only wanted to buy one for me but I was eyeing the packets of strawberries. *It was more worth it* so I bought a packet of the delicious strawberries *actually I don’t know whether they are delicious considering they are sitting very prettily in the fridge*! Our final stop was strudels, had the Le Tiramisu and the Le something…. The Le something was nicer though it was a little too much on the sweet side. The Tiramisu didn’t have enough alcohol though.

Ok now about my title today. STAR WARS!!! I finally watched it. Saw it on friday what an incredible show but corny lines still exists. like Padme’s”You are breaking my heart.” My goodness…. George Lucas… Please. General Grievious was absolutely cool. I mean come on who can use 4 lightsabers at once right? Wahahha and in the end Anakin chopped off both off Count Dooku’s hand, talk about revenge. Oh and Anakin joining the dark side ain’t gonna help Padme live. Actually you are the cause she’s dead. Probably the emperor gave him that premonitions. And yoda is so cute…. my goodness. SO old but so cute and agile. wahahhaha. Obi wan, what creature are you riding? Oooooo and the Death Star is being built. How cool. Ok Leia looks better with the tie fighter hair than Padme. I’m wondering comething, how can Padme name them right after they were born? don’t have to think about their names? or she already ahs them in mine? I liked the part where Obi Wan was leaving Padme’s house. He asked: “Is the child his?” and then he added “I’m sorry”. My goodness….. Obi Wan how could you say such things? It was kind off freaky when Anakin went “spontaneous Combustion”. Freaky.

Oh Yeah in the end I went “pak tohing” with Chien Hui and appaerntly I booked tickets for saturday at 4.30… stupid computing system….. or maybe I got the wrong number wahahhaha. Vat….. You horrid girl. Anyway got to chat with Aza and learned that she’s going to Russia. *Oh My goodness*.

Oh and hey Carrie Underwood is the American Idol. Congratulations and Bo you would do fine without the american idol title….. you are already a star let Carrie have the limelight huh. SEriously I felt that Carrie had more vocal strength. * I……. wanna be inside your heaven……*

Ok anyway The starwberries were great though I shouldn’t have left them in the fridge.



Fooyoh My art is awful . ANyway U be the judge. I saw Michelle’s cute drawin who saw her friend’s masterpieces that’s why I decided to spend 30mins on it. I think. This is a short entry. so enjoy it here.


Wat a good case of So near yet so far….. Lets’ see…. I kinda planned for me and a couple of me mates to watch the new Star Wars movie. Star Wars : Episode III- Revenge of The Sith. I even got the tickets by tuesday hoping that I could watch it happily with me mates on friday which is today….

But by some shear dumb luck. Some “smart” teacher placed a replacement class ontoday at 2.30 and me show was at 1.45. Darn Her. My Sar Wars seems to be floating very far away now. #$!^%*&)_^$@#_)*$%$@$%

Anyway…………. during that free time today between my first class and the *(%#&%@&(&*)* replacement class. So we decided to head of to the rojak stall opposite the Taman Bahagia LRT station. Mmmm….. as good as always. The cendol didn’t have enough jagung though. 😦

Played around there as usual. Hehheeh funny thing was a pice of the tree we sat next to fell into Edmund’s cendol….. Hehehhehe That’s for talkin too much DUDE. Then since I couldn’t watch STAR WARS… I had to make do with the poster at the LRT station. Posed with Ah Bah, we pretended like we were holding the lightsabers of Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Heheh how cute. Then I later pretended to be Z Chen. wahahahha.

today I won’t describe how good the food was cause I don’t have the mood. actually we kinda took an hour to reach there and an hour to reach back college. Wat a waste of time. Ok when and where is the next stop ladies?

Actually I forgot wat I wanted to blog about. *scratches head* oh yeah. HELP is showing French animated films in June. Anyone for ” The Triplets of Belleville“. It seems nice… ANyone? anyone? Happy family? Yi LIn Bong? Mei Shea? Shu Wei? ChienZZ? ANYONE????

Goodness gracious 2morrow is madness. One minute 12 o’clock. our actual time then 2 to suit Encik Faz then 6 coz of Ms Bong and then 5 cause it was supposed to be 5 instead of 6 and then now it’s right back to 11 o’clock in the mornin coz of Ms. Por. Wahhahaahh . 2morrow should be exciting. See U dudedettes 2morrow. Ciao now.

Foundation in Arts

Today I have not much to blog about except good luck to U dudes out there who have quizzes 2morrow. Study hard ar….. so I can study smart. ANyway yesterday before I started studying, me mind was alerady some where else and I came up with a short poem bout LIfe in HELP and well the course I’m studying…

Foundation In Arts,

As tough as playing cards,

To be frank there ain’t no loose parts.

From Durai’s computer concepts

to his students lack of biceps.

The baldness of Bill Quah

could just make us go very far.

Ms. Lorna’s tutorial and Lab

just adds weight to my bag!

Ms. Chia’s CTS

definitely brings out our argumentive BEST.

Perfect English from Mdm Goh,

just makes me feel like she drinks a lot of BOH!!!

Finally, the “you knows” from Mr. Chen

makes us drowsily bent.

But all’s well at HELP’s HMC,

coz U see we’re one big family.

Oh goodness gracious wat got through me mind? wat a lousy ending… anyone can HELP me mend it?

The Friday that is!

Well today is a good day I think that is…… Jac was online for once not being busy. Yippeee. Chat with her for a pretty long while. Kinda miss her. *sob* well she’s not so fine since she lost her wallet with 2000 yen in it. Poor gurl. Anyway have fun in Japan hope to tlak to U again. Good luck in catchin the thief. Why that stupid…… hey the funny thing is she can curse in english there. Hehehhehe how fun eh?

ANyway today is friday and well I had my computing concepts lecture. Had a replacement lecturer cause Mr. Durei was getting hitched. Congrats . The replacement teach was interesting ……… well her class was interesting but have to study after that lar. After class headed to the car park. On the way saw Michelle and Jamie. Seriously I think it’s kinda wierd talkin to Michelle…. there’s like a GAP well got to make things work. ANyway headed to car park and sat AH Mui’s car.

We were headin to SEGAMBUT !!! yeah for seafood noodles. But frasnkly speaking they have a branch in SS2 so actually don’t have to go so far. ah mui left the car park first then waited for angie’s car…. Foooahhh Angie was drivin like a mad man * well technically girl* cut here cut there drivin like how a snake moves. well before that as usual. Takuma was walkin extremely fast to get the “best” seat in Angie’s car….. Ok gurl U can have it!!!

We reached “Got love” actually it’s just “you ai” it’s not even that “you”. cramped 8 people at a 6 people table. Ah mui was chairman. Well let’s see 4 peeps ordered tom yam seafood, Manpreet had laksa, Angie had “claer soup with fishball”? and me and takuma and “clear soup” wit seafood. Bcoz of this takuma mine ended up with kuay teow when I wanted mee hoon. *frowning*

Anyway who cares. Manpreet and Mayyoong don’t eat mussels and lala so me and AH mah had their’s . woah so nice. The hot steaming bowl of hot mouth watering seafood noodles. Just wanna get ur chpstick and start lifting those delicious noodles out of it’s delicate bowl. Slurping away as U drink the sweet taste of seafood in the soup. Mmmmmmmm…… 3 big prawns dozens of mussels and lala, *no crab…….or lobster*, fish and strips of sotong swam around the bowl as U slowly lift it out and place it in ur mouth. The freshnest of the seafood oozing as the noodles and soup compliment it.

Mmm…. taht was delicious so next up we took pics from ah bah’s video cam. woah RM 2000 bucks over there dude. we made silly poses. Ah mui was very cute with her prawn head. And HAppy Family posed with the “carcass” of the seafood. # times mind U so ah mah had to smell it over and over again. muahahahhahahhahahah.

paid the cash and went out and take more pics. posed with ah bah, happy family take mroe pics……. then went to Angie’s car… then this AH Mui go leave Manpreet behind, teruk betul. Apparently she was in front. As we went further in front, we called her and actually she was behind us…. SWT. after that took moer pics and we psycho girl foolowed ZiXian and took her pictures like we were soem private investigators. ROFL. we purposely slowed down at the round about? AH Mui pose somemore. Then as we were heading back to HELP we managed to catch up and took more pics.. Then AH MUi wind down the window and say “wei DAngerous ar!!!!!”

Soon we slowly drop people off one by one, Takuma the first to jump ship. Then AH Bah. Ah Bah I very dissapointed in U ar… I push U out the car U supposed to rolll and lie flat one mar…. didn’t evn do one. Ceh. Heheeheh ok then it was me turn to Jump Ship.

slowly showed Angie where to go as she taked about public bank which her dad used to own the lot which they have the back now. Then she slowly went on bout her “kai Mah” stays round here. ANd then she describe roughly. and then “OMG, she’s my neighbour leh” Serious ar? then as I jumped ship she came down as well. and tried to “masuk ” the rumah. kECOH BETUL. Then say I’m florist pulak. Pukul U ar. FLowers not nice meh?

After that had a nice bathe read the Star Wars special today. Can’t wait for it Duddes ! Nxt layed NFSU2 then “Square pegs”. That’s for not havin ASTRO. had terrific Wantan for dinner then tried to study but the Comp was beckonin me. So I’m back at the comp typin non stop since I oned the comp. Well I was pretty happy today, went psycho with college dudes and chatted with Jac, the Sakura flowers was so Beautiful. CAn’t wait for her to come back , eh Yeen?


Stupid blogger…. *&^^%$@#@$

^ cannot work at home can work at school. &^^%#W@#!%*

Not bad actually. Which means the comps here aren’t half bad.

Today the entry is on MUSIC!!!!!

Takuma said I liked all this wierd wierd unknown singers one. She said that when I was buying “The Killers” album. *Hey who hasn’t heard of the killers anyway?*

It started out with a kiss

How did it end up like this

It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

WEll anyway I think my selection of music is not odd or wierd but rather different. Maybe not so different but it’s not the norm. I prefer emo but now what most of the people listen to is music which is feeded by them through Hitz.fm which had to start playin cool rock, emo since red 104.9 started introducing them to the people of Malaysia.Woohoo rock on dudes, not on weekends though. Hehehhe .

Probably U have never heard of Snow Patrol *introduction of their songs couple of entries ago*, Dashboard Confessionals* Spiderman soundtrack?*, Yellowcard * more famous than the rest I suppose* and so forth. This type of Music makes your headache come faster. Hehhehe. Just kiddin.

Maybe my music taste are a little wierd. I like “nice” songs. Obsessions ain’t half bad and Akon’s Lonely……..

Lonely…… I’m so lonely…… I have nobody……

I prefer more rockish english songs but when it comes to ASian songs like chinese. I prefer the more sentimetal slow ones. Odd ain’t it. Not that the rockish one aren’t nice just that there ain’t a lot of them. Probably chinese singers are more prone to sing such slow and mellow songs. Kinds that could put you to sleep?

Woah time to head off to class. Ciao for now peeps. Can’t wait for Star Wars!!!!!

Rabbit Suicide

Arghhh darn Blog***… lose me last entry when I was trying to publish it. @#%^$&&$@$#^

ANyway. Hi There people, hope U had a nice holiday today and yesterday and the day b4. Yesterday me aunt from Pahang arrived at about 5 so was supposed to follow them to Berjaya Times Square today but went to 1U with friends instead to celebrate there Vat’s birthday. Woke up early to get ready to go out. But had to wait for her anyway…… she overslept. By the time we reached there, Poor Mei Shea had already hanged around for an hour…..

Took lunch at PIzza Hunt on purpose cause we knew that Vat had Pizza yesterday. Wahhahah horrid people we are. Anyway ordered Royal Masala and Island Supreme. Well it wasn’t that bad. though we were given this bread stix that had cinnamon on em plus it smelled wierd. Then went round PS shops? Vat, Ron and Mei each bought a game. I didn’t buy considering……….. I don’t own a PS. Checked out the bowling alley. and saw Gelare…… Mmmmm but I already had ice cream but they let us taste it though. Personally, I felt that the one I haddidn’t taste really good. Next stop we saw a little fashion at the runway. NOthing much to see actually. Just seeing tall skinny people shashaying down the runway in “fashionable” clothes.

Headed to give box and saw the 12 second recorder. Ok the function ain’t half bad but the thing looks kinda odd. After that went to Sinma to check out don’t know what. WE ended up at the make up area painting Vat’s nails with all kinds ok nail polish. and kinda tested some lip liner and lipstick on her as well… Muahahaaahhaah. after that went round showing Mei Shea where to get plain jeans. Now U know?

headed to Times soon after and read humourous books. First it was “The Return of Rabbit Suicide” They had all this cute pictures on how these rabbits kill them self. I particularly loved the one where the rabbit posed as a tenpin. hiihhiiihih. Next book is “A man comes into the bar”, it’s a thick joke book. One of the insults went like this “By calling U stupid, it would be an insult to the stupid.” At 5 came home and went to me gramps house, the chicken with liquor was lip smacking. Mmmmmmmmmm

Had an agreement today, I shall now converse with me “Ah Bah” in english. OK?