Selamat Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya to all mah Muslim friends!

Hope this Raya you’ll get your intake of rendang, lemang and still not pack on the kilos!

Well time sure flies by when one is erm… enjoying every “down” time *in my case, non-peak time* I’m still not quite ready to blog about mah trip down under or my trip slightly up North. But typing it out now makes me wanna blog about it. Tsk tsk tsk… contradicting self.

Ever thought of renting a place and have a “party? These properties seem great. Pricey though. Very pricey. But pretty. Very pretty. Maybe one day. It should be an interesting experience.

I’m having writer’s block. Ciao then.


I’m in Heaven!

It’s not relating to DJ Sammy’s Heaven song, but it relates more to….

Just Heavenly’s Tiramisu

Death by Chocolate

The cakes from “Just Heavenly” are awesome!

I prefer the Tiramisu more though. The Death by chocolate was like being hit with a chocolate bomb! Too overwhelming!

The Tiramisu was well balanced. Creamy, crunchy almonds and that coffee taste. Nicely balanced.

Prices aren’t cheap though. 6″ cakes is RM64? Well worth it though.




Flaming Lamborghini

Date: 16th July

Venue: Ben’s Pavilion

Event: To all the July babies! Huzzah!

Duck Confit Pasta @ Ben’s

Verdict: Food was goooood. I liked the sun dried tomatoes gives it that added KICK!

For those that run outta words to say

Mine was cops and robbers! ❤ running around. Hated falling though. =(

Happy Birthday! : D

Headed over to Overtime Pavilion for a “nightcap”

On the HOUSE!

Super sweet stuff…

The Pavilion’s Overtime was a little dull. It was quite empty on a Saturday night after 10, should be at least half full maybe? Maybe cause it’s considered newly opened. Another downside, the music wasn’t up to it. They were playing chinese emo songs *Actually a trio was singing them*. Bummer.

After that headed to some random “club”, *Actually I don’t even think it’s considered a club in my books, the crowd was…. it’s like there wasn’t a crowd. The tequila was not bad though. =)* and ber-syok sendiri.

I knew some who maybe over-syok-ed a bit. :p

Conclusion: Satisfying! When’s August’s celebration?