Stress Relief

Was pissed waiting for the bus that might not have arrived. What choice do I have now eh? Ate lunch and proceeded to grab a slice of watermelon…

“Wah! So many seeds” “Eat only lar..” Sat at the door looking out at the garden as I chomped into the juicy watermelon. The juice dripped to the ground as I spat the seeds into the dustbin *lol*. How peaceful I wondered.

*Sound of rain: Ti Ta Ti Ta* I paused to make sure it was rain. Had to put the eating on hold and closed the windows. Continued eating at the door. What a lovely sight seeing the drops of rain hit the grass, it makes the grass seem like it’s moving. The smell of rain *or rather the earth* fills the air, ate the watermelon rather slowly. The rain was a short one and as I finished the watermelon, the rain stopped, a butterfly frolicked around the few pots of flowers in the garden. Ah.. what a peaceful day….. Closed the gate and got shocked by the cobwebs staring straight at me.. LOL

What a stress relief… time to feel stressful again… sigh… Cheerios peeps!


Goodbye ’07, Hello ’08


May 2008 be a year of much prosperity,
an abundance of hilarity
and of course, no more absurdity…
*some wish eh…*

hahha may all my readers have a wonderful life in 2008 to bring U to a more wonderful 2009.
May everyone live happily content with what they have,
may they live in good health without major illnesses,
may everyone be able to have food and lodging,
may animals that shouldn’t be killed not be killed,
and finally, may less trees be chopped off.

In ’08, I can’t predict anything except maybe finish my second year, win more contests probably. heheheh *winning more contests is what I want but not necessarily be able to do*

What can I look forward to in the new year?
I can only think of “Sweeney Todd”

but to add Pad Saw’s eagerness into that question
1. CNY house visiting
2. Batting Cages & Futsal *lol…*

I am however looking forward to travelling. Anywhere and everywhere… hehe till then… Have a wonderful year people!

Before I say “Cheerios!” May I ask everyone a question?

What did U do right before ’08 kicked ’07 out the door?