Since started recycling a couple of months back I’ve noticed some pretty disturbing things. The whole World revolves around plastic. Everything is practically packaged with plastic. The produce from the supermarket, bread from the bread shop, packs of chocolates, toilet roll…. everywhere U look plastic everywhere!

Rubbish bins laced with plastic bags, lastic bag hanging around on the floor after a picnic…. A lot of this plastic isn’t recycled… Imagine how the world will be like, non biodegradable plastic everywhere, this is very bad for the environment.. Soon we might have to wear masks everywhere!

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Imagine putting on a mask everytime U go out… No longer can we see each other’s smile, imagine kissing someone….. sigh…. So, I would advise everyone reading this to recycle PLASTIC. If U can recycle other things but I feel recycling plastic is much more important. Reduce your plastic usage. Don’t ask for extra bags from the hypermarket! I’m not asking to stop using plastic all together. Use it if it’s a must, jsut reduce the usage can do a lot of good.



The Unfinished Piece

Here’s something that I would like to share with my readers.. some “art” and my ability to stop working on things halfway through…

This is “The Unfinished Piece”

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Note the intrinsic patterns? Just takes away too much concentration… worst than sudoku… I actually wanted to do this to use for my next skin.. but the scanner can’t work now.. so the “project” is kinda abandoned…. The gray lines are pencil marks and the black lines are ink…

Here’s a photochopped one which I like among the other filters….

“Plastic Unfinished Piece”

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have no idea why I like thsi version the best… I have wierd taste… anyway… I just wanted to post it up to share it… Comment if U want.. not compulsary.. hahaha

KL Pac: Comedy Court

Got a chance to step into KL Pac on yesterday. What a cool place. I suspect it was formerly a factory though… the space is very factory like, but the whole area, Sentul Park, is really pretty!!! It was night time so couln’t really see the true baeuty but it was beautiful at night nonetheless.. They had these wire sofa sets which are pretty amazing but not very comfortable, it’s steel what can U expect huh?

Must be wondering what was I doing in KL Pac anyway? Right, to answer that here’s a picture… *and if U haven’t read the title of this entry*

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The tickets to enter… There’s a small line of words that states the show.. wonder if U caught it…

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Yeap, I went for a Comedy Court’s 10th Anniversorry by Indi Nadarajah & Allan Perera. It was an amzaing show… very funny though I couldn’t get some of the clips because the audio for some of them wasn’t very good. They both have very good voices! Although Allan talked more, thier chemistry was hard to miss. Their impersonations were spot on. Allan with his hat looked a bit like Michael Jackson from the top… hahaha.. wodner if that’s a compliment or and insult…

Shall look forward to shows by them… Wonder if I’ll still have the chance… The show was well worth the money.. It ended rather late though, was kinda tired after that… So people, U still have the chance to catch it and appreciate Malaysian Comedy at it’s best!

Can go to KL Pac’s Website or Comedy Court’s… *Google them, I don’t want to link em.. there are records!*

Cheerios peeps… shall update soon.

Time will tell

“Only time will tell”, what a nice phrase. No? Sigh… now i know why change causes stress *probably also due to the fact that I think too much* I’m trying to be very vague her.. haha too much information ain’t good…

Haiyah… if I don’t say what changed then I got nothing to blog about already…. cis cis… Ok so On with the show! Had a pact with ZX to do something today, I had a delayed reaction, delayed by about 2 hours.. haha.. anyway… The thought of sticking stuff into my eye is really… scary… or terrifying I dunno…. I’m a very timid person… don’t scare me like that…

By the way, I think I look better with specs or maybe I need time to change my perception… and “only time will tell”.. haha

I have some “problems” with the contacts.. I think a large sum of my readers wear contact lenses, they could help me with my erm.. questions? or… statements?

1. How do you actually clean the lens? just soak it in the solution ah?

2. Is it normal to see things a little blur? I’m comparing with the specs btw…

3. Is there an easier way to put on and take out the lenses?

Hmm… I think that’s about it…. erm.. er… do I have any questions……

4. how do u know if there is a tear in the contacts? Need to scrutinize it?

5. How long does it roughly take for u “the contact lens user to wear ur contacts”? haha

ok.. that’s about it.. hope someone could help me.. kakaka ok now.. cheerios! Good Luck for them tests.. people who are taking them..

Should I?

Taking public transport can really test my moral judgement sometimes.

Should I sit at the place allocated for those in need when there is clearly no one in need?

Should I offer the old man my seat when someone else offered before but he rejected?

Should I tell the lady that sat at my place right after I offered my seat to the pregnant lady to buzz off?

Should I tell the lady with her bag open that a man, who thinks its fun throwing rubbish into people’s bag, is throwing things into her bag?

Should I this.. should I that… so should I have done those things? I wonder sometimes.

Should I sit at the palce for the needy until someone needy comes in?

Should I offer the old man the seat again cause he might be tired after awhile…

Should I just let the pregnant lady fend for herself since it wasn’t my seat anymore I couldn’t do anything with it?

Should I just mind my own business and let that darn man, who threw the stuff, to get away scot free and after that block my way out of the bus when it CLEARLY wasn’t his stop… -.-” Idiot…

Sigh… tough decision… maybe next time I’ll change my decision if I have a chance. Till then, cheerios!

P.S. Actually I forgot what else I wanted to blog about.. nyahahaha.. so this will suffice.

Food not Money

What am I doing here??? I’m supposed to be make the best of my opportunities… ok cut to the chase. Do u ever get people coming up to u when ur eating to ask for money? Not the kind that says it’s for some charity homes, *some of those might be true, some not so, but they are the most irritating, they NEVER leave even if U wave them away…*, I’m talking begging, normally the older generation.

Today at the eaterie, I saw 2, one while I was lining up and another when I was waiting to leave, *the persistent one, was around when me & me mates left* anyway, both of the begging ones were quite old, the first one, a guy was holding a cup, a thought of pouring water in it… evil.. I know… I was lining up at that time, so he didn’t approach me.

The second one was a lady, I would say she could be my grandma but she is younger. She was pretty persistent too, maybe she really needed money. Then I suddenly thought that should I just say to her “Are you hungry? If you are, I’ll buy u lunch, but I won’t give you money.”

But, I didn’t ask that.. she left after i ask my mates if I should ask her that… they said “ask lah”. Maybe next time when I see the same kind I would do so…. provided I have enough to buy them a meal… 2 ringgit how to buy anything??

Cheerios now! have a good night