A Wedding Invitation (分手合約)

A friend had recommended me to watch “A Wedding Invitation” after the rather disappointing “The Stolen Years” (被偷走的那五年) and I finally got round to it.

A Wedding Invitation promotional poster

There’s leng chai Eddie Peng in this one and the same lead actress from “The Stolen Years”, Bai Baihe.

Won’t be talking bout the synopsis cause google or the trailer will help you with it.

For me, it was an…. emotional movie. I cried loads. More than “The Stolen Years” although this one wasn’t as depressing.

I do wanna share the song from the movie which I would say pretty much sums up the mood of movie.


Last day of mini freedom

Today is the last day of my study leave and at the beginning of the day I had a list of things I wanted to do. Besides completing that darn exam which hopefully will be smooth but I have doubts. Yipes!

First, I was thinking of changing the entire concept of this blog…. this whole mumbo jumbo about destiny…. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find it. Maybe 10 years from now I’ll look back and think…. well… I seem to have taken the right path. It’s all about choices… choices… choices…..

Maybe all paths lead to the same place?

Secondly, I wanted to figure out my career. I seem to be in a quarter life crisis of some sorts. Too much thinking, no action whatsoever. Nothing ever comes out of it. I feel like I need to go through some sort of a career change. Bot brave enough to do so and not enough research to figure out what else to do.

Thirdly, I wanted to finally select graduation photos to put up but nah…. procrastination, procrastination. It’s almost 2 years now and the frame is still sitting on my desk. Staring at me. Occasionally giving me that dagger stare saying “Oh look! I’m still in my shiny wrapping. Rip me open…. please!”

Forthly, search up on my holiday destinations! I want that itinerary circling my head. Making me think about it all the time and make me want to anticipate my holiday! Can’t wait! But… what am I gonna do there? OH!!! Can’t wait to have organic yoghurt and Campos coffee!!! Campos! Hope you’re still there!

Sadly, I won't be able to see Jacarandas this time round. =(

Next, I wanted to do various other odds and ends, regarding money, playing games, some other odd stuff I don’t remember…. In the end, I ended up napping my afternoon away and watched a movie to cap the day.

Finding Mr. Destiny aka Finding Mr. Kim Jong Wook

It was a sweeeeeeeeeeet movie. Very sweet. Feel good movie I would say. Entertaining but not really the rom com I was expecting. I think I set too high an expectation after Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story. It has it’s moments though and everyone should give it a try. Gong Yoo is adorkably cute too! Heeeeeheeeehheeeeee

Ah…… Relaxing day… but I didn’t accomplish much. Ah well….. There’s a time for everything. *That’s what procrastinators say*

Alright, looks like it’s time for me to end the day and head back to reality tomorrow. I feel like taking flight and not face it. Aish….

Life. Goes on, irregardless of whether you’re participating or not.

Time to get rid of the overgrowth!

The lawn is filled with overgrowth and fallen leaves. Weeds replacing what used to be a thick layer of grassy green. Flowers dead. Leaves dried up. Trees overgrown.

Time for some through and through spring cleaning!

Well… Let’s begin! Alrighty then! The first new post in 4 months!

Goodness gracious, how did it get to 4 months?

Let’s see how shall we spruce this place up?

1st layer

What have I been up to?

The first 4 months of the year was practically spent working. Working. And working. Oh and a little CNY break in between. When I’m free, I just can’t be bothered to do anything else except surf the net aimlessly while looking at the latest kpop news? I honestly think this kpop business is consuming my life. I have no idea how it got so far. But it’s the last episode of the yongseo couple. =(

Right….. dried leaves & dead plants transferred to the compost heap.

2nd layer

Any interesting progress in life in the past 4 months?

Well…. again boring stuff…. haven’t done much. Attended a friend’s wedding. Ex-housemate got married but couldn’t attend. Got promoted. Passed my first professional paper. *thank goodness* Got fatter. Various natural disasters like the flood in Queensland and the tsunami in Japan. I have a feeling this is how mankind will end. Wiped out from natural disasters. Depressing really.

Weeds chopped off!

3rd layer

Any thing to say to your greatly discarded blog?

Erm… gee…. sorry? I’ve been caught up in other things? Yeah! Like that darn kpop website! Uh…. hehehehe…. Well erm… I didn’t have much to blog about…. can’t be blogging bout work, which ain’t exciting at all, all the time can I? You sure do have a point, but 4 months is pushing it. Absolutely! I’ll cut it to 3 months next time! =)

Flowers replanted. Trees trimmed to tip top condition.

4th & final layer

So what do you have to say this time around, blog neglecter of 4 months?

Boy, this here blog sure is bitter. *Blog clears throat*Right! I’ll get on with it!

First up… I think I’ve gotten fatter and fatter and fatter beyond control! Time to do something about it. Even my CNY clothes doesn’t seem to fit properly. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! Sigh…. time to buy new clothes. Anyway…..

Me mums recently bought a cross trainer, me thinks she has been eyeing one for sometime now. She saw an advert for a pretty cheap cross trainer and ask me bro and meself to check out the machine. Machine looks alright. Don’t know how to judge a machine but the salesman/fitness dude explained the machine pretty well. Showed us how it works, the differences with other machines…. the usual sales pitch. Basically the machine is to work out the whole body. Grrrr-rrrrreat! All in one!

So the machine comes and I managed to try it out today. Man… I was tired in the first 5 minutes….. Goodness! Me thinks me fitness level is at rock bottom! On a 1 to 10 scale, I give me self a big fat 0! So I went slower and managed to stay on it for about 25 mins. I covered about 3kms. Interesting. Shall put in more effort when study break comes. Can’t wait for study break! YESH!!! Study break! Can’t wait for holiday too!

Oh I recently watched a movie which is by far the most hilarious movie in a long time. It was surprisingly hilarious.

Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story Teehee!

The movie is pretty old (2009) and it’s already 2011 but it’s still funny. Fine. It can be a a bit crappy and corny but it’s silly funny. =) Well I enjoyed it to bits, expecially the heroine’s antics. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

It’s basically a romantic comedy where girl meets guy and since the show is supposedly tied in with BTS’s 10th anniversary, there’s quite a lot of scenes of the BTS and Bangkok traffic in general.

Personally, it brought a breath of fresh air to my dull life. XD Thinking of the scenes still brings a smile to my face. 😀

Glee time!

Anyone seen the latest episode of Glee!? *Spoiler alert* The one where Blaine kisses Kurt? Like… Oh my goodness! BLAINE kissed KURT!!! They kissed! Like WOAH!

The Strokes

Heard the latest The Strokes album? It’s nice! My kinda stuff. Though gotta admit, it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. Still thinking of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up. THAT is an awesome song!

Anyone going to Bruno Mars? Beiber? Maroon 5? Rain? Hoobastank? Asian Music Festival? Or over to Singapore for The Script? Switchfoot?

Grassy green replanted!


Well… that’s all for today. Thank you for reading and being patient with this blog neglector of 4 months.

Till 3 months…. Cheerios peeps!

Movie nights

Oh no! My blog is become a “dog” (dead blog) hehehe…

Well let’s see how’s life of late. Hmmm… well… well… well…. welllllll……

Right. I watched 2 movies this week. That should be interesting enough.

Movie 1 – Prince of Persia

The "true" Prince of Persia

Was not bad actually. Jake Gyllenhaal is awesome! But princess Tamina is well…. and the romance is hmmm…. but the story is not bad and the action too. The Hassansins are pretty scary to me. It was an entertaining movie. I would give it 3.75/5? I think the guy with the ostriches kinda stole the limelight. “Have I told you about the Ngbaka?”

Movie 2 – Shrek: The Final Chapter

Fear the ogre!

This one was enjoyable too. A bit too short though. But I guess short and sweet is better than long and draggy. A tubby Puss in boots is hilarious. Hohohoh… sadly the 3 blind mice wasn’t in this. Who stole the show this time round? The irritating boy asking for a roar. “Do the roar.” It’s the way he says it. “Do the roar” Funny show. Marks? 3.8/5.

Both movies are entertaining in their own right. Since I didn’t fall asleep in the cinema or felt like closing my eyes, I would say they are worth the watch. Hehehe.

So that’s a little update for now. Cheerios!

Alice in Wonderland

I think everyone is sick of me talking about finding a new hobby and “complain/rave/talk about” work, work & more work. As a matter of fact, I really have nothing to write about. Unless you want me to write about how much I miss Brisbane. Ah! I made a “to do list” feel free to look at it… Apart from that, I feel like…

…such a boring person. Oh well… On a different note, I managed to watch “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice in Wonderland

The storyline is extremely predictable but the joy is in the details. Each character is “mad” *or odd/peculiar/plain weird* in it’s own way.

– The Madhatter is obviously mad, “Why does a raven look like a writing desk?”

– The March hare is nuts. He looks nuts too. Throwing stuff everywhere.

– Tweedledee & Tweedledum are just plain cute & fat… hahahhaha

– The White Queen’s hands are permanently mid air… I quote the review in the Star today… “Airy Fairy”. Definitely spot on.

– Absolem is a little odd though. I have no idea why. I like the start where the white rabbit is bringing Alice to see Absolem and Alice asks who’s Absolem.

The white rabbit replies: “He’s wise, he’s absolute.”

The fat boys (Tweedle brothers) : “Absolem!”

Hehehe… cute little boys…

– The Cheshire cat is well… odd and the fact that he is smiling makes it look quite scary. He does some pretty fanciful acrobatics too.

– I guess you could say I like the “Queen of Hearts” the most. The way she shouts…. “Fat boys!” “Off with his head!” “I need a fat pig!” Fits real nicely. But her character is pretty sad…

– and Alice.. well… she’s not the only odd one.. oh wait she is pretty odd actually. Not as odd as the characters in “Wonderland/Underland”. Odd in what way? I have no idea how to answer that question cause you see… I’m perfectly odd myself.

Overall I would say it’s a fun movie if you look into the details. I would say the characters are played very well. Then again I don’t remember much of the Alice in Wonderland story but the characters make the show interesting. I was sleepy before I watched it and I was awake and fascinated by the oddities. So? Good show!

December is movie month!

Yeap… U read that right! Of course December is movie month! We have “Avatar”! We’re gonna have “The Storm Warriors” too! Oh man! I can’t wait for Avatar…. Now I just need to coerce someone to watch it with me.. hyuk hyuk hyuk.. shouldn’t be that hard though… So I’ll probably watch Storm Warriors first… then Avatar.. cause Storm warriors is coming out first… hehehe… can’t wait Oh! There’s Sherlock Holmes coming out then too… hehehe… anyone? LOL

Anyway.. for the movies in November, I feel like watching Pisau Cukur… anyone interested? I wanna watch 2012 too.. there’s something about disaster movies that attracts the masses. Oh Astro Boy is gonna be shown in November too.. Astro boy looks Caucasian now…

Apart from declaring December as my movie month, I’m still doing the usual things that I have been doing eversince I returned from Brisbane… Which is…. nothing. Ok maybe not nothing. I am working so there is a little income flowing in… but apart from that I’m not doing anything else apart from pondering about my future… Should I work in a bank? Should I work for an accounting firm? Should I be a Management Trainee? Should I be a writer instead *Now.. this one is interesting… what about prospects?*? What do I wanna do? This is ultimately a very tough question… and I won’t know the answers until I actually try it…

I wanna go on a holiday… I wanna get a car… I wanna change my job… I wanna do so many things…. *cue… AAR – I wanna*

I wanna I wanna I wanna go on a holiday,

you wanna go on one too,

Very soon now, but we have no funds,

This holiday’s a perfect crime. *Not!*

I wanna I wanna I wanna get a car,

the car wants me too *this would be very odd….*

I wanna I wanna I wanna change my job,

The job doesn’t want me too,

What job shall I take,

I need to find the perfect job. *weird sounding lyrics..*

Looks like being a song writer is something I can’t do… hehe… I think I need to get hold of my life somehow… It might end up in a ditch somewhere and I wouldn’t even know it… or maybe it’ll even be sold and I won’t even know it! Yikes…. the problems of a graduate…. Ada kerja, tak suka. Tak ada kerja, tak ada wang. Is money that important? 😦 oh well… a lot of things can’t happen without money… and being in a communist country is something which I’m not rellly interested in.. though they actually have their upsides…

Rainbow Song (Niji No Megami)

Wow I just scrolled through my dashboard and just realised an entry on christmas in Brisbane was in the drafts.. gosh! Oh well no one reads em anyway… hyuk  hyuk hyuk… right straight to the point.

Just finished watching Rainbow Song (Niji No Megami)

Rainbow Song's poster

Rainbow Song's poster

Yeap, it’s a japanese movie. It’s about the relationship between the 2 folks up there hanging around on the roof. What happens to one of the main characters is shown at the beginning of the show and the movie is mostly shown in flashback but feels like the present though. There’s also a movie in a movie. hehehe

Compared to other Japanese movies, this was much more entertaining, still pretty saddening eventhough I knew what would happen. *gosh I suck at writing reviews, I don’t critically analyse things!*Anyway, I would recommend this movie, it’s just a simple love story *maybe cause I’m a sucker for love stories that’s why I liked it huh?*

oddly enough, the movie in the movie felt like it was really happening to the female character, she plays the lead role in that mini movie. Maybe that’s why it was interesting. hmm..

Ok I better stop reviewing if I suck at this… I write horrible reviews unless I’m stepping on them… nyahaha..

Cheerios! Go watch it!