I don’t wanna be…. IT *or HIT*

hehehe eeee if U haven’t figured out the title… I’ve been hit!! *tag actually but hit rhymes with it* so I’m IT again… *sounds so unenthusiastic… maybe I’ll do it halfway*

got hit by Zyenn and her blog doesn’t let me copy the excerp about the rule.. 😦 cis cis. gotta go type it… sniff sniff…


RULE: Each player of the game starts off with the 10 wierd things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of thier own 10 wierd things/ habits/ little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose 6 people to be tagged and list thier names. No tagbacks! *while typing the rule I suddenly thought of translating it to malay.. kakakka**shall not do it as too time consuming*

SET….. GO!!!!!!

1. For some reason, I like singing “jingle bells” when it’s not christmas.. when christmas comes.. I’ll sing chinese new year songs… -.-“

2. Fall is my favourite season eventhough we don’t have it here.. I like seeing the leaves fall…

3. Afraid of sharks *not very unknown* time for a little story telling. *saw a picture of a shark in aquaria’s advertisement in a newspaper, wanted to read the article on the page next to it and I could feel the shark staring at me… had to cover the darn shark’s face…. sniff sniff*

4. I’m a home kid… likes staying at home…*home is where the heart is…. I think I saw that somewhere before*

5. I like my sandwiches without any spread, ie, butter, margarine, mayo, bread spread, just the ingredients.

6. Must have music when I’m online, no music and everything seems wrong… even if I only surf for like 5 minutes…

7. I like calling people names.. *which I think is a bad thing* but… but… it’s not degrading or anything… * i think.. hopefully it’s not…*

8. My favourite song at this very moment is actually Roxette’s Dangerous which was released at the end of 1989… like 18 years ago…. hehehehe

9. I actually don’t read my entries again unless I really like it… I just type it and forget about it…

10. I like playing gangster games… *PC games* even my brother doesn’t play em… hahaha proves how violent I am I guess….

Ah yes yes I’m done… don’t think it was very insightful though… I don’t like self-disclosure… hmmm must I really tag people? must I??? must??? ok I shall make the following people “IT”

1. Lobak Mengantuk

2. Orang giler kopi

3. peridot *dunno home to translate*

4. not so evil devil *I think U’ll know who U are*

5. Paddington *kakkaak don’t think U’ll do though*

6. Chien Hui

Ok I shall split now…. cheerios… has anyone found Beary Fishy yet though?


Beary Fishy

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Hi! My name is Blackie! That’s me above! I know it says there Charco, but that’s my younger sibling. I don’t have other pictures and Charco looks exactly like me so I used his picture instead. So back to me, as I said before my name is Blackie. You can call me Mr. Black, Black, Blackstar or Blackie. Now I have a little story to tell, it’s not a chain mail kind of story hopefully you will continue reading as this story is a little about my lovely relationship with my best mate.

See I’m from Doooland, if you still don’t know, I’m a dooodoll. I came to Earth in the year 2004. Other dooodolls came with me too. I didn’t have much friends as I was quite a quiet fellow but in the year 2005, things started to brighthen up. See for some reason whatsoever I became well acquainted with Beary Fishy a fellow dooodoll. We knew each other since 2004 but it’s that kind of relationship where you know the other person and the other person knows you.

On the fortunate day of 19th July 2005, me and Beary Fishy became good friends. I’m glad we got to know each other. Beary Fishy would enlighthen me about all things fish and I would enlighthen him about all things black. My hobby was sleeping and his was fishing. I would occasionally sleep on his fishing excursions. We were like Winnie the Pooh to honey, always together. We went through thick and thin. Rain or shine we would always be together.

However; good things must come to an end and I’m sad to say that before Chinese New Year, Beary Fishy went on his usual fishing excursions. He wanted to catch a big fish for Chinese New Year, besides it was his favourite food. He left on the night before Chinese New Year eve. Beary Fishy’s favourite fishing spot is very far from where we live. Apparently there are much larger fishes at where he fishes. It rained the whole day on Chinese New Year’s eve. Beary Fishy never returned. I waited and waited and no sign of him and his fish.

He just did not come back from his excursion. So here I’m going to paste a flyer in case you find him wandering around some pond or lake.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hopefully you can read the details. If U can’t I’ll tell U about it. His name is Beary Fishy! He looks exactly like the picture. He always has a fish in tow. He smiles a lot too. Oh he doesn’t like people covering his mouth. He has slit eyes. Take his fish away and he’ll growl! He’s orange in colour. When he gets dirty his eyes show the dirt first.

If you see him please contact me. I miss his fishing stories. I don’t want to be alone in the world again. Thanx for listening to my story. I shall look for him somemore. Hopefully he’ll return soon.


Xin Nian Lai Lo…

*Xin Nian Lai Lo…. Xin Nian Lai Lo…..* I found myself singing this day in day out and for people that don’t understand it emans that the New Year is here… the new year refers to the chinese one of course…. this year is the year of the Boar, apparently the Boar is the last zodiac of the 12, what are the 12 I shall nto name them cause that would be too draggy.

So far, them cookies has been baked, decorations are a 1/4 put up, the house is 2/3 clean? haha.. jeez I really ahve no idea what to blog about. Never mind, a great celebration is approaching and I can’t wait to eat the cookies… kakakkaka cookies galore…

going back to me hometown and can’t wait to eat the cendol…. kekeke no wonder people like me get heavier after Chinese New Year… everything also “sapu” *translation: sweep*. Oh I have this theory why people eat a lot during Chinese New Year. The theory goes like this,

“The chinese work so hard makng sure thier house stays clean, they bake wonderful delicacies and logically those 2 tasks use a lot of energy so they lose at elast a little weight. So when Chinese New Year comes they can replenish thier weight. no?

I heard a Chinese New Year song that day and it’s stuck in my head. it’s by a well known Malaysian singer but I don’t wanna sing it here cause I dunno the lyrics… ahahhahaha *mo tian ai ah mo tian ai… la la la la la la… la la la… la la la la la… hey hey la la la hu hey….. * heheh hmm what other chinese new year song neh? never mind later…

actually this year there doesn’t seem to be much CNY spirit hanging around as the college only gave us 2 days off…. =.= only 3 days of celebration… -.-” *sangat pancung steam* worst thing is that there’s an assignment due right after the “holiday” and then 2 weeks after that another one… =.= ah well who cares… can still go jalan jalan on the off days… kekekekek..

Hmm who’s cookies shall I “sapu” this year? so bad.. go “sapu” people’s one then the house one later don’t eat… kakaka

oh oh them blog host forced me to change to the new blogger so I’m using the new blogger… -.-” ah well… change is inevitable…

to end this entry today I shall type one last CNY song… *qi ge long dong qiang dong qiang.. wo yao qu bai nian…..* ok now I cabut… kakak oh Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

ooo joy, JOY!

I know I jsut blogged yesterday but this I MUST BLOG!!!! some really really great news to share with all the masses… I feel so overjoyed right now…

Ok today I came back from college, help me mum make some cookies *which reminds me that I forgot to get them recipes for the evil devil* Oh I heard DC’s Stolen on the radio which made me feel pretty happy *cause they deserve the airplay!* then played a game for awhile till it hanged on me. Checked my mail instead and something was waiting in there for ME!!! *obviously for me lar.. my mail mar*

something very peculiar from samsung… *peculiar cause the monthly newsletter already came* opened it and a double whammy!

Here it goes….

Congratulations! We are proud to inform you that you are the prize winner of “XMAS CONTEST” contest in Samsung Fun Club.

You have won yourself a brand new SAMSUNG SGH-X820 mobile phone!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Are U freaking kidding me????? I can’t stand this…. *ok it was a single whammy but I totally HUGE one….*

so I went and check online and YES!!! I did win!!! wahahahha I feel so overjoyed…. hehehe I can change my phone now… oh it’s one of the ULTRA editions!!!! AH Ah… I so wanted it… though it’s not clamshell but who cares… although it’s a candybar phone but who cares? I WON it!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Ok enough now.. so darn happy I could fly right now…. the little downside is that I gotta go collect it… anybody want to teman? gotta collect before CNY or they’ll forfeit it… hehehe ok I better go now.. tvb drama is waiting for me… wallalalala … darn the joy of winning something is really really overwhelming!

Away searching for something…

Dear readers, I will be on a little voyage to search for something…. so naturally this blog will be at this state for awhile without new updates and so forth. Reasons for this little “voyage”

1. The laziness in me has taken over

2. CNY is coming so helping out has overtaken blogging as something to do.

3. Assignments are cropping so that too is of utmost importance.

4. Mundane daily activities aren’t interesting

5. too busy trying to figure out how to work a programme related to #3

6. A new game has been installed and boy will I cut my online time for that…

Oh well that’s all… just a little short entry…. oh something funny I saw today. I was at the night market and there was this couple that brought thier dog there… I didn’t see it so Iw as pretty terrified when turned around and saw a furry fuzzball behind me legs…. kakakkaka BUT that’s not the funny thing…

the funny thing was that there was this lady A talking to lady B, Lady A was giving directions so she was pointing here and there… naturally in a night market there would be a lot of people walking around… so Mr. C comes a walking and lady A just smacks her finger across Mr.C’s face. Kind as Mr.C was, he just walked away… and Lady A realised she hit Mr.C and stopped pointing around… kakakka

Ok that’s all. get back to #5 oh and by the way… I ain’t going away on a voyage… just running away to some wonderland?