Excitement: Rising. Energy: Depleting

Exhausted from all the activity that has been buzzing around me. Bzzz…. Bzzz…. there goes my energy. Got a quick recuperation a couple days back but it was all gone again today. This is so darn tiring. Anyway, since the last entry, I’ve moved to a friend’s place, and a few days right after moving, *we* headed for New Zealand! Woohoo!. Just got back a couple days ago and my mum and bro are arriving in Brisbane in approximately 2 hours 45 minutes. Very interesting stuff. Where I’m bringing them? I simply haven’t a clue. *Hmmm… maybe I should think about it now, rather than rattling on about odd randow stuff that just don’t make sense in any particular manner except well… maybe… to me?

Anyway, a couple of interesting events in the New Zealand trip.

– Awesome activities! Did skiing and paragliding. Fell down about 5 times when I was skiing, 3 involved people. Paragliding isn’t as scary as it seems. Very fun though. The views are amazing! Stargazing! We can actually see Jupiter shining brightly at us. We could even see the Milky Way! WOW!

– missed an all important bus ride cause we mis-remembered the departure time, ZX chased the bus driver. Ok good, the driver is returning. An hour later, still waiting. The bus ain’t coming back. Bought new bus tickets, the last one for the day, 30 minutes or so after bought new tickets, a lady says, the first bus got stuck in snow that’s why it was late. Oh goodness!

– had a really early flight on the last night we were in NZ. The taxi was coming at 4:30pm. Slept at about 11+. Got awaken by a blaring alarm, looked at my friends and wondered what was going on. Fire Alarm! Woke another friend up. *Imagine she can sleep through a fire alarm… interesting.* Just woke up but my mind was still thinking. Wore all the jackets I laid on my suitcase for tomorrow, the rest wore their pyjamas. It was cold definitely! 4 fire engines came, it was a false alarm though.

– Picturesque scenery. They are so darn beautiful, no camera can capture it’s beauty. A picture is bound by it’s frame, a landscape has no limits and what one sees is limited only by their eyes. The snowcapped mountains and its reflection on the lakes are so beautiful.

– got slightly well, then got sick again. Yikes! Not a fun experience.

– Experienced the coldest weather of my life. I think we were actually stargazing out in the open when it was -7 out. that is just crazy!

– I touched snow! Snow! The best snow was at Mt Cook National Park. The snow was so soft and powdery. Made a really mini snowman too, just the shape, no eyes or mouth or anything. Poor snowman. Had a mini snow fight. *snow fight cause we didn’t make it into a ball* Got hit by a snowball and it hurts. Those darn snowballs are painful!

– Hiked up a glacier. Very interesting experience. Did ice climbing too! No more rock climbing for me… hahaha

Ok… I’m getting sleepy again. I just woke up… aish.. anyway, going to get ready to pick my family up form the airport. Cheerios now!


Manors. Out.

Was called awake by some stranger who told me that the cleaners were coming in half an hour at 7:30am… I want my sleep back. Woke the others and headed out carrying my none closeable laptop around… hahaha

Was obviously late. They didn’t mind, so all was fair. So I’m typing this here entry half asleep, or half awake for that matter… It’s still extremely cold and the wind is so strong it could topple a tree *ok, maybe not that strong* I think I should go sleep now… zzzz…..

Anyway, this will be the last day we’ll be here. The last time we set foot into our own unit, the last time we can see the swimming pool from our balcony and probably the last time looking out of our unit and see the coconut trees swaying in the wind. It’s beautiful this here place, I must admit that. I’m a little too exhausted to realise that we’ll never be back here again. The unit is empty now, only 2 laptops whirring and a person trying to sleep and another typing on the laptop. The cleaners? Well, I’m waiting for them to clean the walls, so the next ones aren’t here yet.

Let’s see, apart from cleaning and moving out and everything… well, I think I’ve fallen sick. Too heaty, not enough rest, not enough water, not enough of everything… Man! what time is that dude coming?

Anyway… I would miss this place… Why not? I spent a year of my life living here, of course I’ll miss it. It’ll be part of my memory forever… *and ever, you’ll stay in my heart… and I will…* Then again I’ll miss walking to classes, miss walking across the road to Oval 7, miss walking across the bridge and seeing the swimming pool, miss pressing the buzzer and start weird conversations, miss opening the door and say “tadaima”, miss the housemates, miss scaring my housemates.. hahaha Miss everything in general….

Oh well.. time for me to get some shut eye, doesn’t seem like the cleaner is coming…

Manors. Out.