This Time Last Year

Time for some reminiscing… this time last year I was probably just waking up to start work…. talking about work I kinda miss it… went back there on christmas eve to remember how it felt working there and the friends I made there with the beloved yi lin bong.

So do U guys remember what U were doin this time last year…. actually I myself have no idea probably goofing of at work hahaha…. So it’s goin to be new year ain a couple of days… wonder how next year will be… ok this entry I’m supposed to reminisce about last year… so I’ll try not to move outta topic…

Let’s see… according to previous posts I would have worked for a week and 5 days this time last year…. not counting the 29th of December 2004. Probably working me butts off…. pleasing people…. ehehhe This time last year I would have been tired as hell… but now i”m relaxing at home doing just about nothing. Last year I was busy earning money… this year… I think most of it is gone now…. *darn spenthrift* This time last year I was mixing with a couple of Monash people, and speaking lousy cantonese with Krystle. Main-main with some Maluri kiddos… playing with the kitchen small kids and curi tulang at the back of the restaurant… hahaha

This time last year I would have already grown sick of the songs playing repeatedly in the restaurant… I would have collected a pretty decent sum of tips… *yeah right* wow so little to talk about.. I feel like talking about this time early this year but the topic is this time last year.. maybe next year then I’ll do that….

Oh well that’s about it for today… I jsut wanted to remind myself of all the wonders at work…. and yeah Strawbs probably u’re working at the wrong place…. eheheh Oh well people ciao for now see U next year… HAPPY NEW YEAR people… hope it’s a fun and joyous one…. darn now I gotta go worry about me results… ain’t helping when me mum is seating right here waiting for them too I think… hahahah… *nah ain’t gonna worry.. wat’s done is done… U can’t possibly go back in time and make amends*


Dong Zhi

Have fun celebrating Dong Zhi people… Dong Zhi the day where the “Tong Yuen” prevails… I ain’t gonna talk about the Dong Zhi festival… I just wanna reming U to take Tong Yuens hehe..

Ok so today is Dong Zhi and I had to help me mum make the Tong Yuens… Woke up at… 7 *gosh wat dragged me outta bed?* ok so woke up chilled out for awhile ebfore starting to roll them Tang Yuen at 9… by the way.. I think I rolled them to big….

ok after that did some other chores and then got ready for the karaoke session with Marshy Strawbs and Yi Lin Bong.. poor Evil Devil couldn’t make it…. *kena food poisoning pula :(* so waited for Strawbs to fetch me… waited for ten minutes then called her to ask whether she was lost….. *well it only takes about 2-3 mins to reach my house from hers…* mana tahu she wasn’t lost but was eating Tong Yuen and while waiting for her I actually refused a bowl of Tong Yuen caused I thought she was coming soon… cis…

oh well fetched me then headed for Bong’s house…. reached curve at 11.20am too late for the 11-2 slot…. so in the end we went for the 1-4 one instead…. hanged around looking for wat to take for lunch… settled on Vivo’s but that darn shop’s kitchen wasn’t open yet…. told us to come back in half an hour or an hour…. *by that time lunch crowd also gone alread lar… -.-“* Went to uncle Lim’s for nasi lemak instead…. *took nasi lemak for 2 days in a row already*

Headed to red box and went in.. small cozy room for us… can fit 5 just nice I think…. regardless.. had a wonderful time…. got pretty frustrated looking for Strawbs’s song though…. and this was the first time I actually sang a Britney Spears song in Red Box… wahhaahha hilarious…. *Hit me baby one more time……* the “Baby… Hit me one more time” was kinda short lived though.. cause the song was cut 25% of it…. regardless compensated with other hits like “sometimes” “from the bottom of my broken heart” … “I’m not a girl not yet a woman” whahahaha how nice…. And for the first time ever I didn’t have to see the darn JC’s face for more than twice in a row.. whahahah…..

I actually noticed certain songs must be sung… “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi is actually a pretty good karaoke song… U can just scream into the mic… another is Emil Chau’s “Peng You”… those I feel are the must… Now for me.. I must sing a Wang Lee Hom song… must have B.A.D’s “Wo De Chuo” and Enrique Iglesias “hero”.. heheh

Oh darn forgot to sing Aerosmith’s “I don’t wanna miss a thing”.. oh well… Lifehouse’s “You and Me” was pretty nice too… Ok so at 3.55pm we were actually kinda waiting for the bill to come… then 4pm and tehy still haven’t chased us out of the room yet.. then we felt kinda odd.. so we asked one of the workers… he said “since no one is using the room yet, U’ll can continue singing.” Bong:” Got extra charge or not ?” He said:” no extra charge, if got extra charge look for me.” I tried to see his name but he was kinda rushing to go off.. so we continued to sing until 5.20pm… after Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” and Michael Wong’s “Tong Hua”. We wanted to avoid the jam…..

Foo.. so in the end sang for almost 4 and a half hours for only 8 bucks per person.. that’s like 2 bucks an hour… wow…. how wonderful… I shall return for more fun someday…maybe with the evil devil eh? Didn’t know they had such a rule where if no one else is waiting for the room we could continue singing…. lovely….

Ok came back and ate Tong Yuen.. those with fillings inside which was bought burst in the end… I think only the red bean ones burst but the sesame seeds were find.. it wasn’t half bad… the once I made are still in the fridge.. maybe another bowl 2morrow…. Well ok time to sign out… oh BTW have a wonderful CHRISTMAS people… hohoho

Smiling Presenter

Hmm well let’s see.. in higher education one has to do tonnes of presentations….. this presentations ain’t easy mind U.. there might be plenty of em even in a term.. the most so far for me is well em…. 3 in a semester…. well while presenting me english oral this semester I noticed that I tend to smile while giving me presentations..

There are a couple of explanations for this

1. I like smiling?

2. I smile because the people I’m presenting to are smiling at me?

3. ah.. to release stress….

4. *the most ridiculous* because I’m to used to smiling when I face a large crowd of people…

I’ll kind of explain the 4th explanation… see I joined the choir in secondary school… and well choir people have to smile when they sing.. I think I got to used to the smiling while singing thing that now even when I’m presenting stuff I smile and speak at eh same time… ridiculous it may sound but I feel it’s the most logical explanation …. hehehe *heck if U people have better explanations give em to me…. *

AH another explanation… I jsut like to smile? so doesn’t make sense.. I’m not MS after all.. hahaha jsut kiddin dear Marshy Strawbs… oh well I think that’s it for a short little entry this oh so wonderful afternoon jsut nice for sleeping…

Oh yeah and for some reasson whatsoever.. I’m hooked on the song “Last Christmas” popularised by WHAM!….. Oh yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! people… and have a wonderful new year too….

Of All Things…. Korean

Of all the movies….. I choose Korean…. I simply wonder…. I ain’t a fan of tehir dramas… but a big fan of their movies…. *maybe not a big fan, I just enjoy em* Well anyway korean movies aren’t half bad… surprisingly they are nicer then the usual fare…. Probably the storyline is kinda original…

Why Korean Movies?

1. Hollowood movies are just too… well.. Hollywoodish… can’t really explain this… well I don’t think it is really worth my money .. especially the chic flics…. 6 dollars down the drain…

2. Chinese movies are too predictable…. besides, too many police /gangster shows… so far haven’t really seen one which I was really happy with… Though I can’t awit to watch Perhaps Love and SPL…

3. Bollywood movies… Now this is kinda rare… I only watch them on TV if there is Shah Rukh Khan in em…. or Aishwarya Rai for that matter…

4. Local movies…. Oh terrible.. only a few rare gems here and there… *technically, only a couple in a really long time* maybe I haven’t given em a chance to prove itself…

5. Japanese movies… don’t get a lot of em here… cause it’s the Hallyu at the moment… I prefer their dramas anyway…..

So Korean movies are the best bet… besides… I’m looking a comedy that can make U cry and a sad movie that can make U laugh… where else can U get them.. Korean Movies of course… Now time for a brief *lengthy actually* glimpse of the korean movies I have watched…

My Sassy Girl (Romedy *Romantic Comedy*)

Ah… my all time favourite korean movie… It’s funny, sad and romantic…. awww…. Ok… the show is actually a true story which makes it extra touching…. It’s about Kyun Woo (Cha Tae Hyun) who meets a drunk girl (Jeon Ji Hyeon) at a train station…. and their relationship further on…. The show was nice…. it even had a nice soundtrack…. Now everytime I hear *the original* “I believe” I’ll remember the scene where Kyun Woo bring’s the girl *I don’t think they mention the girl’s name through out the whole show* to the motel, he lays her on the bed and stares at her… later he gets busted for I forgot wat… *rape I guess.. hehe*

Fav moment: The girl asks Kyun Woo he’s fav piano piece and plays it in her class while Kyun Woo brings a flower to her

2009 Lost Memories (Action)

A little science fiction piece actually… A colloboration between Japan and Korean show I think… It’s set in 2009 and Korea is taken over by Japan… It starts with a little hostage situation in a museum I think…. A korean is then shot by Masayuki Sakamoto (Jang Dong Gun). His partner is Shojiro Saigo (Toru Nakamura). The story is about Masayaki Sakamoto realising a secret which will eventually bring him back to the past to make history right itself….
It’s a pretty nice movie if only I had enough tape to see the ending…. jis…

Fav Moment: No fav moment here cause I don’t rememeber.. I only rememeber the part where history is changed and later on when history is changed back…. hehe

Windstruck (Romedy)

Ah.. another lovely romedy…. this is also one nice romedy… though there were a lot of wind…. the show starts with Kyung Jin (Jeon Ji Hyeon) trying to commit suicide…. then we are brought back to the past…. We are showed how she meets Myung Woo (Jang Hyuk). Myung Woo sees a snatch thief and tries to catch the thief, Kyung Jin a police officer thinks Myung Woo is the thief and tackles him down… That’s hwo they met.. a little silly but… well… a little different… Soon they are a couple and Myung Woo a school teacher constanly helps Kyung Jin in her police missions and in one dangerous mission where she asks him not to join in… he gets mistakenly killed and Kyung Jin thinks she’s the one that shot him…. Soon she gets promoted and she seems to have some sort of wind protection which I believe is Myung Woo’s reincarnated self…
Woo now only I realised that this movie is directed by the same person as My Sassy Girl.. No wonder….

Fav moment: The ending when Jeon Ji Hyeon looks for the person that will replace Myung Woo… She looks for the person at the subway and is near the tracks when the train is arriving.. she is pulled back by that guy who is none other than Cha Tae Hyun… how ironic…. Jeon Ji Hyeon and Cha Tae Hyun’s characters in My sassy Girl met at the subway too… hehehe
the other fav moment is when Myung Woo brings Kyung Jin atop a hill and enjoy the wind…

Il Mare (Romance Melodrama)

Ah… now this is one original film…. Hollywood is gonna remake this one with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock taking the leads.. ANyway that’s Hollywood… now back to the korean flick… Il Mare means “by the sea” *if I rememeber it correctly* It is the name of the house where both the main characters stay in… ANd I must say…. this is one BEAUTIFUL house…
the movie starts with Kim Eun Ju (Jeon Ji Hyeon) moving out of “il mare” and into her new house… she’s expecting a letter so she puts a letter in the mailbox for the next owner in case the letter arrives U see.. But somehow the letter ends up in teh past and lands into “il mare’s first owner Han Sung Hun (Lee Jeong Jae). He’s the one that named the house… so the story of their relationship starts and how the guy cheats his death…. It’s a pretty sad movie…. I fairly enjoyed it.. maybe becasue I wasn’t in the mood for tear dropping that day….

Fav Moment: This might be a bit ridiculous but the time Sung Hyun named the place “il mare” and when he walked the bridge to the house towards the end of the movie….

P.S. Sung Hyun actually made a house for the one he loves *which is Eun Jo* cause that the hosue was escatly how Eun Jo described her dream house…. Oh.. so nice…..

Please Teach Me English (Romedy)

Nah Young Ju, Candy (Lee Na Young) a government clerk is sent to attend an english course… at the class she meets Park Moon Su, Elvis (Jang Hyuk) who is apparently attracted to english speaking women…. She soon falls for Elvis… and strives to excel in her english…. phew wat a short synopsis… well this show didn’t have much impact on me… jsut another funny romantic movie…

Fav Moment: Oh dear don’t remember a single thing about it… oh well none then….

Too Beautiful to Lie (Romedy)

Another movie I saw on TV. It’s about Joo Young Joo (Kim Ha Neul), a con girl who was just released from jail because of good behaviour….. she meets Choi Hee Chul (Kang Dong Wan) who is going to propose to his girlfriend. They of course start off on the wrong foot… soonHee Chul gets rob of the ring *actually he was pick pocketed* seeing the pick pocketing occur Young Joo steals the ring back but is unable to give the ring back to Hee Chul. She goes to his hometown to return it.. and thus misunderstanding occurs and Hee Chul is unable to propose to his girlfriend without a ring… And like any normal romantic movie, they fall in love….. awww…

Fav moment: Hee Chul and Young Joo sitting by the lake towards the end of the movie… Can’t explain why…

P.S. I actually found Kang Dong Wan rather cute…. he’s not all that attractive… he looks liek teh dumb dumb kinda guy.. oh well pretty adorable that is…

My Tutor Friend (Romedy)

A TV movie… *cause I watched it on TV… by far the worst korean movie I have seen… maybe because it was the Tv’s cutting that made it so bad….. Or maybe I wasn’t paying much attention to it…. Oh well it’s about poor college student Choi Su Wan (Kim Ha Neul) who has to give tuition to pay for her fees. Her latest tuition student is Kim Ji Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo), her mum’s friend’s son. Ji Hoon is actually the same age as Su Wan but for some reason I don’t recall he is still in high school… Ji Hoon falls for Su Wan when she loses a bet that to him I think or before that I had no idea…. *probably due to lousy chopping*.. Anyway suffice to say it wasn’t all that funny… don’t want to continue typing.. might provoke some Kwon Sang Wo Fans….

Fav Moment: The couple goin on a date where Ji Hoon prepared a gift for Su Wan

She’s on Duty (Comaction *Comedy Action*)

AH now this is a nice one… A nice action comedy with a little hint of romance…. perfect… Chun Jae In (Kim Seon Ah) is a police officer who we see foils a mission and is soon sent undercover as a student to get close to Seung Hee (Nam Sang Mi) a big crook’s daughter… Jae In however hated her high school life… she was the school’s gangster and was poor in her academics….. The hilarious thing is… in her portfolio the cops put her as a top student from her previous school…. On her first day she already beats the girl gangster… she also meets Kang No Young (Gong Yoo) who I suspect is working for the big crook to protect his daughter….. Jae In tries very hard to be freinds with Seung Hee but fails miserably…. soon everything falls into place and the action happens with some pretty fine moves…

Fav moment: Jae In finally becoming friends with Seung Hee and When No Young beat up the fake thugs *they were cops*.

P.S. Gong Yoo looks so bergaya…. *swoon*

Whasango High (Comaction)

This is the silliest show ever…. It’s about Whasango High… a high school for students with special powers… A legend has it that a Secret Manuscript is being passed down… whoever that inherits the Secret Manuscript will rule the world. there are many people after theSecret Manuscript…. Song Hak Rim (Kwon Sang Woo) a prefect like student at Whasango High, Jang Ryang (Kim Soo Roh) the captain of the weight lifting team and the person who strives to bet eh best in WHasango High. Even teh vice principal is after the secret manuscript… Another strong contender comes into the picture…. Kim Kyung Soo (Jang Hyuk) who has almost finished his quota for high schools….. he enters the picture and Hak Rim can sense his power… The fight for it is the main story here….

Fav Moment: Kyung Soo hiding behind a target when trying to protect his love from Jang Ryang…. So adorably cute… Oh Jang Hyuk was really adorable in this one…

Taegukgi (Dramaction *Drama Action*)

Now this is one tear jerking movie…. it is set during the korean war and tells teh story of 2 brothers…. Lee Jin Tae (Jang Dong Gun) and Lee Jin Seok (Won Bin) who gets drafted into the army. The story is actually about brotherhood… it tells of how Jin Tae tries to get his brother sent home by trying to get the Medal of Honour… but halfway through he loses his motive and is engrossed in the hype of being a hero at war… this soon tears the brothers apart… I actually started crying when Jin Tae’s fiancee got killed… didn’t stop crying till the movie ended…. what a touching movie….

Fav Moment: At the start where Won Bin is eating a popsicle and when the old Jin Seok receives a call saying that his brother’s body was found and he go visits his brother…

Lover’s Concerto (Romance melodrama)

Phew the latest of my korean movie craze… this is another touching movie…. Kim Ji Hwan (Cha Tae Hyun) is a taxi driver *I think* he is working and studying at the same time… he receives strange letters that contain pictures and then we are brought back to 5 years ago…. Ji Hwan likes taking pictures… he also works at a cafe… while working he falls in love at first sight for Shim Soo In (Son Ye Jin). He confesses his love for her but is politely rejected… though they remain friends together with Soo In’s best friend Kim Kyung Hee (Lee Eun Joo)…. they spend a lot of time together… Ji Hwan soon falls for Kyung Hee and vice versa. After a while however.. they suddenly disappeared from Ji Hwan’s life….. This show had a really sad ending…. Oh by the way… Shim Soo In and Kim Kyung Hee actually changed their names in the show so actually… Son Ye Jin plays Kim Kyung Hee and Lee Eun Joo plays Shim Soo In… confusing eh?

Fav moment: The three looking at the trees with “snow” under a coat…. and when Ji Hwan became friends with Kyung Hee and Soo In

Fav Quote: “I have fallen in love””That’s a good thing””I hurts so much, but I don’t want the hurting to stop”it was in the movie the 3 friends were watching…

WOah so that’s a bout it…. I didn’t write about the horror korean flicks liek teh sisters and the phone though…. I didn’t write about Japanese Collobaration og Kyoko Fukada and Won Bin in Friends too…
What I learnt from watching Korean movies..

1. The koreans have pretty original script writers….

2. I learnt a little korean….

3. Korean guys aren’t all that attractive but they have their very own charm

Some korean words I learnt

1. Annyeong Haseyo *means “hi” I think*

2. Kamsamida *thank U*

3. Abaji *father*

4. Whey.. *why?*

5. yipsayo…. no idea wat this is…

I actually noticed soemthing writing this really long blog… I actually like Jeon Ji Hyeon Movies…. and korean comedy flicks…. Currently waiting for “My Boyfriend is type B” .. going to watch “Spin Kick” soon… and I’m anticipating the release of Jeon Ji Hyeon’s “Daisy”

Well that wraps up my entry today…. if U need to exercise ur tear ducts U can always rely on Korean dramas….. hehehe