I Think…

Again, I think I think too much. I think things are simple but I jsut like thinking? muahahha…  So for this post, I’ll start each paragraph with “I think…” *apart from the first paragraph that is* muahahhaha

I think… for probably the first time since I entered college I’m feeling as if I can’t finish my assignment, but if I think I can’t, how come I’m still feeling relatively relaxed? My games are still beckoning me to “come play”. I’m still surfing online for dunno what rather than taking pictures for my assignment… *Tune to Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss: Oh where, oh where can my Motivation be… The lord took it away from me… LOL…*

I think… the tv’s in the bus aren’t really reaching it’s audience. Yes, they have TV’s in buses now! Most of the content are in english, apart from a malay speaking Karen Kong keep reminding people on the bus that they are watching AsiaMedia Transnet and that she needs Hello Kitty’s help. Apart from that it’s all in english, although today there was “Wakenabeb”, Malaysian version of Punk’d? Now should be the right time to ask the question, “Who are the wants that often use the bus?” I don’t know about you but, i think it’s generally the non english speaking people. Besides, when one is packed into a bus, who wants to watch tv when you feel so darn uncomfortable with everyone squashing you from all directions, and you need to figure out if anyone is trying to pick your pocket or harass you or whatever that happens in packed public transport.

I think… I need new hobbies. What kind of hobbies? I dunno… Come to think of it, I don’t think I even have hobbies to start of with… GASP! Anyone wants to watch some international screen movie? visit the national art gallery? hmm what else? hahah i dunno.. less mall stuff and more other stuff? Oh well…

I think… I should get back to my assignment, cheerios people, by the way, Beauty & the Beast the broadway musical is coming to town in late June. I think I might go… lol

I think… therefore I’m alive.


2 thoughts on “I Think…

  1. how I went to ur blog? I stumbled onto it.. lol.. erm.. masa terlalu banyak.. Aku click sana sini termasuklah.. wahahhaha….

    Tapi kerja pun perlu “think” kan?

    Ok.. sedang mula sekarang… mula tak bermaksud habiskan.. lol

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