Oh! So Free! II

First up, let’s talk about Saturday Night… * Saturday Night, Saturday Night! Aiyaiyaiyai… * March 8th was election day and the masses turned up to vote for / against the past government… anyway.. I don’t wanna talk about politics, since I’m not that interested in it. Maybe not now. Anyway, I attended my neighbour’s son’s wedding, in Putrajaya. It was a pretty huge place, they had 96 tables… *gasp* *probably had a mini ceramah.. hahaha* They also had 2 screens. The wedding was like any other normal wedding, the bride & bride groom appearing dramatically from teh back door, slideshows of th couples’ pictures, speeches by the parents of each side and food. *hehe*

After the speeches ended, the main screen started showing the news on tv, as the results were being announced. Throughout the night, the table I was at *other neighbours*, as well as people from other tables were busy with their phone. Some receiving news of results, some spreading the results, some rejoiced at the result. By the way, the table finished 2 bottles of wine… The table was particularly glad that a certain minister was out… Hyuk hyuk… Looks like the election took the limelight away from the couple…

Quite an interesting wedding this one, by the way, the couple didn’t manage to “yum seng” with all the tables so they had a mass “yum seng” instead. By the way, this was the best wedding dinner I have ever attended, I particularly liked the dessert. Hyuk hyuk…

Now for “oh! so free! II” I was kinda bored at home as the computer was taken, the tv had nothing interesting on, the sofa / bed wasn’t beckoning, the magazines were making me feel like the sofa/ bed was beckoning, didn’t want to start reading another book, so…. I “experimented” *euphemism for played around* with the camera and took some crappy shots. Here is the collection of crappy shots:

My favourite pic… and the garden one too…

Well that’s all folks, come back next time for more “Oh! So Free!” shots.


6 thoughts on “Oh! So Free! II

  1. =) hehe.. suddenly feel like taking more pictures.. wahahhaha

    my house very big meh? how can u tell?
    I take picture of windows and “ornaments” only wor…

    oh… the first shot not bad.. hahahaha…

    I think the pictures look nice cause the camera is good.. whahaha

  2. it’s a person creativity and skill..

    if someone lack of that.. give u most expensive camera also no use

    and again.. everyone has their own creativity.. their own way of seeing things and want things to potray..

    so it’s nice

  3. Hahaha.. ok yes yes thank U thank U.. it’s all because of my wonderful capabilites…. the next one got more pictures.. hehe

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