Thank you 2013. Happy 2014!

Thank you 2013 for all the memories, good and bad, and may 2014 be a happy and peaceful year for all. Personally, a new beginning for me.

I normally recap on what happened during the year. Wasn’t much great things that happened in 2013 but I shall try to highlight the good times!

February – Chinese New Year and had an awesome buffet at Renoma Cafe. Really tasty stuff. May consider going again.

Foie Gras. Never tasted it before this. Pretty tasty stuff.

Foie Gras. Never tasted it before this. Pretty tasty stuff.

– White Water Rafting & Canyoning at Sungai Kampar

Finally crossing things off my “To Do List” while I save money to head on over to Greece.

July – US Tour (Vegas, San Fran, NYC)

T’was an awesome trip. Such a beautiful country. Will very likely re-visit.

Vegas Baby! Where I really absolutely behaved.

Vegas Baby! Where I really absolutely behaved.

"The Crookedest Street" at Lombard Street.

“The Crookedest Street” at Lombard Street.

Times Square!

Times Square! Forever bustling with people.

– Dining in the Dark KL

No pics cause well, it’s dark. Eating in the dark was surprisingly easier than expected cause the restaurant actually compartmentalised the food for the diners to eat it easily. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience. Helps in eating in cinemas in the future.

September – The Killers Battleborn tour

Finally was able to see one of my favourite bands perform. Dream come true. Brandon Flowers is still good looking in my books ❀

If only Mr ipad at the front would take his ipad down for a moment throughout the concert.

If only Mr ipad at the front would take his ipad down for a moment throughout the concert.

– Standard Chartered KL Marathon

2nd time running the 10km and I recorded a slower time. Bummer. Must practice harder for 2014’s!

Prefer last year's medal to this one. But, it's still a nice medal to keep. :D

Prefer last year’s medal to this one. But, it’s still a nice medal to keep. πŸ˜€

– OneRepublic Native tour

No pics of this one cause I was standing a little far too take a good clear shot.

I must say that Ryan Tedder’s voice is Amazing! If only the sound system was better I would say the concert would have been awesome! Couldn’t hear his voice in quite a fair bit of the songs. Sound was good during quieter moments though.

31 December – Official last day at my workplace. Bittersweet feeling but leaving was inevitable, it was just a matter of when? Time to move on to a new beginning.

That was a pretty quick recap. Now time to get to more serious things. Well, wordpress has this annual report on wordpress blogs and well I only blogged 4 times in 2013! And entries before 2013 had the most hits during the year. Those aren’t very good stats. Seeing as I don’t have much to blog about these days, I’m considering pulling the plug on the blog. If I continue writing/blogging, 2014 would be my 10th year blogging. I don’t blog much but 10 years is a long time! Until when I really wanna take this offline, I shall just blog like usual. πŸ˜€

That’s a little sad news to start the year. Well, to have a new beginning, something somehow somewhere has to end. To New Beginnings in 2014!



I made this for lunch just now….

Mmmm.... Cheese Tteokbokki!

Doesn’t look like it has cheese cause I put it in the pot before taking it out. Never tasted cheese tteokbokki before so I have no idea how one would taste like. Mine had that cheesy taste but no cheese in sight. I had a hard boiled egg too. Din’t have fish cakes but it felt fine to me.

Overall result, better than my last try although the rice cake was a little too much on the chewy side. πŸ™‚





I’m in Heaven!

It’s not relating to DJ Sammy’s Heaven song, but it relates more to….

Just Heavenly’s Tiramisu

Death by Chocolate

The cakes from “Just Heavenly” are awesome!

I prefer the Tiramisu more though. The Death by chocolate was like being hit with a chocolate bomb! Too overwhelming!

The Tiramisu was well balanced. Creamy, crunchy almonds and that coffee taste. Nicely balanced.

Prices aren’t cheap though. 6″ cakes is RM64? Well worth it though.




Flaming Lamborghini

Date: 16th July

Venue: Ben’s Pavilion

Event: To all the July babies! Huzzah!

Duck Confit Pasta @ Ben’s

Verdict: Food was goooood. I liked the sun dried tomatoes gives it that added KICK!

For those that run outta words to say

Mine was cops and robbers! ❀ running around. Hated falling though. =(

Happy Birthday! : D

Headed over to Overtime Pavilion for a “nightcap”

On the HOUSE!

Super sweet stuff…

The Pavilion’s Overtime was a little dull. It was quite empty on a Saturday night after 10, should be at least half full maybe? Maybe cause it’s considered newly opened. Another downside, the music wasn’t up to it. They were playing chinese emo songs *Actually a trio was singing them*. Bummer.

After that headed to some random “club”, *Actually I don’t even think it’s considered a club in my books, the crowd was…. it’s like there wasn’t a crowd. The tequila was not bad though. =)* and ber-syok sendiri.

I knew some who maybe over-syok-ed a bit. :p

Conclusion: Satisfying! When’s August’s celebration?