Moments to Remember

I noticed I haven’t blogged about a movie in a while, probably due to the fact that I am not a very good reviewer and that I haven’t had teh mood to catch up on movies or because the due to the fact that reviews are hard to write? My fav is the il mare one.. hahahha… ok cut things short. Just finished watching another sad movie. Yesterday I saw “Happy Birthday” touching but sad too… But I won’t be blogging bout that cause I couldn’t find a decent picture?

Today I shall review “A Moment to Remember”

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Yeap it’s a korean film. I’m crazy enough to obtain em but too lazy to watch them… *click play also lazy…* I initially wanted to watch a different movie but this show won over cause it’s already quite old and I wanted to watch Son Ye Jin… hahaha… *the other one had Moon Geun Young*

Ok I just typed a long paragraph of a synopsis that I just deleted cause that wasn’t what I want cause it’s better to not know the full story of a movie. No? Ok let’s begin. The movie had typical everyday characters, people that one wouldn’t notice on an everyday basis. The relationship was kept simple and nice. The characters were also well developed. Both the actor & the actresses carried thier roles well. One a man of a sad past and another, a person that seems so forgetful. But fate is a strange thing and strange things happen in movies that makes it all so touching & saddening at the same time. The movie deals with the sadness of being stricken with a kind of sickness, one that leaves U feeling so lost and that is so sad to watch.

Eventhough I knew the storyline beforehand *the twist & all, cause a little bird told me… * I still feel sad… maybe cause my tearducts like doing overtime… It was a nice show from the beginning to the end. This I like… though generally I accept a lot of movies except really crappy ones…..

So I know this wasn’t a good review but I like picking favourite scenes… So here goes…

Favourite scenes (Sad or happy, I wouldn’t say which was which):

– Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) & Chul Soo (Jung Woo Seong) at the Batting cage.

– Chul Soo foiling a snatch thief’s escape

– Su Jin in Chul Soo’s car.

– Su Jin remembering the first time she met Chul Soo

– Chul Soo & Su Jin seeing a plot of land Chul Soo was eyeing.

– Chul Soo telling Su Jin the inspiration behind the design of the house.

– Su Jin trying the smoothen a piece of wood.

– Chul Soo reading Su Jin’s note at the table.

– Su Jin irritating Chul Soo to meet her parents…

– Su Jin arriving at the Family Mart and asks Chul Soo if it was heaven.
– Su Jin drinking “her” coke.
– Chul Soo drinking “his” coke.
– The way Su Jin reacts when she sees Chul Soo in the lift
– Su Jin snooping around Chul Soo’s car.
– Chul Soo’s wood carving.
– Chul Soo alone in the batting cage.

A long list it is… i wanted to add more but only those that seen it will know which scene it was so basically this entry is like a “syok sendiri” post. SO if ur up for a little tear duct action go ahead and watch this movie. I give it 2 thumbs up. I would give it 3 if only I had 3 thumbs… hahaha

P.S. This week readers get a “double whammy”. 2 post in a week. Back to back too!
P.P.S Incidentally, “A Moment to Remember” will be shown this Saturday.. hahaha


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