When the Airasia sale begins, I start to dream of all the places to go and then get disappointed due to the lack of funds. =(

Ah well. Dreaming is free =)

I’ve been dreaming of going to India for awhile now. Mainly to see Taj Mahal and the wonderful colours of “Incredible India”!

Now to add to the places to visit in India is…..

Jodphur (Blue City, India)

Man, I feel blue.

Looks pretty eh? Fascinating… I wonder why they picked blue. To blend in with the Sky?
To be honest, “Finding Mr. Destiny” made me wanna visit this place. Never knew it existed before.

Added to my list of places to visit. =)


5 thoughts on “Jodphur

    • Actually I’m not that sure but I guess RM3,000- RM4,000 for a tour?
      I would prefer backpacking, but would be pretty unsafe without dudes I reckon.

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