The Constants

Finally back from my “month” *actually it’s just 17-18 days, far from a month… but it almost took up a month nevertheless…* long trip and there are definitely constants in the places we went. The first constant is…

Pa da pa pa pa…

Im Lovin IT!

I'm Lovin' IT!

Yeap! McDonalds was near everywhere we stayed. In Melbourne, the drive thru was just across the road! In Sydney, we probabaly had to walk about 5 mins. In Cairns, it was at the end of the block *2 mins walk*. When I’m in Brisbane, the closests fast food is Hungry Jacks… In those 3 places, we definitely went to Maccas *Australian for McD* at least once. Oh there is also a constant in a constant. A constant in Maccas itself.

Bacon & Egg McMuffin... Ughhhh...

Bacon & Egg McMuffin... Ughhhh...

Suffice to say, I won’t be eating any Bacon & Egg McMuffins in the near future… ughhhh….

The other constant is in the flight itself! Hmm… interesting ain’t it… Constant #2.

Jetstar's own In Flight Magazine featuring TV's Hottest Star, Daniel McPhearson

Jetstar's own In Flight Magazine featuring Daniel MacPherson!

Since all our flights were in the same month, the magazines didn’t change at all… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ no new reading material for me… I can still remember hearing “jetstar planes are the A320, or something like that…”

Time to rest a little… Nah! Just kidding… shall get working on my next post.. will try to blog about the trips ASAP.


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