Woah!! Maxis is coming out with a expansion pack for the sims 2 called the university expansion pack (I think). It’s comin out in march for the US though. Wonder when it will reach here? For more info visit

More shock stuff to me ! Yi Lin ain’t gonna blog anymore! Why?

Why does the sun go on shining?

Why does the sea ruch to shore?

Yeah and nxt year foreign students are allowed to work.
Kind of crushes my working dream !

Hmmm ….. what other shocking news there are????

well I finally got msn messenger, though I think Yahoo messenger is so much betta!
What else… man this is gettin harder and harder each time I blog!
Maybe I should stop! It’s kinda boring now. Besides no one visits the site anyway!
Well anyway time to sign off. Have fun U lot who reads this.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year though it’s a few weeks more and I don’t celebrate christmas!


Of Umizaru and Snow Patrol!

First things first, I would like to rub salt into wounds of some of my fellow peeps which now would most slightly had recovered from that wound!Anyway, cut things short.
Yesterday, I played the sims 2 till it was a little to late, watch a little TV, did a little research! That’s just yesterday. Today however, I went for a little singing and movie watching!

Let’s see wat was interesting today!

1. Learnt how to sing Emil Chau’s “Peng You”

2. Learnt some japanese words.

3. Got snow patrol’s cd for RM34.90 (Just worth it)

4. Saw a pretty cool Japanese show.

That’s a little little!

5. Learnt that Ee Va loves screaming!

What’s Umizaru?

Well, it’s a japanese show which I saw today which means sea monkey!
Pretty odd nick name for coast guards. It was touching and quite amusing!Not to mention the lead was quite cute as well! If anyone of U wanna watch a movie! My recommendation is UMIZARU! Hey if U wanna watch don’t mind asking me cause it’s definitely worth a second watch.

Who’s snow patrol?

Well they are a band for the UK….. I think?
Music type, pretty alternative. Rockish though.Not for those with headaches!
I just like the sound of the singer’s voice! Simply COOL!
Besides it was about 10 bucks less than an original CD!

Emm more about Umizaru! This entry is gonna be a LONGGGG one!
Umizaru is about a bunch of lifeguards that is selcted to become coastguards.
Only 1% of lifeguards get to become coastguards. Wow! The audience are shown how the buddy system works and Senzaki’s (the lead) life while training. There are serious touching moments. Looking at all the korean and japanese movie imports, this is very different. Plus the scenery ain’t that bad. Although there is this one diver who wears pink scuba gear!

So that’s about it! Sorry no pic this time. Program went haywire!