First Day!

It’s my first day of work and man I’m tired besides I think I’m hit with the flu.
woke up at 8 and had no time to eat breakfast. Went to Yi Lin’s and had breakfast with her family. Her mum sent us there. How nice of her. Anyway. our first task was to clean the cutlery. man they had lots of cutlery. After that toured the place ourselves. Memorised the seatin as well. in the entrance it’s marketo”V”? then Museo then godfather then grande then sugio I think. ANyway after that met Faiz the shift leader. basically taught us how to cut the bread. then a little briefing then off to lunch. Lunch was utterly disgusting. well the bread I bought was disgusting. After goin back to the place I was in charge of the bread area whilst Yi Lin and two other guy trainees weighed the linguine. The bread area was fun at first because I was well……. cuttin bread. After I stopped it got boring. I cleared the area 101 times. well there was the occasional 2 pax 3 pax 6 pax. SO it was ok. But when I opened the bread warmer, my specs caught all the steam so it was kinda hard to see wat I was takin. I did that for like an hour then it was our orientation. Basically boring stuff. Then there was role playin, Faiz the shift leader was the guest and us trainess well the servers. I think I didn’t fair very well but still there’s room for improvement. after that we got to eat the foccacia bread and tuscan as well. Not bad for an “on the house”. After that had some shift meeting where they basically sing songs. WIERD songs. then the shift ended. Time to go home. And yeah they gave us home work as well. How idiotic. ANyway Just did my homework and here I am so ciao for now. And yeah If U still don’t know I’m workin at Itallianni’s.


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