What a difference a day makes!

Well lets see what I did today! Firstly it was a pretty tiring day! Woke up at 7 cause Me, my mum, my mum’s friend and her daughter are goin to A’ Famosa. Well by the time a took my breakfast it was only 7.15 and the transportation only came at 8.30. Sheesh. Anyway what’s there to complain when someone else is driving U there!Well it was pretty much a 2 hour journey to A’Famosa.

Before Afternoon

First we bought tickets which caused a bomb RM43 for an adult. ( I’m considered a adult but still can’t get into cinemas to watch 18 shows). So dumb. Anyway when we went in we took pictures with parrots. Then we went straight to the multi animal show. Before that we crossed a couple of animals. We saw a 2 month old cub caged together with a dog. (totally odd) I saw a pelican and a pretty big Tapir.

At the Multi animal show

It was pretty fun. seeing the animals amazing performance. The orang Utans were great. The wieght lifting contest was plain cute. 2 orang utans came out to perform. One was dressed in batman and the other was spiderman. The spiderman one came rolling out. Apparently they both are world champions. Batman is also a champion who doesn’t know how to wear his pants properly. So in the end batman won and it was the end of the show.

Next Up the bird show.

Bird Show

the bird show wasn’t at all impressive. The eagle and hornbill though were pretty cool. Yeah and the parrots could sing as well. Not bad for a bunch of birds.

After the bird show we had lunch at headed for Monkey Island. ( Guybrush Threepwood was no where to be found on the island, of course he already escaped Monkey Island in the 4th installment I think?) Anyway, we took a supposedly ferry. (actually it’s just a covered mobile platform) And man the island was small. The monkeys there though were really beautiful. Plus we went at feeding time. so we basically saw all the monkeys they had there.

After that we went to the wild west show? It was fun. The start was explosive. (and I don’t mean literally) There was real smoke from the guns . Although the audion wasn’t so good still it was enjoyable. Quite funny. Pretty surreal too. When the bank exploded, there was real FIRE!! Plus when the villian died there was actually blood! Surprising? Anyway, after that we headed directly to the animal safari.

Animal Safari

We were loaded on to caged shuttles. There wasn’t enough places so we had to seat at the last row. they latched us and we were ready to go. The ride was BUMPY, I mean REALLY BUMPY!!!!! Plus we were sittin at the last row so the impact was much bigger. As we were riding along. The door to the last row where we were sitting just flung open. ANd I was the closest to the door. I was just plain stunned! Thank goodness the guy sittin in fornt quickly latch the door again. I was pretty scared that I tied the rope connected to the latch to something safe so it won’t fling open again! SCARY!!! The driver who was busy guiding us said something really calmly and monotonaus as well. this is what he said :”Oh, you men da kai le. Che bian da kai bu yong jing, zai you shi zhi de di fang da kai jiu yau ziao xing la.” That further freaked me out. which inturn caused me to tie the rope. (Come on the lion may come and attack U) The animals were pretty cool. The lion and tigers were placed and heavy gurded containments. Freaky. sad for them though. after seeing the animals there was more bumpy rides and this time the guide said we should sit tight. But it was so darn bumpy until we had to stand instead of seat to avoid our butts from getting anymore worse treatment!

After the safari we headed out to catch a shuttle to cowboy town. We visited the souvenier shop before that and there was a snake there with a guide of course. I kinda touch it. it was well kinda hard to described. U should touch it urself nxt time. When we came out. My mums friend and her daughter took a picture with an extremely cute elephant. It even wore make up. They even feeded it. They wanted to pay for something, the guide said U can give it to the elephant, so they did. The elephant took the money and ran of to the nearest shop. And it even brought back change. talk bout smart. After that the naughty elephant sprayed water at the crowd. NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY!!

We waited for like half an hour for the shuttle bus. When it came there was this bunch of kids waiting to go up. So we asked whether we could follow them. thenas we were goin up, a group about 8 rushed in so it kinda pissed of the kids’s guide. He was saying if this was singapore they would be told to gon down now. then since the group of 8 refused to get down, the kiddos were told to get down the shuttle the guy was saying like let this immoral don’t know how to line up people sit the bus first. And he added U all have no sivic sense. (if that’s how U spell it). then he went to complain at the information counter. Man that was pretty humilating for us malaysians if the guy really was from singapore. Then to make things worst as the driver asked us where we were heading, a group of malays said they were just sitting for fun. (Not like I’m against them or anything) I mean come on U bunch are sitting for fun and there’s a group of kiddos plus a pretty cheesed off man that really needs the ride. Thank god the man didn’t hear anything bout it.

Cowboy Town

we just went in for the sand exhibition. It was 25 bucks per person. The sculptors were pretty awesome but they were somehow cemented. So we felt pretty conned, but still it was nice. I felt the eiffel tower was kinda bad, it didn’t even look like the eiffel tower. Plus one of the piramids on display had grass growing on it. Totally odd.

Anyway that’s all for now I have been crappin alot. I don’t wanna go on some more. I want to play my game. Plus this is already my longest entry to date. Ciao now.